Is It Worth Buying a Refurbished MacBook?

Are you looking to buy Apple’s new MacBook but are quite skeptical about spending hugely on the laptop? In that case, the information included in this blog will help you save your money. You can save almost half the original price of the laptop by buying a refurbished device.

Refurbished products are the products that are pre-owned and have been returned by the customer to Apple on identifying some minor defect or technical glitches. These products can be the gadgets that the customer chose to recycle on buying or upgrading to the latest product. Customers can recycle products under Apple’s recycling program.

Apple repairs these products by replacing the faulty parts and offers them for sale at a much-reduced price on Apple’s online-refurbished store. Default modules are replaced with brand-new functional parts. Each part is cleaned and inspected thoroughly by Apple’s certified technicians.

You will not find refurbished products at the retail stores as Apple sells these products through its refurbished site. If a customer sells its product to any third-party retailer for a cashback or on buying a new product, then the third-party retailer can sell the refurbished Apple product.

However, it is recommended to buy a pre-owned product from Apple’s online store, as you do not have to worry about setting up or upgrading the applications. Moreover, cleaning up the storage won’t be the matter of concern as you will get a pre-optimized and ready-to-use device. 

Refurbished products generally go under intensive tests and checks, and the manufacturer can only sell them on passing these tests. Apple follows strict guidelines for refurbished gadgets and offers the same guarantees and quality features as you get in a brand new MacBook Pro.

Apple’s pre-owned products come with multiple benefits and certain drawbacks, which you must know before buying them for you. Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of buying a refurbished MacBook.

Advantages of Buying a Refurbished MacBook


The cost is the first thing that comes to mind once we made the decision to buy a refurbished MacBook. However, it’s a significant factor since we save quite a lot as compared to purchasing a brand new device. 

If you are a student or you have a tight budget, a refurbished MacBook Pro can be a perfect choice. This can be a good deal as you can get the opportunity to buy an Apple product at a considerably lower price.


Since a refurbished MacBook goes under quite a number of tests and quality checks, the product you will get can be reliable and durable. Apple always makes sure that its products maintain a good quality standard to deliver an excellent user experience. 

Sometimes you will hardly find any difference between a refurbished and a brand new product because Apple performs dozens of testing and quality checks before sending it to the market.

Updated OS

While selling a pre-owned product, Apple makes sure that the customer gets complete value for money. Therefore, you will get a fully functional MacBook running over the latest macOS. Even in its refurbished products, Apple never compromises on quality on either the hardware or the software components. They check and optimize the device right from the fan to the graphics card to offer you the best performance.


Buying a laptop from an Apple store can enable you to get three years of AppleCare+. This will give you complete peace of mind, as you do not have to spend hugely on getting your device repaired if you face any technical issues after purchase.

Disadvantages of Buying a Refurbished MacBook

Fewer Options

When you buy a new MacBook, you can choose color, size, specifications, or other features at the time of purchase. However, when you go for a pre-owned MacBook, you usually don’t get many of these options. You usually depend on Apple’s inventory and have to purchase whatever is available at that time.

Older Technology

Apple usually updates its software or hardware each year with major or minor features. As most of the MacBook models are unable to upgrade the hardware, it can be a limitation when you buy a pre-owned laptop. You might find the latest operating system and apps, but you may have to compromise in terms of the hardware. Luckily, there are some great accessory options.


A refurbished and pre-owned MacBook can save you money, and you get the chance to use Apple’s laptop. The downside is that you might not get the latest specifications, and if you are able to grab one with the latest functionality, it’s a win-win situation.

Moreover, make sure you buy a refurbished laptop only from Apple’s refurbished store to make sure you get a tested and reliable device. Not just that, you will get AppleCare+, updated applications, the latest operating system, valid certification, and more.

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