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Curse of Vanishing in Minecraft – How To Find, Use And Remove Spell [2022]

Minecraft is one of the most popular games out there right now and we don’t think any of us are ever surprised when it gets updated or some new mods are introduced in the game. It’s a good thing. It keeps the game fresh.

So just like that, the Curse of Vanishing was brought in. If you are confused as to what this spell is or what it does, do not worry as the name is misleading. Even when we first read about it, we thought it was something like the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter.

Though as we experienced while playing the game, it is nothing like that. Yet, it might have some usefulness. So, stick around and go through this list as we cover everything there is need to know about the Curse of Vanishing in Minecraft – How to Find, Use, and Remove the Spell.

Minecraft Vanishing Curse

What is the Curse of Vanishing?

The Curse of Vanishing can be used on any item in the game; such as fishing rods, armor, and weapons. Once this enchantment has been used, that specific item vanishes too when the player holding that item dies. This Curse can be used on items that are included in the inventory as well.

So basically, this spell is a safeguard if you may. In the sense that normally, when a person dies in Minecraft, their belongings in the game drop on the ground. To clarify, if you are playing on a Multi-player server, that is never a good thing.

As then, your rivals can cash in on that opportunity and get all your items for free. But, with this spell, the good thing is that you can end up enchanting an item to vanish with you. So, in the game, you can die with the peace of mind that, your item(s) will not be used against you at least.

How to Find the Curse of Vanishing

Now sadly, the easiest part about this Curse is learning about it. Everything else, well it is just hard. Though worry not as we will take you through the entire journey.

Now there are a couple of ways through which you can find this Curse but to tell you guys the truth, what matters at the end of the day is mostly just luck. So we would suggest crossing your fingers as you try to find it.

In some versions, it is easier though and if you are playing Minecraft on an Xbox, you would either need to use a 3rd party app or would need to have the right version of the game. This way, the Curse is useable and findable. (More on versions near the end of the article)

We will start off with the easiest way there is to find the curse and that is:

1. Entering the Enchantment Command

If you want the easiest way out, why not just command the game to give you what you want?

Enter the following:

/enchant @p (player name) vanishing_curse 11

and Tadah…

(P.S this might take the fun out of obtaining the Curse on your own and for sure will take the glory out of it)

2. Trading with a Librarian

This is the second easiest way out there as this does not depend on luck but rather there are a few things you can do in order to get the Enchantment.

So for this, you would need to first set up some Bookcases and a Lectern in a Village. Once you have done that, you can then interact with a Village Librarian and you can then trade with them. If you’re lucky, you will get the enchantment book.

3. Looting Treasure Chests

Because this is one of the rarest enchantments out there, you cannot find the curse anywhere or build it on the enchantment table on your own.

Rather, you would need to invest time in finding temples, whether it be underwater or dessert ones, and then in those through Treasure Chests you might be able to find this Enchantment.

4. Fishing

Fishing is the last way to try to find out this Curse. But be aware, this is the hardest way out there. As, with Fishing, there is only a 2% chance out there of you finding this Curse. So we would suggest going with the other things that we have listed on this list in order to find this curse.

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How to Use the Curse?

Now that you have obtained the Book for this Curse, you can now use it and place it on any item you want. The item list, unlike the Binding Curse, is almost unlimited so you won’t have to worry if the item you choose is compatible or not.

So in order to use this curse, you basically need 3 things. One is
1. An Anvil
2. Curse of Vanishing Enchantment Book
3. Any Item you wish to curse

Once you have these 3 items,
1. Just open and place your Vanishing Book.
2. After that, you place an Anvil nearby and drop an item and the Enchantment Book inside the Anvil.
3. When the last two steps have been successfully completed, you just place the item back in the inventory and you will see that the item has been cursed.

And Voila, you are done with the Magic part of the Curse.

How to Remove the Vanishing Spell?

Well well, if you are looking for this, we guess you have found yourself in a sticky situation. But worry not, as you are not alone to do so. We, a few nights ago were in your shoes too and so we would like to assure you this is completely normal and it happens to everyone.

But now, let’s get into how you can Remove this spell? If you haven’t gotten into a sticky situation yet and are wondering why one might want to remove this spell?

Well it could be that someone put this on in the fear that they would die and some random stranger would get their loot. Though, now they might want to drop their loot because they might be online with their friends.

Or maybe someone just doesn’t like their decision of partaking in dark magic and might want to return to the cleaner ways?

Whatever the case, you can un-enchant yourself in a couple of ways and be free of the curse.

1. Grindstone

This might be an over-the-top way to removing a curse as using a Grindstone ends up removing all or any enchantments as well as the curse on the item. So if you are ready to pay this ultimate price, go with this method.

There is also another that you can try in order to remove only the curse and not the other enchantments. That being, you place the cursed item on the bottom row of the grindstone.

After that, you place a similar but un-cursed item on the top row. Once you have done this, the cursed item will vanish and so the curse will have been removed. Before you get angry with us, you get the cursed, but now un-cursed item back once the grindstone is repairing.

Though, some people have reported as to how this method doesn’t really work for them and so if it doesn’t for you either, you can try the other two ways we have mentioned on this list.

2. Keep Inventory

This way has been tested on only a few versions of the game. But it is worth a try. It is not only easy but also does not take a lot of time to execute either. So go for it, what is the worst that can happen?

So for this, you will need to have an inventory. If you do not have one, you will need to use one of the other two ways to get this Curse to lift off.

