About Freddy


Hi, I’m Fred. I hail from Detroit, Michigan.

I am the lead nerd at Reviews Garage – a place where we celebrate everyone regardless of their interests.

Video gaming is like my thing. I have tried all
sorts of entertainment there is. Trust me. All sorts. But I find myself coming
back to video games whatever else I try. It’s just that I find something
missing in all the other entertainment.

Gaming and tech go side by side. After gaming from
as long as I could hold a controller, I have figured out quite a lot about
tech. I guess gaming comes with these side effects. It led me to develop some
serious video editing and graphics skills.

I work in a creative studio where I do video
editing, graphics work, and some content writing. After the day is done, you
will usually find me in my den playing video games and writing about my
experiences in this blog!

On the weekends, I’d be tinkering with my gaming
PC that grows as I grow. I have built custom PCs ever since buying one from the
shelves ended up being way too expensive.

Along with me, I have my circle of gaming buds who are not only passionate about playing video games, but also how they work and how to fix them and how to get them working with the hardware.

When you’ll not find me writing articles about my experiences here or editing a bunch of other articles, you will find me cooking my self a chicken dinner in PUBG of course and building mind boggling structures in Fortnite.

But I’m not all for multiplayer games. I usually have at least one single-player game going on until I end it.

I am fascinated by how there are so many parts that work in synergy even if I’m playing a simple video game. The PC, the software, all the peripherals; I love how it all comes together to deliver the gaming experience we all crave.


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