3 Best Browsers for Xbox One in 2022- Rated by Experts

If you are one of the 48.69 million people that already have an Xbox One or are thinking of getting one right now, you might find this list to be helpful for you. As we have researched and found the 3 Best Browsers You can Use with the Xbox One in 2022.

And even if you are going for the New Series X or S for Xbox, this list will help you out too as Microsoft hasn’t changed the User Interface or their software for the new edition either. According to them, they just updated everything a few months ago and so, this is something that wasn’t needed.

Xbox Series X Experience Hero
Xbox One UI: Credits Microsoft

The problem with Microsoft is that even though they give a lot of options when it comes to other things such as games and applications etc., they have been very weird about providing people with different browsers. That is only because it boils down to the fact that Microsoft has its own browser. And so, in a way, why shouldn’t they promote it?

3 Best Browsers Xbox One in 2022

Over the past few years, these options have decreased and so now we are only left with 3. While a few years ago, we did have another one on the list too.

1. Microsoft Edge
2. Monument Browser
3. Internet Browser
Best Browsers for Xbox One list

1. Microsoft Edge on Xbox – Best Browser on Xbox One

At number one, we have Microsoft Edge on Xbox. I don’t think any one of you would find this to be really surprising. As the Edge Browser was specifically developed by Microsoft for PC and Xbox users. And so the Microsoft Edge as a browser for Xbox is the best choice out there.

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The best thing about Microsoft Edge for Xbox is that its User Interface mimics that of the UI that Edge uses on PC versions. And so, even before you start using this browser, we are sure you will be familiar with all that it comes with.

With Edge being so close to Microsoft’s heart, you also get updates as time goes on and over the years, Microsoft has worked a lot on its security features a lot too. Which means you get the best privacy out there.

You also have the ability to customize your browser experience as you want, making your Xbox feel exactly the way you want it to with Edge on Xbox One console.

Microsoft Edge web browser

Other features include:

Multiple Tabs
PDF Reader
Availability on other Platforms
Adobe Flash Player
Personalizing User Interface
Download Manager
Security and Privacy

These features ensure making life easier as they increase functionality on the console. By giving you the opportunity to download files as well as manage them. And with stuff like PDF Readers, File Downloading, Adobe Flash Player, and Multiple Tabs, you get immense productivity too.

And if you do not have enough space to download Netflix or YouTube, you can use Microsoft Edge on Xbox One to stream whatever you want to. Additionally, its desktop version is also gaining popularity.

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2. Monument for Xbox One

If you are looking for something that is not as mainstream as Microsoft Edge, maybe going for the Monument Browser would be Best for you. This Browser is also by Microsoft so you would not need to worry about its reliability over time.

The main goal that Microsoft was trying to achieve with this web browser was Privacy and Security. Over the years, just like Edge, some key features have been added to the web browser too so that it stands out.

Features such as the ability to clear your cache and cookies whenever you choose to close the app. And in order to not be as annoying, the monument browser comes with a built-in adblocker too.

Best Internet Browsers for Xbox One
Monument Browser for Xbox One

Other Features Included:

Cache and Cookie Remover
Conceals User information
Split Screen
Files & Application Download
Built-In Ad Blocker
Download Manager with Background Downloads
Privacy Focused

Another great feature that helps usability and productivity is the fact that you can not only download applications but also carry out background downloads. So you can play all the games you want while you wait for applications such as Facebook and Twitter to be downloaded on your Xbox console.

And once they are downloaded and you want to use them both at once, you can do that too by using the Split Screen Feature.

So overall, the Monument Browser is a solid choice too. Especially if you are worried about your security, privacy, and information. Also, a desktop version of the browser is available like the console.

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3. Internet Browser for Xbox One

The Internet web Browser was specifically developed by Microsoft for Xbox and so if you choose this, you will get the exclusivity that the other two don’t offer.

Because of the exclusivity, the Internet Browser has been tailored to be really simple to use too as well as being easy in terms of understanding the layout.

You also get something that neither of the two offers for surfing the web. That is a built-in Dark Theme. And this is something that you will find really useful especially if you are planning on pulling all-nighters in front of your Xbox.

Internet Browser
Internet browser for Xbox one

Other Features include

Dark Theme
File Manager
All Type of File Downloads
Easy to Use
Simplistic User Interface

Most of all though, how the Internet web Browser makes life really easy is through its ability to download any type of file you want on your Xbox One. The other two, do not offer this functionality which does make life a little harder at times. And other than that, you also get a Built-In file manager, which helps you easily sort through whatever you choose to download.

And if you find something that you like and would want to download later on rather than at that moment, you can add the website to your favorite list which will help you navigate back to it whenever you want in the future.


Can I Use the Opera GX Browser on my Xbox One?

No, you cannot. Microsoft does not allow the usage of any 3rd party browsers on its consoles. So you will have to go for one published by Microsoft.

Can I use Voice Commands on my Xbox One?

You can use voice commands in one of two ways. One is that you buy home assistants and then use those through your console. The second method is that you have your Kinect connected to the console. Once you do, you can then use Xbox specific commands. Such as, “Xbox, Go Home” or “Xbox Pause” Etc.

How do I download a Browser on my Xbox One?

You get Microsoft Edge as a default browser on your Xbox One. Though if you want to download a new one, you can go to the Microsoft Store, and through that, you can then download either Internet Browser or Monument Browser.

How do you browse the Internet on Xbox One?

You can browse the internet with the default Edge browser that comes installed with Xbox One. It is already optimized for the console and offers all the basic features required for web surfing with new versions offering even more optimizations and bug fixes.

This is our list of the Best Browsers that are downloadable right now on the Xbox One. All these are from Microsoft so you won’t need to worry about your data or privacy at all.

What this decision boils down to is your preference of the respective User Interfaces and then which key features that each browser offers you want the most.

Though there are a lot of other browsers that give you connectivity in terms of the fact that you can download those on your PC and be connected to your console like that.

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