Better Discord – The Complete Step by Step Guide and Tutorial for 2022

There is a lot of hype recently about the new Better Discord, especially after the online controversy that it entailed. It is important for you to know what you are getting into before making your decision about whether you’d like to download BD or just roll with vanilla Discord.

Here is our step-by-step guide about BD and how you can enjoy its full services if you choose to install the client.

What is Better Discord?

If you are someone who likes to re-adjust and customize things according to your own taste wherever you go, then this third-party enhanced suit is just the right option for you!

With tons of amazing features packed into its system, it is going to revamp your experience a lot.

What are the Major Features?

With its custom CSS and display mode settings, you have an endless array of customizations at your discretion.

It comes with a variety of emotes and emojis from Twitch.tv, FFZ, and BTTV. This is an excellent improvement for Discord users who are tired of the tiny default ones.

It supports third-party plugin installation. Choose to use the default minimal mode or go all extravagant and choose from the many plugins available. You can even create your own plugins.

If the User Interface seems boring to you, choose a theme of your liking from their extensive collection of online theme libraries and keep things fresh.

You can even add music bots to it.

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Is Better Discord Safe to use?

Better Discord is as safe for your computer system as any other staple applications that you usually use. Millions of users have been using the app for quite some time now and have not reported any major issues yet.

A few systems may pick it up as a virus but that is mostly because it is an unsigned application. For more context and self-satisfaction, take a look at this report from VirusTotal.

So go ahead and install BD without any second thoughts!

​How to Install Better Discord on PC

If you are wondering how to install the BD app on your PC, here is a detailed guide for you:

1. First of all though, you will need to have the Discord pre-installed.

2. Then, go to betterdiscord.net/home/ and click on the “Download” button.

Better Discord Installation Screen

3. Select your PC’s Windows Operating System.

Better Discord Github Releases

4. Once the BD app has been installed, click on it to open the installer prompt. Click on “Agree” to the License Agreement to proceed with the installation.

Better Discord License Agreement

5. Select “Install BandagedBD” when the installation menu appears.

Better Discord Action Screen

6. Mark the “Install To Stable” option’s checkbox, and then click on “Install”.

Installation Setup

7. Once the installation is completed, click on “Exit”.

Installing BD

8. Once the BandagedBD prompt appears, this means your installation has been completed and you may now proceed to open the Discord. However, it is advisable to restart your computer before you begin.

Bug Fixes

When your PC restarts, go to the Discord. The BandagedBD client has been embedded in the Discord app.

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How to Use Better Discord

In order to use the features that the BD app provides you with, open the Discord and create a server just like you would usually do on the Discord itself.

Invite friends, begin conversations, voice calls, etc. When you feel like you need to make the space more creative and up to your taste, that is where the BandageBD features come in. Here is how you can use them:

How to Get Better Discord Themes

A simple few steps and you are all set for using Discord your own style!

1. Download themes by going on the following website: https://betterdiscordlibrary.com/themes and choosing a theme of your choice.

Themes of Better Discord

2. Click on the “Download” button on the top left of the webpage and it will automatically be downloaded to your PC.

Plugins of BD

3. Now click on “User Settings” represented by the gear icon on the Discord in the bottom left where your username is displayed.

Add Friends

4. Scroll down to the “Themes” option in the Settings.

User Accounts

5. In the Themes settings, click on the blue “Open Theme Folder” button.

Better Discord Themes

6. Now when the Themes folder has opened, open the window in which the theme you have just downloaded is located. Simply copy this theme file into the themes folder of the BD app and close this File Explorer window.

Better Discord

7. When you go to the Themes landing page of Discord, you will see the desired theme file already detected and available in the app itself. Now simply click on the toggle button in front of this theme file. When the toggle button turns blue, the theme has been successfully enabled!

Theme 1

How to Use BD Plugins

BD Plugins are super exciting because it gives you a lot of independence to choose what sort of features you want to see on the Discord app. In other words, you are getting an application of your choice by adding the features you’d like.

1. Choose from many BD Plugins by going on the following website: https://betterdiscordlibrary.com/plugins.


2. Choose your preferred Plugin, and then click on the “Download” button on the top left of the webpage.


3. Go to Discord and click on “User Settings” next to your Username in the bottom left of the screen.

4. Scroll down in the Settings and click on “Plugins”.

Better Discord

5. In the Plugin settings, click on the blue “Open Plugin Folder” button.

Better Discord

6. Now when the BD plugins folder has opened, open the window in which the plugin you have just downloaded is located. Simply copy this plugin file into the plugin folder of the BD app and close this File Explorer window.

7. When you go to the Plugins landing page of Discord, you will see the desired plugin file already detected and available in the app itself. Now simply click on the toggle button in front of this plugin file. When the toggle button turns blue, the plugin has been successfully enabled!

How to Fix Better Discord not Working Issue?

Sometimes the BD app can malfunction and not display the customizations that you have enabled on it. You can move all the themes and plugins that you have recently installed into a new directory and then restart your PC. Hopefully, this ought to fix the issue for you.

If this does not work, uninstall the Discord app and download the latest version available online for it. Then, restart your PC.

1. Go to the BandagedBD app installer program.

2. After you click on “Agree”, you will find three options in front of you.

3. Click on “Repair BandagedBD”. Now, click on “Repair On Stable”.

4. Choose the problem you are facing if it is in one of the options mentioned at the bottom of this prompt box.

If you have a very specific problem that has not been addressed through any of the aforementioned recommendations, you can contact the Official BD Support Server on the Discord app itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is BandagedBD?

Answer: Bandaged BD or simply BandagedBD is a traditional app of the original BD app.

Question: Is the custom CSS client side only? Or server wide?

Answer: It is only client side.

Question: My installer gets stuck on “renaming directory”, what do I do?

Answer: Close the installer and run it as an administrator; that way it has enough permissions to rename the directory accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Although the BD suit is prone to a few malfunctions as compared to the more stable Discord app, however, it comes with quite some advantages. It has not been reported as a threat to your system neither is it causing any major lags or RAM consumption, so there is nothing to worry about. Go enjoy your customized Discord zone!

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