How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Laptop Keyboard?

Is your laptop keyboard missing or has stopped working partially or completely? If it is so, then you will surely want to resolve this issue and be curious about its repair cost.

On average, the laptop keyboard replacement price ranges from $100 to $150 and varies based on the laptop’s model number and labor costs. You can also save the cost by replacing your laptop keyboard by yourself which is a pretty straightforward process in most cases.

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The laptop keyboards are made up of a circuit in which each key is connected. The keyboard keys circuit is very sensitive and non-repairable. Therefore, you always need to replace the entire keyboard of your laptop even if a single key stops working.

For computer repairs, you can always contact to professional repair service in your area for flawless computer repair. In the case of laptop keyboard replacement, you can also visit these repair centers.

But if you want to save on computer repair costs, then you can do it yourself. It is a fairly simple procedure and anyone with basic knowledge of tools can do it at home. The method for laptop keyboard replacement is discussed in this article.

Before reaching any repair professional or doing it yourself, always check for the warranty of the product. If your laptop is under the official warranty, then send it to the company for a keyboard replacement. It will not only minimize the cost to replace, but also will be reliable.

NOTE: If you don’t feel confident about replacing your laptop keyboard by yourself, then take it to some professional for repair. Reviews Garage will not be considered responsible for any kind of harm to your laptop or anything.

DIY Laptop Keyboard Replacement

If you have accepted the challenge of laptop keyboard replacement, then below are the complete details for doing it by yourself:

  • Choosing the right keyboard for your laptop model.
  • How to replace a laptop keyboard.

Choosing the right replacement keyboard

Every laptop has a unique keyboard and can have different designs and cable types. For selecting the right laptop keyboard, you should know the exact model number of your computer. If you don’t know the exact model of your laptop, then for your knowledge it is printed on the underside of your computer.

Now, you can search for the keyboard of a particular laptop on any of the following stores online:

  1. Amazon.
  2. eBay.
  3. AliExpress.

By searching for the exact model, you will see results with different pricing options. These prices may vary with regions or the type of the keyboards. For those who don’t know about the types, there are different types of keyboards used in laptops. These are as follows:

  1. Standard $40-$60.
  2. Illuminated $60-$90.
  3. Palm Rest $100-$150.

The standard keyboards are used in a regular laptop most of the time. On the other hand, the illuminated keyboards are used in high-end gaming laptops.

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How to replace a laptop keyboard?

The method of replacing laptop keyboard given here is a general approach. There is very little chance that your laptop has a unique procedure for replacing keyboard. So, before trying it, check on the internet if there is keyboard replacement method or video available specifically for your laptop.

Now, I guess you have received your new keyboard package for replacement. Confirm if it is the same package you have ordered for your laptop. Also, check for the data cable and the connector of your new laptop keyboard. If everything is OK, then you are good to go.

Dell Laptop Keyboard
Save computer repair cost on Dell laptop

For the disassembly of your laptop, you need some tools like a screwdriver for opening screws, a butter knife, or a thin flat tool to dismantle any cover. After that, we are ready for the procedure. Now, follow the steps given below for a successful operation.


  1. Firstly, turn off your laptop completely. Remove its battery if possible otherwise just plug out the power source.
  2. Now, examine your entire laptop closely and spot all the screws and locks on it.
  3. On the underside of your laptop, few screws are available for supporting screen hinges. While remaining screws are holding the keyboard. So, carefully remove all the screws from the back of your laptop with the help of a screwdriver.
  4. After removing all screws, slowly lift the back panel of your laptop with a opener tool or a knife. Here one thing to consider is that, the back panel has often a thin data cable connected to the motherboard.
  5. You need to remove this flat cable very carefully. By pulling this thin wire by force, you can damage connector permanently. So, dismantle this cord very carefully.
  6. After that, remove the back cover with help of thin and flat opener tool or by your bare hands. Applying a little force will done this job quickly. If whole back panel is not lifting, then check for any additional screws that you may have missed.
  7. Now, look for the keyboard connector on the motherboard of your laptop. Remove the cord of keyboard gently with help of opener or by bare hands. This cord can be unlockd by just ticking the tiny lock on the connector.
  8. After removing that cable, check for any other small screws holding the keyboard inside the computer motherboard. If there is any, then just remove it with screwdriver.
  9. Now, try to lift the entire keyboard from the front side of the laptop and set aside the old keyboard.
  10. After that, replace keyboard with the new one. Firstly, connect the cable of new keyboard, into the connector at motherboard, simply by inserting flat wire in same manner. Then, lock this connector by just ticking.
  11. Finally, place the keyboard over its place. During this, don’t pull the keyboard too much, otherwise you can damage your keyboard data cable or connector of laptop.
  12. After adjusting keyboard at its fixed position, reconnect the tiny screws inside the laptop for fixing the keyboard and reinstall back cover of your laptop and tight it with its screws.

After this, our procedure of laptop keyboard replacement has been completed. Now, reconnect your battery and power on your laptop. If your laptop boots up normally and its keyboard keys are working fine, then Congratulations! Because our operation has become successful.

We have just not saved the money to replace a keyboard layout but also have had a very wonderful experience.

Note: In case if your laptop is not booting or keyboard not working after this, then seek help from a professional instead of trying it yourself.


How much does a keyboard key replacement cost?

If a single laptop key is not working, then you need to replace the entire keyboard even all other laptop keys are working. The average cost to replace a laptop keyboard ranges from $100 to $150. The average cost can vary based on the labor rates and labor rates vary from region to region.

Can I replace my laptop keyboard with a backlit one?

Yes, you can replace your standard laptop keyboard with the backlit one. However, you need to check if the backlit keyboard is available for your laptop or not. If it is so, then you can replace it at home as this process requires little technical skills.

What is the price of HP laptop keyboard?

The HP laptop keyboard cost can vary on the basis of its model or type of the keyboard.

  1. Standard $40-$60.
  2. Illuminated$60-$90.
  3. Palm Rest$100-$150.

How hard is it to replace a laptop keyboard?

It is fairly a simple procedure to replace a laptop keyboard by yourself. You just need little technical skills and confidence to do it. In short, firstly disassemble your laptop with help of a screwdriver and a flat opener. Then, remove the old keyboard and replace it with the new one. Now, reassemble your laptop computer and turn it on. If the operation remains successful, then this will fix your problem.


In this article, we have discussed the price range of a replacement keyboard for a laptop. The price can vary on the basis of the type of keyboard or the region. We can save money on labor on keyboard replacement by doing it ourselves. You just need little technical skills and confidence to do it.

Hope this article has fixed your problem. Also, feel free to write to us.

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