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[Fix] Xbox One S Turns ON then OFF Instantly: 10 Fixes that work in 2022

If you are having trouble with your Xbox and cannot seem to get it to power on, I have compiled some fixes for you in this article. I am an Xbox user myself and ever since I got my Xbox One I have had my fair share of gaming and troubleshooting.

This had happened to me a few months ago when I saw my Xbox One S turns on then off. So I tried everything I could find online and these fixes helped me solve my problem. I hope they will be helpful for you as well.

How to Fix Xbox One Turns on Then off

In order to fix your Xbox, you will need to have basic troubleshooting skills that are required in these fixing techniques. But do not worry, I will guide you step by step through everything to make sure you follow up. Here is a summary to fix Xbox One S turns on then off:

  • Check the Power Supply
  • Factory Reset the Xbox One
  • Check the power settings for “instant on”
  • Reset using Power Button
  • Resetting the Internal Power Supply
  • Check for a whirring sound
  • Try removing the USB devices
  • Try pressing the eject button repeatedly
  • Try a blow dryer
  • Try to remove the external HDD

Let us get started with the first fix,

1. Check the Power Supply

This could happen depending upon the power supply that you are using to connect the Xbox to the power. Check if you are directly connecting to the wall socket or if you are plugging the Xbox into a power bar.

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In case you are using a power bar, switch to the wall socket. The Xbox One has surge protectors built into its power bars so you should try plugging the console in a wall socket directly.

If the power supply uses multiple other devices as well then remove them and connect only one device to the socket. This should fix your Xbox One S turns on then off.

2. Factory Reset the Xbox One

Another fix when Xbox One keeps turning off is trying a complete factory reset. This is a common fix that we try on most of our hardware and software devices. Factory reset will restore the device’s original settings and configurations which might erase the issue that is causing the Xbox One to turn on and off.

If you do not want to lose our games and apps while resetting the Xbox, carry the reset by the following method:

  1. Go to the settings of your Xbox One.
  2. In the settings, go to the Console Info.
  3. Find Reset Console and click on it.
  4. Click ‘Yes’ when the console asks for confirmation.
  5. Choose the option, “Reset and keep my games and apps”.

This will prevent the apps from losing their data and resetting the console at the same time. Hopefully, this will fix any issues that are happening because of changed configurations or updates that are not sitting well with the rest of the device.

If this does not help, see the next fix.

3. Check the power settings for “instant on”

Xbox One S turns on and then off which can be because of the settings you have set in its battery configurations. If you have the “instant-on” mode turned on in your settings then it will make the console turn on faster than it should normally. Also, your voice will be able to turn it on as well. This can put a load on its battery so try turning it off once.

To turn the “instant-on” mode off in your console, do the following steps,

  1. Select your profile and system as you log in your console.
  2. Go to the settings of your Xbox One.
  3. Go to the general tab.
  4. Select the Power mode and start-up option.
  5. Select the instant-on mode and uncheck it or turn it off from the dropdown.

If this does not work try the next fixes.

4. Press the Xbox Button to Reset with the Power Button

We have tried resetting through the settings, if that did not work you are here on fix 4. So let us try another method of resetting the console and check to see if it works, to do this do the following

  1. Close all the apps and turn off the Xbox One console.
  2. When it is off, press and hold the power button for at least 10 seconds or more so I would suggest 12-14 seconds maximum.
  3. This will reset the console and send the device in standby mode immediately.
  4. After the reset is complete, turn the device on again.
  5. Check to see if the problem has been solved after the new boot.

Hopefully, this boot solved your issue, if not, I have some other fixes for you.

5. Resetting the Internal Power Supply

Xbox One S Turns ON then OFF Instantly
Xbox One console

You can also try to reset the internal power supply of the Xbox One and check if the issue is resolved. This fix is rather simple, to do this all you have to do is,

  1. Remove the console’s power cord. Do not attach it back for at least 10 seconds.
  2. After 10 seconds, plug the cord back in the console.
  3. Now, press the power button, this will boot the system and reset the internal power.
  4. Check if the issue is resolved.

