PXImouse, What Does This Executable Do? A Virus or KeyLogger? Learn from Experts

Did the PXImouse application caught your attention in the task manager? It’s probably because it might be eating too many resources. Is PXImouse a virus? Let’s find out below.

Or you might just suspect it to be malware. Whatever is the case, it’s best to do your research on the applications your computer is running. Who knows what can damage your computer?

What is PXImouse?

PXImouse, also known as TiltWheelMouse.exe, is an application or driver that like many other drivers of the kind is essential for certain mice to work. It is a harmless program that’s cleared from virustotal.com

It is required not only to allow the mouse to work but in certain cases also work towards keeping a record of the activities of both your gaming mouse and keyboards.

Although happening behind the screens, but the moment you plug in a new mouse, the application installation begins. It runs on its own when you connect something to your computer. This here ensures that your mouse works to the best of your benefit. If not showing an active involvement, the PXImouse.exe then runs in the background of the system and its history.

You probably might never know of it existing on your computer unless you happen to run into any sort of errors. Or if you noticed it using too many resources in the task manager as mentioned earlier.

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PXImouse: What Does This Executable Do?

It has an inbuilt sensor chip structuring that automatically awakens itself when you plug a mouse into your system. In short, it’s a mouse driver.

This application continues to look after your system until the time it gets outdated and that is a worrying sign. Your mouse may stop working the way it should just because there is an issue with the .exe files of the application setup as required of a mouse driver.


When these files happen to go out of order, messages like tend to appear:

  • For Windows XP – TiltWheelMouse.exe needs to be shut down due to an error.
  • For Windows 7,8,10 – TiltWheelMouse.exe has stopped working. Windows is working on the solution to it.
  • For Windows 7,8,10 – TiltWheelMouse.exe has stopped working. Windows is shutting down the application and will let you know when it gets back well.

There are also times that questionable identities like viruses take up the shape of the .exe files and tend to cause trouble. This begs the question, is it harmful or not.

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How does it come about?

PXImouse Software tags along with this application in the form of an executable file. This is formulated by the Pixart Imaging Software Developer. The .exe extension in TiltWheelMouse.exe shows it to be an executable file and is capable of running on Windows 7, 8, 10, and also XP.

When using it on Windows 10, you need to be vigilant when deleting it. This is because in case PXImouse is a virus, it might yet be running in the background as to the process taking up too much of your CPU. It often happens that Windows tends to have errors including the deletion of System files or else other minor issues.

If this is the case, you may want to download antivirus software that scans your PC for issues and comes up with a solution for them. This mostly is because of viruses that are transferred through the .exe files.

PXImouse is a Virus or Keylogger?

The point-blank answer to this one is that no it is not. There have been instances when PXImouse has been declared as unsafe or else a virus. However, this is not the case. If antivirus detects it as a virus, it’s a false positive.

The issues that occur, tend to happen within the TiltWheelMouse file that is found in your System. It has only one sole purpose and that is working on your mouse.

It is often a virus binding itself in the TiltWheelMouse file and then making appearances around your computer. Only in this scenario, PXImouse is a virus or rather a virus posing as PXImouse.

If you are concerned as to checking the originality of the TiltWheelMouse file, then you can do either of the following.

  • Go to the Task Manager and add up ‘Verified Signer’ into one of the columns. Look up the validity for TiltWheelMouse.exe and if it happens to say ‘Unable to verify’, this means it is a virus.
  • If you happen to see the TiltWheelMouse.exe file anywhere other than being under Drive C in your computer, you may consider it as a threat to your computer as it may possibly be containing malware.
  • You can also put up the TiltWheelMouse.exe file to a website online and verify whether it is original or not by having it scanned upon the basis of the safety of data within. Some of the sites online also further help you in generating a solution to the issue, no matter how old or new it is.

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PXImouse or TiltWheelMouse: How to remove it?

PXImouse or TiltWheelMouse can be removed from your computer in a number of ways. All you need to do is follow either of the following steps.

1. Delete all the tasks

  • Click on Windows + R to run the dialogue box.
  • Type taskschd.msc
Type taskschd.msc - PXImouse
  • Press OK and Windows Task Scheduler will appear.
  • Delete all the tasks that come under TiltWheelMouse.exe.

2. Uninstall TiltWheelMouse.exe file

  • Go to My Computer.
  • Open up Drive C.
  • Go to Program Files.
Program files - uninstall PXImouse
  • Locate Pixart Imaging.
  • Click on PXImouse.
  • Go on to uninstall the TiltWheelMouse.

3. In case PXImouse is installed under the Windows Installer, then follow the following steps to uninstall it

  • Go to the Settings of your system.
  • Go to Apps.
  • Click on Programs and Features.
programs and features -
  • Search for PXImouse or TiltWheelMouse file. You may also try finding it through the name of the developer – Pixart Imaging.
  • When you have located it, click on the option that says ‘Uninstall the program.’

By doing so, the software and all its constituent files will be removed from your system.

4. Delete the PXImouse Files

  • Click on Windows + R to run the dialogue box.
  • Type ”regedit
  • Press OK and Windows Registry Editor will appear.
  • Locate all the files that are linked to PXImouse and TiltWheelMouse.exe, and delete them.

5. Disable on Windows.

  • Click on Windows + R to run the dialogue box.
  • Type services.msc
  • Press OK and a list will appear
  • Locate PXImouse
  • Disable it

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Keylogger and is PXImouse one?

Keyloggers in easier terms are monitoring software, for the purpose of keeping a check on the activities of the user. These mostly are for keyboards, locating and recording the action of the user with each stroke. It can be both harmful and helpful.

Yes, PXImouse is a Keylogger and just as not all Keyloggers are dangerous, this is a safer one too. In the case of PXImouse, it is merely a driver, it will not be doing any harm to you. If otherwise, you need to then be vigilant of your activities.

2. Does the TiltWheelMouse.exe file take up too much of CPU?

Yes, it does. You can check the amount by going to the Task Manager and after locating the application, see for yourself the percentage of CPU usage.

3. Does the TiltWheelMouse.exe file take up too much of GPU?

Yes, it does. You can check the amount by going to the Task Manager and after locating the application, see for yourself the percentage of GPU usage.

4. What is PixArt Imaging Inc.?

PixArt Imaging Inc is a manufacturing company that produces a variety of things. These include image sensors as well as sensing chipsets. In the current market, this is one top seller when it comes to mouse sensing units for both gaming PCs and the rest.

They work on sensor technology and by interacting with the software in your systems, maintain a perfect balance within to ease your usage.

5. Do I need TiltWheelMouse?

Whether you need TiltWheelMouse or not depends on the mouse you are plugging in. For some models it is not required for any functionality. However, some mice need TiltWheelMouse to function properly.


Neither a virus nor an infection, PXImouse basically works to record your strokes and then use them for your benefit later on when need be. The name might create a sense of suspicion more because it is an executable (.exe) file but it in actuality is not so.

Formulated by one of the best corporations, there is nothing to worry about PXImouse.exe. If you happen to face any issue, there is always an option of disabling it or else uninstalling it to get back to it all afresh. Malware can take up identities other than themselves but it is nothing but a silent member of your system.

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