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League of Legends Stuttering: Why it Happens & How to Fix in 2022

If you feel that your game is slower than normal, the graphics feel shaky, there seems to be a delay in the motion of the images and the sound, and the overall experience is kind of jerky, your game is stuttering.

Stuttering in the league of legends can be due to a game mode feature. If not, there may be an issue with recent updates of the game or the Windows version. Also, the issue with the Windows sidebar. Many people have updated to the 445.xx driver, which can be the reason for stuttering.

Further, there can be many other technical reasons. Unstable GPU/CPU, overclocking, unreliable network connections, improper heat management system, malware or hardware issues etc.

However, as a regular LoL player, I have compiled some solutions that may be helpful for you. So, here goes,

  • Set performance priority for League of Legends
  • Disable game mode and restart the game
  • Turn off the Windows game bar and/or game DVR
  • Try Updating the Graphics Card
  • Enable the V-Sync
  • Try the 445.78 HF driver
  • If the above doesn’t work, try the 442.74 Driver
  • Download the latest version DDU

League of Legends Stuttering Fixes

1. Set performance feature high for League of Legends

You can specify high performance of your GPU for the game under your settings.

  • To do this, first open the location of the league of legends and copy its location from the above bar in the file explorer.
  • Then open the the graphics settings from the control panel and click on browse.
  • Here paste the location that you copied earlier from the file explorer and open the league of legends folder.
  • Click on the “Leagueclient.exe” file and launch it.
  • In the options, click the high performance bar and save the settings.
  • Launch the league of legends and open the task manager after launching it.
  • Click on details. Right click on the leagueclient.exe and select the set priority icon as high.
  • Lastly, open the device manager and update the graphic card.

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2. Disable game mode and restart League of Legends

AMD and NVIDIA graphic cards are very common in the systems that have issues of game stuttering. Many people play in the Windows game mode in Windows 10. This causes delays and stuttering in the game. I recommend you disable the game mode in the Windows. To do this,

  • Open the settings of your PC.
  • Open the gaming settings by clicking the “Gaming” tab.
  • Search for the “Game mode”
  • Turn off the game mode.
  • Reboot the PC and see if the changes have worked.
  • Restart the game and check for any additional issues.

At times game mode causes unnecessary strain to the computer resources by interfering with the game settings.

3. Turn off the Windows Game Bar/and or Game DVR

  • Open the Cortana’s search bar. To do this press the windows key and ‘Q’ at the same time.
  • In the search box, enter ‘Game’.
  • In the next step, select ‘Control how Game Bar Opens and Recognizes Your Game‘.
  • This opens a new window where you can switch off the game bar.
  • There are three options that you need to turn off here. “Record Game Clip”, “Screenshots”, “Broadcast”. Turn all of these options off.
  • Then, select the option of Game DVR and turn off the “Record in the backgrund option”.
  • Finally, restart the computer and check if the fixes have worked by starting the game again.

This should fix League of Legends stuttering and freezing.

4. Try updating the graphics card

  • Press the Windows + R keys at the same time and start the run application.
  • In the text box, type “dxdiag” and hit enter or click OK.
League of Legends Stuttering Fixes
  • Further, the “Systems” tab will pop up from the menu which will have some details of the OS.
  • You will see a “Display” tab, click on it.
  • Here you will see the information on the graphics card. This information will include the currently running driver version and the manufacturer > Save this information for further use.
  • Here, you will find the graphics card manufacturer’s website > Open it.
  • Further, on this website, go to the download page of the drivers > Select your graphics card model and platform from the drop-down menus in the driver download page.
  • Next, download the newest version of the graphics card driver > Ensure that it is compatible with yours > Select the driver and save it to your system’s desktop.
  • Next, on the driver icon, right click and select, “Run as administrator.”
  • The installation wizard will help you install the driver successfully.
  • Finally, restart your computer and check if the solution has worked.

5. Enable the V-Sync

Sometimes there is a possibility of a frame rate discrepancy in the monitor of your system and the GPU that you are using. This can be the cause of stuttering and tearing in your game. It is a common issue in these systems. I will tell you the fix for such an issue in case this is what is causing the stuttering.

If your system has the NVIDIA card, then this fix is also applicable to you:

  • First of all, right click on the desktop icon and slide to the NVIDIA control panel > Click on it.
  • Secondly, On the vertical sync drop down menu, you will find an option of “Force on” > Select it.

You may want to turn on the AMD enhance sync option. To do this, again right click on the desktop icon and select the AMD Radeon setting.

  • On the AMD Radeon settings icon, click on the ‘Global Settings’ option.
  • Select the option “Wait for vertical refresh”.
  • Select the ‘Enhance Sync” option.
  • Finally, reboot your system and check if the V-sync has successfully been enabled.

Now check if the League of Legends stuttering issue has been resolved and the frame rate is consistent.

6. Try the 445.78 HF driver

When image sharpening is enabled for the NVIDIA card, some game can fail to properly launch or may stutter in between the gaming experience.