This is a rather simple one but if it does not fix your issue as well scroll to the next fixes I have for you.

6. Check for a whirring sound

In this fix, try to turn on the Xbox continuously until you hear a specific “whirring” sound from the Xbox. When you hear this sound you may have just fixed the issue. The console should now turn on properly.

7. Try removing the USB devices

black thumb drive

You may be facing the issue because of many reasons, one of them is a USB drive that could be causing issues. If that is the reason for your issue, this fix should help you.

  1. Turn off the Xbox and wait for a few seconds.
  2. Unplug all the USB devices from the Xbox One.
  3. Press the Xbox button to boot the system again.
  4. If the issue is fixed, you can replug the USB devices in the system and resume play.

8. Try pressing the eject button repeatedly

This is a hit-and-trial fix as it works for some people and does not work for some. Try pressing the eject button of your console at least 5 to10 times in a row. And check if the issue has been resolved. If it has not, then do not continue with it.

9. Try a blow dryer

This is tricky and you have to be careful with it. The issue could be improper ventilation or something stuck in the Xbox’s vents. It could be moisture or anything solid as well. To fix this, you can use a hairdryer.

Blow the air through the hairdryer in the vents of the Xbox. Make sure that the air is not too hot by first checking its temperature.

Blow the air for 3 to 5 minutes in the vents. Try to open the power brick as well. Blowing the hot air on the fans and the heat sync will also help in resolving the issue. This is like a last resort after nothing works.

Do not overdo this trick as the extra heat can damage your system.

10. Try to remove the external HDD

This is simple. You just have to remove the external HDD from the Xbox. Turn the Xbox on. Check if the issue has been resolved. It is similar to removing a USB drive discussed above.

Why Does My Xbox One Turn On Then Off

White Xbox One S Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

There are a number of reasons why Xbox One turns on immediately. Xbox One turns on then off right away because of the following reasons. It can have a faulty PSU. It can have a troublesome power brick. Your motherboard may have been the victim of some spillage by you or anyone around you.

A very common one is the overheating of the console. These are a few of the many reasons your Xbox keeps turning off. I will discuss these problems one by one for you to identify your problem so that you can make sure that it does not happen again.

Faulty PSU

The Xbox requires a large amount of power to boot in the initial startup phase. This is to be provided by the power supply unit (PSU). If the power supply unit fails to do said job, then the Xbox turns on but fails to stay on hence Xbox shuts off immediately.

Troublesome Power Brick

This is a confirmed reason if an Xbox One X turns off by itself or Xbox One X turns on then off instantly. The power brick is responsible to maintain the power at the time of boot and later as well. If the power brick is causing issues, it will definitely affect the booting as well.

Spillage on the Motherboard

Moisture or liquid is never good for the hardware and its functionality so it should always be made sure that all hardware is protected from spillage.

If you have accidentally spilled any liquid on the Xbox One and Xbox randomly turns off, or Xbox One power on then off there is a possibility that it would have reached the motherboard as well.

In that case, you will need an expert’s help to fix the Xbox after disassembling it. If that is your case, you can watch this video for reference:

In this case, you will be opening up the Xbox which will violate the warranty so I would suggest you refrain from doing that. As if nothing else works one can always claim help from the support.


If the Xbox one power supply turns off when plugged into the console or Xbox turns off by itself, one of its reasons could be overheating which is pretty common in hardware that run heavy pieces of software.

This could also happen due to improper ventilation in the console. If the fans are not working properly or the software that is responsible to maintain the temperature of the system is not working well, the console can heat up which can cause booting issues in the Xbox.

Keep your system cool by making sure that all the fans are functional at all times and the system does not overheat due to software as well. This is good for the health of your console.


Xbox turns on and then off is an issue that can occur due to numerous reasons which can be solved through simple fixes that I have discussed in this article. If none of these fixes work then I will suggest you contact the support as there may be some problem with the hardware. If that is the case you should not try to fix the hardware without proper knowledge.

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