Best smartwatch in 2020: Top 11 best smartwatches to buy this year

Best Smartwatch deals in 2020

Smartwatches are a fashion statement nowadays. Many tech companies are trying to add as many features in their smartwatches. A feature-rich smartwatch includes Fitness/Health tracking, GPS, Sleep tracking, Sophisticated UI, Waterproofing, and Storage for third party apps and music. Some even allow you to answer phone calls and post tweets. If you are looking for the best smartwatch in 2020, then this is the guide for you.

So, stay tuned! Before jumping into the top deals, we’ll take a brief look at why smartwatches for kids and smartwatches for women are a good idea.

Smartwatches for kids

Kids love gadgets. But technology is a double-edged sword. While most of the gadgets are built with providing benefits, there can still be some intended and unintended negative uses possible. It is important to make sure your kids are safe from the dangers of technology.

As far as smartwatches for kids are concerned, they may be a much better choice than smartphones and laptops. The reason for this is that kids’ smartwatches could track their physical activity while encouraging them to do more.

Additionally, kids won’t be spending much time playing video games on their smartwatches. Sure there may be some smartwatches that allow basic video games, but its hardly attractive. As a result, your child won’t be spending much screen time. So getting a smartwatch for kids can be a reward for good behaviour.

Smartwatches for women

Fitness conscious women are the best fit for smartwatches. The smartwatches for women that we selected in the reviews below offer fitness tracking features like counting the number of steps, heart rate, and even calorie intake, with the help of smartphones.

And then there are some smartwatches for women that let you take calls directly from the watch. The convenience this offers by not having to open your purse or handbag every time there is a call or a text message is worth the price.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly we have fashion. For decades it seemed that all the expensive watches were being made exclusively for men. All women got were teeny tiny watches whose hands could hardly be observed! Today, that is not the case.

At least this is not the case with smartwatches. These smartwatches for women seem to be well thought of design-wise to appeal to women just as they would to men.

The smartwatches I selected also look stunning and beautiful. In this comprehensive article about the best smartwatch deals 2020, I have listed some of the best products. You can find some good deals for smartwatches here. I will also be mentioning which of the following are the top smartwatches for kids and women.

Not interested in reading lengthy reviews? Click here to see what the author has picked from the products reviewed in the best smartwatch deals 2020.

Products reviewed – Best Smartwatch deals 2020

Apple Watch 5$684.00
Samsung Galaxy Watch $254.97
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 $269.00
Fossil Sport $149.00
Huawei Watch GT2$299.99
TicWatch E2$159.99
Apple Watch 4$ 329.99
Fitbit Ionic
Apple Watch 3$145.07
Amazfit Bip$67.99
Fitbit Versa Lite$119.00

Best Smartwatch deals 2020 – Products review

1. Apple Watch 5

Best Smartwatch deals 2019


Operating SystemwatchOS 6.0 (Upgradable to 6.1)
Storage32 GB (No support for external storage)
Processor Apple S5
Display 1.78″ OLED
Weight 47.8 g
BatteryUpto18h (Stand-by mode)


  1. Always-on display feature.
  2. More Storage.
  3. Useful compass.


  1. Expensive
  2. 18 h battery life is relatively short.

Just like all Apple Products, Apple Watch Series 5 stands out to be an exceptional product. Although there has been no substantial change with its predecessor, the Apple Watch 4, we do get an always-on display mode.

The always-on mode can show key information at a quick glance. On a dimmer screen, it shows time, most used apps, battery percentage, and unread messages.

The built-in compass app is yet another great feature worth mentioning. Apple allows integration of their magnetometer to other applications like maps, which seems to be pretty useful. More apps take advantage of this feature for providing extended functionality. It’s a fun tool for app developers to build around.

Apart from all the features, it looks great on your wrist because of its sleek and elegant design. After all, Apple is rarely beaten when it comes to design.

However, its battery life is shorter than Apple’s Series 3 and 4 watches. It can last 15-16 hours depending upon usage. Other features include wireless charging mode, GPS, water-resistance, health features, and cellular connectivity. All these features, especially cellular connectivity make it the best smartwatch for women.

