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LAN Cable Not Connected to PS4: How to Fix Ethernet Cable Not Working

Howdy Gamers! Do you see a pop-up message saying ‘LAN Cable Not Connected to PS4’ when you turn on your device for gaming?

Are you wondering: Why this message appears and what steps are you required to follow to overcome this?

Do not worry, I am here to help you with all your queries!

Why Do I Receive a Pop-up Message Saying ‘LAN Cable Not Connected to PS4’?

When problems in the firmware of your PS4 arise, you receive a pop-up saying LAN Cable Not Connected to PS4. Firmware is a software installed in your PS4; problems arise in this software due to its disconnection to the ethernet. Try changing the IP address to fix the issues.

Similarly, your PS4 is connected with the internet by using a LAN port. This is an ethernet connection; in contrast to the Wi-Fi method of connection.

Moreover, there are a few reasons for the firmware not identifying the ethernet connection when you turn on your PS4, and they are as follows:

  1. The ethernet port of your PS4 has no cable connected
  2. Your console is connected to the ethernet cable, however, the other side of the cable remains disconnected
  3. Router, switch or modem is not working
  4. There is a damage in the ethernet cable
  5. There is a damage in the ethernet adapter of your PS4

I have presented you with some of the possibilities that may be a reason for your PS4 not identifying the ethernet connection.

Use this as a guide while trying to navigate the problem in your PS4. This will help you to use the correct method of fixing your problem, but will also enable you to continue enjoying your PS4 experience.

Ways to Fix LAN Cable Connectivity Issue

In this section, I will be sharing with you some tips and tricks that will help you to solve your LAN Cable connectivity issues.

1. Restart Router

  1. Release the power cable from the router
  2. Now insert it again it in again after a few seconds
  3. Now wait for the router to reboot
  4. Go to Settings
  5. Click Network
  6. Go to ‘ Set up Internet Connection and then select Use a LAN Cable
  7. Click Easy

Consequently, this method should be able to solve your LAN Cable connectivity issues now. However, if this method fails, restart the router and PS4.

2. Change the Domain Name System

This method is used to change the DNS name.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Then Network and Set up Internet Connection
  3. Select a LAN Cable
  4. Now select Custom
  5. Select Automatic IP address settings
  6. You should not specify DHCP Hostname here
  7. Select Manual, you will find this under DNS settings
  8. Now add primary and secondary DNS
  9. Primary DNS-
  10. Secondary DNS-
  11. Now select Automatic under MTU settings
  12. Proxy Server: Do not use 
  13. Finally, check your internet connection by testing it

3. Try the Halfway Through Method

In cases when the LAN port of your PS4 is ruined, use this method.

  1. Put the LAN Cable just the halfway, before you would normally hear a ‘click’ sound
  2. Your PS4 may perceive the cable now

4. Change the IP Address

If changing the DNS does not solve your problem, try changing the IP address. Moreover, convert your IP address to a static one, this remains unchanged once you restart your device.

Furthermore, you will first change the IP address of your PS4, if this does not solve the problem, then try changing the public IP address.

Therefore, the steps to change the IP address are as follows:

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Choose Network and then choose View Connection Status
  3. Note the IP address, Default Gateway, Subnet Mask
  4. Now return back
  5. Navigate to Set up Internet Connection
  6. Select Use a LAN Cable
  7. Now choose Custom
  8. Select Manual on the next window
  9. Enter IP address; you do not have to copy it as it is
  10. Add the first 3 numbers of your IP and then select the last number of your choice from a bracket of 2-255
  11. Now add the Default Gateway and Subnet Mask; the one you noted before
  12. Select either MTU automatic or Proxy Server
  13. Now test it with your internet
  14. Connect LAN Cable

5. PS4 Database

This final solution might help you to fix your PS4 connection problems, however, it may be a bit time consuming.

In this solution, you will be building your database again. But how? You can do it by go through the following steps:

  1. Turn off your PS4
  2. Now keep the power button pressed for a few seconds and wait for the second beep sound
  3. Your console will boot to the safe mode
  4. Now connect your PS4 controller to a micro USB cable
  5. Click the PlayStation button of your controller
  6. By using the D-Pad, go down and choose the option: Rebuild Database, by clicking the X-button
  7. Wait till you are on the home screen again
  8. Sign in to your account and connect your PS4 by using a LAN Cable

Conclusively, this method of solving LAN Cable connectivity issues is seen as the last thing in mind due to its time consuming nature. However, nevertheless, this still is a method that can help you overcome the annoying LAN Cable problems.

6. Reinstalling System Software

Do you still receive a pop up message that states that your LAN Cable is not connected, even after trying out all the methods mentioned above?

We now come up to the final resort, and that is reinstalling the system software. This is done so when you receive a message on your device, in safe mode, stating to connect your PS4 to a USB storage device.

This is seen as the last resort because by this method, all the data on your hard drive will be deleted.

Moreover, the following information will help you understand the requirements for this particular method:

  1. A stable internet connection
  2. USB or a thumb drive- to dowload the updated file

The USB drive should be of either FAT32 or exFAT format with around no less than 1.1 GB free space.

Ethernet vs Internet

You must be wondering the difference between these two similar sounding terms. Well it is quite easy and simple.

Therefore, the following table illustrates the difference between internet and ethernet.

Wide area NetworkLocal area network
Greater global reachLimited or restricted reach
Limited to a specific area or region
Security is limited as anyone can have accessMore security as only limited devices have access to the connection
One internetMany ethernets at one time
Ethernet vs Internet

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make the LAN Cable work with my PS4?

  1. Connect the Ethernet Cable to the router’s port and your console
  2. Turn on the router and your console
  3. Choose the Settings option on your PS4
  4. Now choose the Network option
  5. Click Set up Internet Connection
  6. Then Use LAN Cable
  7. Press Easy

How to know if the LAN Cable is working or not?

If the activity of your PS4 is a bit slow or has any sort of disruptions, this is an indication of a problem in the LAN Cable. Hence, you should solve your LAN Cable problem to enjoy a hurdle-free PS4 experience.

Is there a way to check the speed of LAN Cable?

Yes, there is a way. Right click on the Network icon present on the home screen of your desktop, and then select Open network and sharing center.

Consequently, on your screen, you will see two of your connections, the Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Click on them to get to know the speed of your LAN Cable.

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