Go into the Game-rule option once you have, Keep inventory Open. Once you are in that option, all that is left for you is to change the option to True. Once you are done with this, go back to see if the curse has been lifted or not.

3. Cursed Item, Un-Cursed Item

Using this method, you need a few things. One you need a crafting table, and two you need the exact item that has been cursed. Now if you do not have the identical item but have a crafting table, make yourself the exact cursed item.

Once you have, you simply place the two different items (cursed and not cursed) on the crafting table and you will see that the cursed item starts healing itself. So through this technique, you can get rid of the item that is cursed without losing your life and the item for good.

A Few Things You Need to Know for the Vanishing Curse

First of all, what you need to know is that you can only have this spell on one item at a time. So you cannot think to enchant your full inventory so that no one else gets anything when you die. So you would need to think about what you will enchant.

Second of all, the Enchantment book does not vanish itself when a player dies. So, yes others can steal all your hard work of getting the book in the first place, if you are to die. We would suggest, if you are to go through the trouble of getting the book, use it as soon as you can. As you never know what awaits you around the corner.

The book does not work for everyone properly. So if you want to make sure it does for you, make sure that you have your XP level at 4. Or else it simply won’t work.

Versions of this Curse is Available on

This Curse was introduced into the game at different points depending on which version of Minecraft you used. For example, in the Java edition, it was added in version 1.11. While for the Bedrock version, this curse was added in version 1.2.13.

Lastly, for the Legacy Console version, the spell was added in version 1.52, patch 24. So, if you are intrigued by this spell and would like to use it yourself too, make sure you have the right version of the game.

For the Java edition, the curse was updated too and things like carved pumpkins and compasses were added to the list of items that could be cursed by this spell up to version 1.6.

As of right now, there are only two enchantments that have negative effects. One is the Curse of Vanishing and the other is the Curse of Binding. As you can see the pattern, the spells that have aversive outcomes are, for our help, called Curses. For both of these curses, the following table will include all the technical details.

The Main Differences between the Two Curses?

Well, there are a few key differences between the Two Curses. One of them is that the Binding Curse can only be used on armors while as for the Vanishing Curse, there is no list of items.

Furthermore, the Binding Curse does not allow the cursed armor to be taken off until after death. So this means, a player gets stuck with a piece of armor until they die. While the Vanishing Spell makes sure to make items vanish when a player dies.

Both of these Curses do kind of work in the same sense that, you can use the same ways to find, use and remove both the spells.

Curse of Vanishing Technical

NameSpace IDVanishing_Curse
Translation Keyenchantment.minecraft.vanishing_curse
PurposeTo make items vanish in case the player holding them dies
Max Level1
Enchantment Weight1
Minecraft ID71
Version 1.11
Java Edition
NameSpace IDVanishing
Translation Keyenchantment.curse.vanishing
PurposeTo make items vanish in case the player holding them dies
Numeric ID28
Max Level1
Enchantment Weight1
Minecraft ID 71
Bedrock Edition

Curse of Binding Technical

Name Curse of Binding
NameSpace IDBinding_Curse
Translation Keyenchantment.minecraft.binding_curse
Purposearmor cannot be removed until the player is in creative mode or dies
Max Level1
Enchantment Weight1
Minecraft ID
Java Edition
NameCurse of Binding
NameSpace IDBinding
Translation Keyenchantment.curse.binding
Purposearmor cannot be removed until the player is in creative mode or dies
Numeric ID27
Max Level1
Enchantment Weight 1
Minecraft ID
Version 1.2.13
Bedrock Edition

Max Level = Refers to the number of items that you can use this Spell on. Because it is only one, make your choice wisely.
Enchantment Weight = This is a statistical term that uses a formula when you put items on the Enchantment Table. The higher the weight of an item on the list, the more chances there are for that item to be selected. You can have this weight as 1 or more.

Why You might want to Use the Curse?

Now, this might be a little tricky question to answer. Justifying the use of a curse that will probably not do you any good might not be a straightforward answer. Especially, if that curse is one of the rarest enchantments in Minecraft.

But one still might want to. That is because finding and using the enchantment as it is so hard, can be an adventure of its own. You can easily spend a whole night, or maybe even two, just like we did try to figure the enchantment out.

Other than that, another reason might just be personal glory. Considering that maybe you are an evil mastermind and you want to take over the server that you play in, a little dark magic sprinkled over all the other enchantments might just be the thing that brings you ultimate glory.

Or, you could just be doing this to troll and annoy some of your friends. We know how happy one gets when they see someone die in Minecraft. All the free loot plus literally no effort. Might simply just be the best thing out there in online life. So, with this one spell, you can snatch all the joy away from anyone that is about to profit off of your player’s death.


What is the Vanishing Curse?

It can be used on any item in the game; such as fishing rods, armor, weapons, etc. Once this enchantment has been used, that specific item vanishes too when the player holding that item dies. This Curse can be used on items that are included in the inventory too.

Is the Vanishing Curse any good?

Well, that depends on how you want to use it. If you are going to be using it to safeguard items from other people in the scenario of your death, this curse does work wonders. If you want to use it as a troll. That works too.

Is the Vanishing Curse Removeable?

Yes, it is removable. We have listed a few ways you can get rid of it too.

How much time would it take me to Find the Vanishing Curse?

That depends on your luck and the way you choose to go. If you try to find it through fishing, it will take you some time. The fastest way to get this curse is by trading with a Village Librarian.

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