Apple smartwatches pack all the great features and make its way in the list of top 5 wearables.


2. Samsung Galaxy Watch

Best Smartwatch deals 2019


Operating SystemTizen OS
Storage4 GB (No support for external storage)
Processor Dual-core 1.15GHz
Display 1.2″ or 1.3″ 360 x 360 Super AMOLED
Weight 63 g
BatteryUpto 72h (Stand-by mode)


  1. Battery-life is impressive.
  2. Rotating bezels to cycle through UI.
  3. Great design.


  1. Less storage.
  2. Bixby is not great.
  3. Limited functionality with iOS.

Samsung Galaxy Watch is the latest addition to Samsung’s smartwatch family. It comes with many improvements. The battery life, in particular, is quite impressive. It can last about 4 days.

The Galaxy Watch is the flagship watch in Samsung smartwatches range. So I guess, that justifies the price tag a bit. But it’s partial compatibility with iOS makes it a considerable option for Apple users as well.

Although, the battery may drain faster if you use advanced features like the heart-rate monitor. One downside of having many gadgets is having to recharge them all the time. This watch, however, won’t have you recharge it all the time.

Samsung Galaxy Watch comes in two sizes and three colours. Honestly, I like its design. It feels like a wristwatch. However, I feel to mention the fact that the display size should have been increased. Particularly, to fit-in necessary information in always-on mode.

Tizen OS offers great UI. It is a far better OS than Google’s Wear OS, but one of the prominent features is the rotating bezel. I always had this fantasy of rotation bezels from BEN 10 cartoons I used to watch as a kid.

You can navigate through UI with the bezel, which is a great alternative to swiping or poking at a small touch screen. Overall, I feel this watch has the potential to be in the list of top 5 wearables.


3. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Best Smartwatch deals 2019


Operating SystemTizen OS
CompatabilityAndroid, iOS
Storage 4 GB (No support for external storage)
Processor Dual-core 1.15GHz
Display 1.2″ 360 x 360 Super AMOLED 
Weight 42 g
BatteryUpto 48h (Stand-by mode)


  1. Gorgeous Design.
  2. Rotating bezels.
  3. Decent battery life.


  1. Less storage.
  2. Limited functionality with iOS.
  3. Very few 3rd party apps.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a quality smartwatch from Samsung at a decent price. It comes with slight improvements from its predecessor.

However, nothing has much changed except for the rotating bezels. The slim and sleek design makes it look attractive on the wrist. Samsung smartwatches are closely competing with Apple smartwatches in terms of both design and functionality.

Unlike the flagship Samsung smartwatches, Active 2 has a cleaner design. It’s design blends with women’s fashion much more naturally which makes it one of the top smartwatch for women.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 comes with Tizen OS. It offers many useful apps like sleep-tracking, ECG, Twitter support. With its easy to use interface, it is kid-friendly. It tops the list as the best smartwatch for kids.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is more of a sporty smartwatch. The battery life is quite good. It is worthy to be listed in the top 5 wearables.


4. Fossil Sport

Best Smartwatch deals 2019


Operating System Android OS 6.0
Compatability Android, iOS 
Processor Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Wear 3100
Display 1.2-inch 390 x 390 AMOLED
BatteryUpto 48h (Stand-by mode)


  1. Light-weight, premium design.
  2. Customizable battery mode.


  1. It offers limited features.
  2. The UI interface is not much sophisticated.
  3. Less storage.

Fossil’s smartwatch is a solid Wear OS smartwatch. It offers many good features in a lower price tag than the above models. Perfect if you are not looking to spend a premium on smartwatches.

With its lower price point, it is still providing good functionality for a wearable. It features GPS, light-weight design, and decent battery life. The Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset offers a smoother experience in terms of performance.

However, there is still room for improvement. The UI can be improved since it is not as sophisticated as that of Apple’s or Samsung’s.

Furthermore, like other Wear OS watches, it too sometimes disconnects from the phone. You have to restart the watch sometimes in order to reconnect. Although it can also be considered as a gift for your kid. With a simplistic interface, it is one of the best smartwatches for kids.

