Origin Won’t Open: How to Fix Error in Few Steps (2022)

It can be really frustrating when you sit down finally in your free time to play a video game and it just won’t run. Many users have reported that they cannot play their favorite games anymore because EA’s Origin won’t open.

Origin is an online platform for multiplayer gaming developed by Electronics Arts. It is free to use, and you do not need to pay for Origin access. You can buy video games without any subscription. Origin also offers many free games. The most popular ones include Fortnite and Battle Royale.

So why is the Origin not loading and what are the possible fixes? The good news is, the launching problem can easily be solved.

Here is a list of fixes for Origin not opening that worked for many users that you can try:

  1. Run the compatibility troubleshooter.
  2. Check for windows updates.
  3. Delete cache files.
  4. Delete temporary files.
  5. Perform a clean boot.
  6. Reinstall application.
  7. Rename originTMP to origin.
  8. Add origin as an exception for antivirus.
  9. Check for graphics driver updates.

No need to be disappointed anymore, the problem can be fixed quickly and easily so you can again have a smooth gaming experience.

Origin Won’t Open – Solutions

Many users have solved the issue by going through different fixes. You can try your way through them until you find the one that works for you.

1. Run the Compatibility Troubleshooter

The problem may occur because the current version of your operating system is not compatible with the application. To check if your Windows version is indeed compatible, launch the compatibility troubleshooter. Follow these steps to run the compatibility troubleshooter and fix the issue:

1. Right click the origin icon on your desktop and select the properties option.

Check compatibility to resolve origin won't run problem

2. Navigate to the compatibility tab and click on Run compatibility troubleshooter.

3. Click on the Try recommended settings to test the program on recommended settings. Follow the instructions there to check if it works or not.

4. If it doesn’t work, run the compatibility troubleshooter again and this time select the second option, Troubleshoot Program and choose settings based on the problems you see.

5. If it still doesn’t work, try these manual settings.

  1. Compatibility mode: Select a previous version of windows to test run.
  2. Disable Fullscreen Optimization: Try disabling full-screen optimizations to see if it works. As some games prone to low FPS issues and crash.
  3. Run as an Administrator: Run the program as an administrator because if the Origin is not given administrator privileges, it may not work properly.

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2. Check for Windows updates

Origin may not open properly if your Windows is outdated. Try updating your windows to the latest version and see if it resolves the issue.

1. Navigate to the start menu and type update.

2. Click on check for updates from the windows update window.

Restart the computer when updates are finished successfully.

3. Delete cache files

The issue can be caused by the cache files of the application. Try deleting the cache files and launch the program.

1. Close origin if its running. You can do this from the task manager.

2. Open the run dialogue by pressing Windows + R simultaneously. Then type %ProgramData% and press enter.

Clear cache to solve origin won't run issues

3. From the window that appears, locate and open the origin folder.

4. Delete all files and folders in this folder except local content folder.

4. Delete Temporary Files:

In addition to clearing the cache files, you can also try deleting the temporary files that origin stores in a folder named AppData.

1. Open the run dialogue as before windows + R. And this time type %AppData% and press enter.

origin won't open: deleting temporary files

2. In the window that opens up, delete the origin folder. If it does not show up, unhide the hidden files.

origin won't open: deleting temporary files

3. In the same window, click on the AppData on the address bar.

origin won't open: deleting temporary files

4. Then open the local folder and delete origin folder in it.

origin won't open: deleting temporary files

Restart your system and try launching the program. If it still doesn’t work, try the next solution.

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5. Perform a clean boot

Going through a clean boot has resolved the issue for many users. This technique helps you locate problematic software by disabling startups and services.

1. Press Windows + R to open the run dialogue. Type msconfig and press enter. The system configuration window will pop up.

Origin won't open: Going through a clean boot

2. Navigate to the services tab.

Origin won't open: Performing a clean boot

3. Check Hide all Microsoft services and then click on the disable all option.

Origin won't open: Doing a clean boot.

4. Now navigate to the startup tab and open task manager.

5. In task manager go to the startup tab and for each startup select the item and click disable.

6. Now go back to the system configuration window and click OK.

Restart and check if Origin runs well. If not, open the system configuration window again and enable each application one at a time and restart. In this way locate the problematic program.

6. Reinstall application

If none of the solutions are working, you can try reinstalling the application.

1. Open the control panel from search bar.

Origin won't open: Reinstalling

2. Select the uninstall a program.

Origin won't open: Reinstalling

3. Locate Origin from the list of programs. And uninstall it.

Origin won't open: Reinstalling

4. Download the application again from its official site and reinstall it.

7. Rename originTMP to origin

You can also try this fix that has worked for some users.

  1. Go to your origin installer folder.
  2. Delete the file origin.exe.
  3. Then rename originTMP to origin and launch it.

8. Add Origin as an exception for antivirus

Origin takes a lot of computing power when you are playing a game on it. This may prompt your antivirus program to see origin as a threat and cause issues with its smooth functioning. You can try adding origin as an exception for your antivirus so that your antivirus program ignores it. Then launch the application and see if it resolves the issue.

9. Check for graphics driver updates

You can also try checking your graphics driver updates. The problem may be due to your outdated graphics drivers. Update your graphics drivers to the latest version and see if fixes the issue. Updated graphics drivers also ensure smoother gameplay.

These solutions have worked for many users and will probably be of benefit to you as well. Here are some additional questions that you may be curious about.

Causes of Origin not working

Origin may not open for many reasons. These may be related to problems with core Origin files, problematic cache files and corrupt and distorted temporary files etcetera. The issues can easily be fixed, and many users have resolved the problem with the above mentioned fixes.

Also, maybe Origin updater performing updates in the background. In that case, the client won’t respond as well.

Origin Won’t Go Online

If you are facing issues with going online make sure your internet connectivity and working fine and the date and time are set to automatic. You can also disable your antivirus temporarily and try logging in. If nothing works, go to the official site and download an older version of origin and this will fix the issue.

Origin Launcher not Working

The Microsoft C++ distribution may be corrupt. Uninstall Origin. Go to your settings and then Apps and locate that program (C++ distribution). Then click the program then modify and repair the program (no need to uninstall). After the repair is completed, reinstall Origin, and it will work fine.

Origin Not Running Games in Windows 10

If you are having issues with loading games via origin in Windows 10, you can disable the in-game overlays from the settings, clear system’s DNS cache. To clear DNS cache, follow the steps.

1. Open the command dialogue as usual by pressing Windows + R simultaneously.

2. Type ipipconfig/flushdns and press enter.

This will clear the PC’s DNS cache. After the cache has been cleared, check if you can play the games.

Origin Crashes When Locating a Game

If Origin crashes when you have located a game. Follow these steps.

  1. Rename the folder in which the game is located.
  2. Start Origin again. It will not find that game and will start repairing it. And a new folder with original library name will appear.
  3. Pause the repair.
  4. Delete that newly created folder and rename the previous folder back to its original name.
  5. Now resume the repair. Wait till it shows finalizing. Origin will not crash when it starts again.


The problem with Origin not working properly has disturbed many people. Sometimes it’s just that your program is outdated and that’s causing the issues and going to the latest version helps resolve the problem.

Other times some program files like cache get corrupted and dealing with them restores peace.

But the problem has working solutions that have proven to be good and are easy to do as well. Different users have reported different things that worked for them. So, try the fixes until you find the one that works for you and get on with playing your games. Do let me know which fix worked for you in the comments below!

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