Hence, the 445.78 Hotfix is the update that deals with this issue in these games. To install it do the following,

  • First check all system requirements and see that your computer meets them.
  • Download it and save the package that is downloadable on your system > Choose an accessible folder like the downloads or the desktop.
  • Locate the file you just downloaded and open it by double clicking on it.
  • If the pop up asks permission for running, allow the program to run.
  • Next, process the installation after reading the End User License Agreement and accepting it.
  • Further, the installation wizard will guide you through the entire process of installation.
  • Finally, close all the apps and reboot your system > Check if the update is functioning by launching the game.

7. Try the 443.72 Driver

This is another driver from the GeForce Game drivers range. This driver is also for the NVIDIA system. To download the driver you can go to this website. After installing the driver League of Legends stuttering should be resolved.

8. Download the newest version of DDU available

Install the display driver uninstaller and check if the issue is resolved. for this purpose,

  • Disconnect your PC from the network cable, or turn off the Wi-Fi. You can do this by disabling them in the device manager or manually turning off the connection.
  • Then, press Windows key and R key together.
  • After that, in the dialog box that appears, write Msconfig.
  • Enter Boot[tab]
League of Legends Stuttering fix
  • In the Boot Option, check the Safe boot, and click on apply.
  • Reboot your system.
  • In the safe mode reboot, run the DDU program.
  • Select NVIDIA Software and Drivers
  • Select the option Clean
  • Do not restart just yet.
  • Shut down your system and reboot it again in the normal windows.
  • Install the NVIDIA driver and finish the installation.
  • Now check if the stuttering issue has been resolved.
  • Finally, reconnect your internet.

Below I will discuss some common fixes that can be used for stuttering in most games.

Fixes for common stuttering issues in most games

Stuttering is a common issue in most PC games like League of Legends. For most games, there are a few common issues that cause stuttering. Sometimes the games may be the culprit of stuttering. It means that heavy games that require high performance may be the reason your system is showing a lag.

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For instance, Control or Cyberpunk 2077 are games that require high GPU power, so if the game is stuttering, it maybe because of the GPU. However, in the case of games like War Thunder or World of Warships, the RAM is to be blamed. This is because of the huge amount of assets to load and many features running at once. Below I will explain how you can fix these issues.

Hardware Settings

When fixing stuttering in common games, first of all check your PC, laptop, and its hardware for issues.

Maintain your GPU

One of the most common reasons for stuttering is not having a GPU that is powerful enough to run the game smoothly. For this purpose, check your PC and see if the specifications of your system match the requirements of the game.

Hence, if the system lacks the features that the developer of the game has deemed essential, the game is most likely going to stutter.

Do not let your system overheat

Heating up of the GPU is a huge issue among the gamers. If the GPU heats up, the performance of the system will likely decrease thus leaving you with a stuttering game. The heating can occur due to overclocking, heavy tasks and improper ventilation of air.

Make sure that your system does not heat up when you are playing on the PC.

Ensure adequate RAM

You need to have sufficient RAM on your system to ensure that the games you are downloading on it are running smoothly. For instance, it is essential to have at least 16 GB of RAM to run the triple A games(AAA) on the PC.

RAM is so important because it will help the PC in improving the Frame rates and the Frame pacing. With a smaller RAM, it becomes difficult for the PC to process the information which is being passed to it by the tasks or in this case, video game.

However, if you have enough RAM but still similar issues persist, it is better to close RAM intensive programs like the internet browsers.

Use a strong CPU

Check the minimum and recommended system requirements for LoL

When the games use a lot of the CPU’s resources, the game may begin to stutter. This may be because the CPU is not powerful enough or the game being played is CPU-dependent. For this purpose, do not pair a low-power CPU with a strong GPU.

Lower the screen resolution

The most impact on the game’s working maybe of the graphics and visuals that the game is offering. So, it is better to reduce the resolution of the game instead of compromising on the play quality.

However, if the game does not allow you to change the resolution settings, you can do that within the Windows 10.

  • Go to the display settings in the windows.
  • Go to the advanced display settings.
  • Reduce/adjust the resolution of the game.
  • Click Apply.

Reduce the anti-aliasing

In the anti-aliasing, the jagged lines of the games are eliminated by rendering the frames multiple times that smooths the transition between multiple surfaces. However, excessive practice of this will lead to the over-working of the GPU.

It is better to reduce this factor through the game settings if you feel stuttering during the game or you can also turn it off.

Other things that you can do to reduce the stuttering are to reduce the texture quality in the game, to drop the texture filtering of the game and manage the V-sync.

Conclusion on LoL Stuttering and Freezing

It is a common issue for games to stutter due to a number of hardware or software related issues. League of Legends is one of these games. To ensure that it does not stutter, keep the drivers updated and do not use game mode or high display or resolution. The issues rising due to the windows update can be solved by downloading the latest update.

In this article, I have tried to explain in detail, the reasons that cause stuttering and the fixes for this issue. I have explained the solutions step by step for your help. If you practice all of the above fixes I am positive that your issue will be resolved.

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