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How to Improve Your Tracking Aim in FPS Games [NEW GUIDE] in 2022

Are you a gamer? Whether the answer to that question is a yes or a no, FPS or First Person Shooter games are something we are sure you have come across. Especially in this day and age of gaming, where not only playing games but also watching others stream them is a popular pastime, these FPS games have been on a skywards trend.

This upward trend has not only been associated with First Person Shooter games but also with Third Person. Games such as Fortnite, CS: Go, Call of Duty: Warzone, Valorant have been on the tongues of many.

And we are sure, like us, many of you would have also tried to jump on the hype train to play these A-list games. The chances of that are further increased due to how these games are Free to play. After which you must have realized how the streamers that you watch make winning or dominating in these games seem easier than it actually is.

The reason for them being so good at these games boils down to them having an immensely accurate and precise aim. With the help of their shots being on target a majority of the time, they are able to excel in this world of gaming.

If you are not on their level currently, worry not. Because we have got you covered. In this article “How to Improve Your Tracking Aim in FPS Games”, we go through a few tips and tricks that you can use to get better at this craft. Once you do, we can guarantee you will be able to dominate your opponents just like your favorite streamer/YouTuber.

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What is Tracking Aim?

Tracking Aim is a gamer keeping their enemy under their crosshair while they shoot and try to kill the opponent. It is really important in shooter games, whether they be first person or third person because, in games like this, the whole point is to kill the enemy before they kill you.

This does sound easy though, doesn’t it? But alas, like everything in the world, this is not as easy as it sounds. Improving your tracking or tracing aim gets harder and more so when your opponent is jumping, weaving, and crouching around. In games, this has been the meta for a while.

The early days of shooter games did have a time period in which people would just stand and shoot. Though even in that era of gaming, the Time to Kill or TTK did matter.

FPS Game

The only difference is that because the opponent was not moving around, the only thing that mattered was keeping the crosshair on your opponent and then forgetting about it.

But now because of how the meta has changed and everyone has learned new ways to dodge the bullets, the science of tracing Aim has evolved too.

The new science involves judging the moves that your opponents are about to do. This judgment will let you guess where they are going to be next and so you can adjust your crosshair according to that.

Is Tracking Aim more important in some games than others?

In some games, this skill is more important than others. A general rule is in games in which you only have your aim to rely on, it is your best friend.

These are games like CS: GO, Call of Duty: Warzone, PUBG, etc. This is because the only thing that you can do is either aim or hide behind objects.

On the other hand, in games such as Fortnite, Overwatch, Valorant you can use other abilities, that you have in the game to save yourself from others or kill them.

These abilities can be building stuff, firing smoke, etc. In games such as this, because there is another aspect to the game, the Tracking Aim becomes slightly less important.

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Why is Aim Training Important in Gaming?

In games, Time to Kill (TTK) is the time it takes you to kill your opponent in a 1v1 match. In some games, the Time to Kill is higher than in others. This depends on certain factors.

These are the amount of health that a gamer starts with, and then if that health regenerates or not. In certain games such as Overwatch, the TTK is higher than in games such as Call of Duty: Multiplayer or Valorant.

Because aim directly correlates to the TTK in games, having a good tracing aim becomes an important thing to have. This will allow you to kill your opponent quickly, before him/her, and then move on to the next opponent.

Improve Your Tracking Aim – What to do first?

There are a few ways which can be used to improve your own aim. But before we move on that, we need to first figure out which part of aiming are we bad at. This is an important process that everyone needs to go through themselves. Until this part of the process has been done, you will not be able to move on to the next one with accuracy.

Even in businesses, the process to improve where a company is lacking is to first identify the area in which they are not performing well. Only when this has been identified, can the company work towards improving.

Ways to Identify your Weaknesses

The best way to identify a problem on one’s own terms is to use introspection. This is a concept that was used in Psychology a lot back when it started, in which people were asked to explain their own thoughts.

So do the same, sit down, take a notebook and think about the areas that you are lacking in. Ask yourself questions such as: Why did I lose the last few games? Which area of Aim am I lacking in, is it Tracking, is it Shooting on time, is it not controlling the Recoil?

In order to facilitate this process, you can also use the help of technology. In the sense that you can use recording devices to record the gameplay that you play, and then you can re-watch that gameplay at a later date.

This will help you analyze the places where you need to improve on. If you have a lot of time, you can try to analyze more than a game. This will let you figure out if certain patterns exist in your weakness too or not.

Once you have figured out the problems that exist in your Aiming, you can then move on to the next part which is improving your skills. If you want to skip this part, you can but the problem that will arise is you would be shooting in the dark and hoping for something to stick.

In order to improve you will have to put in time. You need to be clear with yourself on this. The steamers and the gamers that you see have already put in the time. They do not generally show it live, because lets face it, this is something that people would not like to watch. So they put in the hours and get better at it behind the scenes and only show the viewers the results.

How to get Better at Tracking Aim?

Practice makes perfect. There are many software that helps to improve your tracing aim specifically. Also, there are many gaming expert vloggers online who teach the secrets to their skills. Last but not least, see if your equipment is up to date. This could include your mouse, keyboard, GPU, and gaming chair as well.

