How to Fix Logitech Gaming Software Not Detecting Mouse [2021]

Having troubles with your Logitech mouse? Several times when you try to connect it in GHUB software or you are using it and it suddenly stops working and you got this message “Software Not detecting mouse”. This is very annoying as it disturbs your working experience and can limit your productivity.

This problem can occur either due to hardware issues or due to bugs in the Logitech GHUB app. It can be easily solved by checking connection ports or can be rectified through updating the software or by updating device drivers in the device manager.

Solutions To Fix Logitech Software Not Detecting Mouse

Your mouse may be connecting just fine. But it may not working properly. The issue may come with any of the Logitech mice like G502, G600, G602, G700s and even G930 not detected by gaming software. If you are facing this type of problem here are some quick fixes to solve your problem:

Hardware FixesSoftware Fixes
Check Ports and wiresUpdate Logitech GHUB Software
Clean your MouseRun software as administrator
Replace batteriesUpdate Drivers
Try Different USB portsBluetooth Pairing
Replace USB ReceiverReinstalling the software
Solutions to Logitech G Hub not detecting mouse

1. Check Ports and Wires:

In the case of a wired mouse, the wire can be faulty. It cannot properly transmit data to the PC. So, if you notice bending or damage to the insulation of the wire, then replace the wire.

However, in the case of a wireless mouse, the problem may be with its USB receiver. Check if it is properly connected or not. Sometimes it gets rusty or carbon is deposited on its connecting points which blocks the signal transfer and causes problems.

2. Cleaning the Mouse:

Sometimes your mouse connects but does not work properly because of cleanliness issues. Dust can be accumulated in the mouse which affects its accuracy and speed.

You should use the mouse on a neat and clean surface. You should try to keep your mouse pad clean from liquids and debris. Because liquids can cause short circuits which leads to permanent damage to the mouse.

3. Replace Batteries:

Your mouse may connect to the PC and the software detects it but it may still feel laggy and slow in operation. This means that batteries need to be replaced with new ones.

Try replacing batteries every month to avoid such a type of problem. Or keep spare ones at hand.

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4. Try Different USB Ports:

Every PC has many USB ports usually 3 to 4. Sometimes, one or two ports may get faulty and the device connected to it may not detected by the computer. So, most of the time you can solve this problem by connecting the mouse to some other USB port.

Sometimes people connect their devices using a USB extension cable. Try connecting your mouse directly to the PC to check if there is a problem with the extension cable or not.

This problem may be because of outdated driver issues of USB ports. So, you can try updating USB port drivers in the device manager to solve the issue.

5. Replacing USB receiver:

We use the Receiver Dongles to connect the wireless mouse with the computers in the USB ports. The problem can also occur if receiver dongles gets damaged. We can rectify this problem by replacing it. We can use a USB Unifying receiver which is easily available in the market.

Logitech Unifying receiver to fix Logitech gaming software not detecting mouse
Logitech Unifying Receiver

Every mouse has its unique receiver dongle. If your mouse receiver got damaged or gets lost, you can buy a Unifying receiver. In this case, you have to program it according to your mouse model.

6. Update Logitech G HUB Software:

GHUB software manages all Logitech devices connected to it. This software has support for most of the Logitech devices. If your mouse is not connecting to the software, then there can be some bugs that are causing this error. Install Logitech gaming software if you haven’t already.

You can solve this error by updating or reinstall Logitech gaming software. For this go to Settings in the app and then Check for Updates. If there is an update available, install it and check if your problem solves or not.

how to fix Logitech gaming software not detecting mouse
You can check for update to fix Logitech gaming software not recognizing mouse.

7. Run as administrator:

Sometimes software does not work properly because it needs certain permissions to work completely. So, you can try by running the software as an administrator. To do this right-click on the Logitech gaming software icon, a drop menu will appear, click on run as administrator.