So in a nutshell, it is not a bad option for people who want to try a new brand. Although, it cannot compete with Apple or Samsung. But, we test brands that may not be so mainstream, so we have covered it in our article, the best smartwatch deals 2020.


5. Huawei Watch GT2

Best Smartwatch deals 2019


Operating System Huawei’s Lite OS
CompatabilityiOS, Android
Storage4GB (No support for external memory)
Processor1.2GHz Quad-Core
Display1.39 inches OLED capacitive touchscreen
BatteryAbout 7 days (on typical use 42mm variant)


  1. Extraordinary battery life.
  2. Lots of fitness tracking features.
  3. Lightweight design.


  1. No support for 3rd part apps.
  2. Not much customizable.

Huawei has been a tough competitor to Samsung and Apple. Particularly, in Asia. The Chinese company has also introduced smartwatches. And its flagship in smartwatches is…

The Huawei Watch GT2. It is known for its extraordinary battery life. The 46mm variant lasts about 14 days and 42 mm lasts about 7 days. This is very convenient especially if you own a ton of electric gadgets that need charging.

However, Huawei’s approach to smartwatches is drastically different than that of Apple’s or Samsung’s.

The reason is that it supports no third-party apps, no true always-on display, you cannot reply to notifications and some watch faces don’t even allow customization at all. They are more in line with traditional smartwatches that are a standalone device.

No support for apps is not necessarily a bad thing. If you are considering to buy a smartwatch, you probably already have a laptop/ desktop pc and even a smartphone. Most of the functionality you are looking for is already covered in those devices.

What Huawei is doing with the Watch GT2 is that it is axing the redundant functionalities. So the watch simply does what is expected of it. It has features that neither your laptop or your smartphone may be capable of.

The reason it being in the list of top 10 wearables is that it is a very good choice for fitness freaks and health-conscious people. It is more of a fitness tracker than a smartwatch. It offers many built-in apps for fitness tracking as well as health tracking.


6. TicWatch E2

Best Smartwatch deals 2019


Operating System Wear OS 
Compatability Android 4.3+, iOS 8+
Storage4GB(No support for external storage)
Processor Snapdragon Wear 2100
Display 1.39″ 400 x 400 OLED
BatteryUpto 48h


  1. Decent battery life.
  2. Affordable.


  1. Design is not as robust.

The TicWatch E2 is an affordable Wear OS smartwatch. It lacks many flashy features and may not be as ostentatious as Apple’s or Samsung’s but offers a solid experience at a very good price.

It packs some basic features like GPS, a heart rate sensor, and sleep tracking. Moreover, the battery performance is quite good, the design is sleek and premium. It is swim-proof as well.

We suggest TicWatch E2 if you are looking to get the basic look and feel of a smartwatch. It offers entry-level features but still stands strong compared with other smartwatches in this price range.

Plus, it has some really cool futuristic cyberpunk interfaces. It makes it look sci-fi.


7. Apple Watch 4

Best Smartwatch deals 2019


Operating System watchOS 5
Storage 16GB (No support for external storage)
Processor Apple S4
Display 1.78″ OLED
Weight 48g
Battery1 to 2 days


  1. Beautiful display.
  2. Faster processing power.
  3. Elegant and lightweight design.


  1. Expensive.

Apple Watch 4 was launched in 2015. However, the new Apple Watch 5 doesn’t come with many differences from this model.

Both the models are quite similar. Obviously Watch 5 is costlier. For 2020, this can still be a very good pick.

Apple Watch 4 comes with a bigger and brighter display, more processing power and more advanced sensors. Its intuitive design and functionality make it a top contender for being one of the best smartwatches for women. And if you are willing to splurge, you can also get it for your kid. Apple Watch 4 is one of the best smartwatches for kids.

One of the most exciting features is its ECG feature and a ton of other fitness features. However, Apple Watches work only with iPhone. Therefore, it is not even an option for Android users.

It comes in two sizes: 40mm and 44mm. Both sizes look really cool on the wrist. Its premium and sleek design make it quite an attractive gadget. It is worthy to be placed in the list of the top 10 wearables.


8. Fitbit Ionic

Best Smartwatch deals 2019


Operating System Fitbit OS
Compatability Android, iOS
Storage 2.5GB
Processor ARM Cortex 120MHz
Display TBC, 1000 nits
Battery2-3 days


  1. Decent battery life.
  2. Water-proof
  3. Affordable.


  1. Lack of apps.
  2. Software and apps sometimes feel buggy

Fitbit is a fitness brand. Therefore, their smartwatch Fitbit Ionic is designed for the same purpose.

It fits the purpose to some degree at least. It offers all the features required by a fitness freak like a heart-rate sensor, GPS, and water-proofing. You can use it for fitness tracking as it records all the important aspects needed by the best fitness tracker.

Plus, you can pay on the go using Fitbit pay but it may not work with many banks as Android pay or Apple pay. Battery life is good. It can be a good choice for women as long as you agree with its design personally.

It can give backup for about 4 days. That’s the good thing about it is its great price. It can be a good pick for all fitness freaks who want the best fitness tracker in 2020 in this price bracket and a stylish design.


9. Apple Watch 3

Best Smartwatch deals 2019


Operating System watchOS 5.1.3
Storage 8GB / 16GB (Non-LTE and LTE respectively)
Processor S2 dual-core
Display 1.53″ OLED
Battery About 18-24h


  1. Cheaper than Series 4 and 5 watches.
  2. Bright customizable display.


  1. Short battery life when connected to cellular.

Apple Watch 3 is a good deal for Apple fans with a low budget. It comes with a 312 x 290 panel with many similar features as Watch 4 but at a lower price.

It is water-proof, to a degree that you can take it to the swimming pool without any worries. Apple Watch 3 has GPS to track your running activities. You can use it for fitness tracking as it is the best fitness tracker by Apple at this price range.

However, the health and fitness features are not as good as that of Series 4. This might be a concern for people who are only buying it for tracking health and fitness.

But, apart from its limitations, what makes its place in the top 10 wearables is its affordable price. Not a bad pick for 2020.


10. Amazfit Bip

Best Smartwatch deals 2019


Operating System Amazfit OS 
StorageJust for fitness data
Display1.28″ 400 x 400 LCD
BatteryUpto 45 days


  1. Exceptional battery.
  2. Stylish body.
  3. Quite affordable.


  1. The auto-pause feature doesn’t work.
  2. UI is not much user-friendly.


Amazfit Bip provides an overall good experience at a very low cost. It may not compete with Apple or Samsung watches, yet it is not a bad deal.

It comes with exceptional battery life and good fitness tracking features. You can use it for fitness tracking as it is the best fitness tracker by Amazfit.

If you want minimal features like GPS, alarms, and notifications from your smartphone, at a very low cost then Amazfit Bip is for you.


11. Fitbit Versa Lite

Best Smartwatch deals 2019


Operating System Fitbit OS 
Compatability Android 5+, iOS 10+ 
Display 1.34″ 300 x 300
BatteryAbout 3-4 days


  1. Stylish and comfortable design
  2. Affordable.


  1. No onboard storage for music and apps.

Fitbit Versa Lite is a more basic version of Fitbit Versa. It has basic features like work-out tracking and a few other features. It is the best fitness tracker out there in the market in the mid-range price bracket.

You can’t listen to music and it doesn’t have a Fitbit Pay feature. It is a bit featureless but this is what we expect at a low cost.

Some vendors may offer Versa Lite and Versa. In such a case, one should always pick Versa because it has few additional features than Lite.


Author’s pick

I would pick Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch as my favourite product. It packs many rich-features and costs way lesser than its competitor Apple Watch 5. Besides, I love its stylish and robust design. It gives a feel of a premium wristwatch.

Satisfied with this review? Reviews Garage brings you similar reviews about many different products. Tell us what you are searching in the comment box and we will make sure you get the right product. Keep visiting Reviews Garage!

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