If you find this solution helpful, then you have to start this software every time using this method. To avoid this repetition, you can permanently change settings to run as an administrator.

logitech software not detecting mouse

 For this right click on the icon and go to properties. Click on the compatibility tab and check the option “Run this program as an administer”. Click on Apply and OK to save the settings

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8. Update Drivers – Mouse Driver:

If the problem persists, then try updating the mouse driver. Sometimes your device drivers become outdated or some files get corrupted. This is a very common problem that most users face. You can update drivers manually or by using some driver toolkit available online. To update drivers manually, follow the below steps:

  • Right click on the start button and go to device manager
  • Now find your mouse in the list of devices and right click on it.
  • A drop menu will appear, click on update driver.
  • In the next window, click on “search automatically for drivers
  • If there is an update available, then update it.
  • After updating restart your computer to observe changes.

After following these steps Logitech software not detecting mouse will be resolved. But if not continue ahead.

9. Bluetooth Pairing:

Wireless Bluetooth mouse also uses Bluetooth to get connected with computers. It provides a smooth working and lag-free experience. A bug in the software can distort the Bluetooth connection.

If the problem is because of this reason, you can pair again with a device in settings. For this go to Bluetooth settings, click on the device name which is faulty. Remove it. Then click again on connect and pair with it again.

11. Reset your Mouse:

If you have tried all the above quick fixes and none of them worked for you. Then you should try to reset your mouse. In many cases, resetting the mouse proves to be an optimal solution.

Mouse, Equipment Technology, Logitech
Gaming mouse that connects to a USB port

Now, every Logitech gaming mouse has a reset button at its bottom. Firstly, power ON the mouse. Now, press the reset button and hold it for at least 5 seconds. After this, your mouse has been reset and ready to use and Logitech gaming software not detecting the mouse will not be an issue.

10. Reinstalling software:

If you have tried all solutions given above, then try reinstalling the software. Firstly, uninstall your software completely in settings. To uninstall it,

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Apps
  • In the Apps and features tab, find Logitech GHUB
  • Click on it, you will see uninstall option
  • Click on it and proceed for uninstallation
Logitech gaming software not detecting mouse

Now after uninstalling, restart your computer. Then go to the Logitech GHUB website to download updated software. After downloading, install it.

I hope the solutions given above will be helpful and most probably you find these quick fixes very supportive. But it’s possible that you tried all the above steps and your problem still persists. If so, your mouse has a deeper problem than just Logitech G Hub not detecting the mouse.

You can send a feedback report to the manufacturer and wait for the next update and see if they sorted out your problem or not. In this period, you can use some other mouse if you have any.

To send a feedback report, go to settings in the app and click the blue button “send feedback”.

logitech g hub not detecting mouse
Send feedback if Logitech GHub not detecting the mouse.

You can also write to community forums like Reddit and Quora and see if any other person has the same problem as you.

If none of these suggestions are helpful, then most probably your mouse has completed its lifespan. Then you may need to replace it.

There are lots of good options available in the market to update your mouse.

Why is my Logitech mouse not being detected?

There are several reasons for this particular problem. The most common causes are,

  • Batteries need to be replaced
  • USB ports may be faulty
  • You did not connect mouse properly in the ports
  • GHUB software is outdated
  • Device Drivers got corrupted
How do I test my Logitech Gaming Mouse software?

You can test your mouse in the GHUB software. For this open the software and go to settings and click on my gear tab. Here you will see all Logitech devices connected to your PC. Select the device you want to test. If your mouse details are available there, then it is working normally.

Why does GHUB not recognizing mouse?

If your mouse has low batteries or you connect it to a faulty port then GHUB may not recognize your mouse. Sometimes bugs come to the windows which affect the working. In this case, you may need to update GHUB software or mouse drivers.

How to reset the Logitech mouse?

Every Logitech mouse has a reset button on its bottom. To reset the mouse:
Step 1: Turn it over and power on it.
Step 2: Plug its receiver in the USB port.
Step 3: You will see a reset button at the bottom. Press and hold it for 5 seconds.
Step 4: After releasing this button your mouse will be reset.

Does Logitech gaming software still work?

Logitech software was released in 2010. In this software, you can configure Logitech devices connected to your computer. However, this software did not receive any updates since 2018. Newer devices do not support this software. Now, Logitech GHUB software is used by newer devices coming to market.

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