1. Practice

Your best friend in learning any new skill is practice. The more you do something, the more the neurons in your brain will rewrite themselves. This is your brain’s way of maximizing its capacity for you to learn that particular thing.

In order for this to happen though, you need to practice as much as you can. There are no shortcuts to glory. There are certain tools that can get you there but it will always start with you.

2. Using the game you play to get better

Each game has its own meta. Meta is something that is considered to be a pattern in a game that is overpowered. The Meta will be used by mostly all the top players. The reason for this being that Metas always do give out some sort of advantage. Be it small, but the advantage still exists.

You could go around the meta too, but a little help never hurt anybody.

Other than the trends, you could always understand the game itself better. This will let you in all the dynamics of the game that you play and help you understand how the physics for that game work.

We have discussed above, the Time to Kill is different for each A-list title. As well as the fact that each brings their own powers, technical abilities. For example, in the game Rainbow Six Siege by Tom Clancy, there are 58 different operatives to choose from.

Practice tracking ability with different games

Each of these characters plays and handles it differently. And so you would need to learn how these characters handle and how you could optimize them best.

Next up, you could use the built-in feature of games to practice with other bots or by playing the single-player mode. The single-player mode is not offered by each game nowadays, but the bot option to practice is.

This will help better your aim inside of the game and help you learn how the Recoil system works. Which can be really important in First Person or Third Person Shooters.

Other than playing with bots, if you want to simulate the real game experience, you could jump into one of the unranked matches. These are areas where people do not try as hard to destroy their opponents which can give you a chance to learn how to play better.

3. Use Specifically designed Aim Trainer Software

There is much different software out on the internet, which is free and can help you improve your tracing aim. Such software can work by making you not only accurate but also precise. Both of which are really important to have when playing shooter games.

In order for software for training tracing aim to be good, it has to give the user a challenge. If it is not hard enough that it challenges them, it won’t help them get better.

There are a few options for you to choose from. There is Aim Lab, KovaaK 2.0, 3D aim trainer, etc. It takes time to practice tracking, but aim trainers help build your muscle memory.

Aim Trainer for FPS Games, Source: 3d aim trainer

The best option that you can go from according to us is Aim Lab by State Space labs inc. The special thing about this software is that State Space Labs inc. is not a gaming company but rather a data analytics organization.

This means that the AI used by them in their program really must do its job and help train accurate aim. You can find Aim Lab on Steam as well as an Early Access game. It’s available for free!

4. Seek the Pros for help for Aim Training

We do not mean to get a gamer as your trainer. That can be a very expensive road to go down on. That is something that is unnecessary too. Especially because of how much information professional players have already shared on their streams and their videos. All you need to do is search, listen and note down points.

This will help you get another point of view on gaming, which will help you evolve as a gamer. Other than watching their old videos, you could also catch their gameplay.

Most professional players talk through what they’re doing as they go through with it. Watching their movement and their gaming style can give you information on how to adapt yours too.

5. Upgrade your Equipment like Mouse Pad and other Computer Components

You might think we are contradicting ourselves by putting this point on the list. But hear us out. Upgrading your equipment does not mean you get a shortcut to better tracking aim. But rather it gives you a slight advantage in terms of functionality. Let us give you an example.

Gamers who play on controllers will be able to relate how it is unfair when they match up with computer players. This is because of how using a mouse and keyboard gives you extra keys and functionality.

That does not mean you cannot get better by using a conventional controller. There are many professional players that play on controllers and absolutely dominate. But again, slight advantages matter.

The type of equipment that you buy depends upon if you are a player that uses a controller or a keyboard/mouse.

1. Mouse and Mouse Pad

In order for a mouse to be good, it has to be ergonomic. It can be small or big, which depends on personal preference. But what you need to look for is comfortable for longer periods of gaming.

After that, you need to look at the functionality that it offers. This is judged by the number of buttons that it offers. The more buttons it has, the more functions or abilities you will be able to reroute on the mouse itself.

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This will help bring your reaction time down as the hand won’t have to venture far to find the right button. Though be careful as to not overdo commands on a mouse. You do not want all the extra functions to distract you from doing the most important thing, Aiming.

Logitech G502, improve your tracking aim

We recommend the Logitech G502.

2. Keyboard

Next up, we have the keyboard. In order for a keyboard to be good, it has to be durable, and ergonomic. Again, the ergonomic side of it will allow the device to be comfortable and not cause you problems with your health.

While the durability side will let it endure some of the rages that it will have to go through if you decide to take your anger out on it. To improve your tracing aim, as with any other practice effort, often does get frustrating. But worry not, you will get there!

Generally, mechanical keyboards are better for gaming.

SteelSeries Apex Pro, improve your tracking aim

We recommend the SteelSeries Apex Pro.

This keyboard is not only for gaming but also for everyday use. As with a switch, you can change the responsiveness of the keys. When gaming you can increase the sensitivity, while working you can decrease it.

3. Gaming Chair

As for the Gaming Chair, the sole purpose you buy it will be for comfort. Some people go for aesthetics over how comfortable a chair is to sit in. And well they regret that decision in the long run.

We all know gaming for longer periods of time is not healthy. And when trying to improve your aim, you will be putting in quite a lot of time and effort. The risks though can be increased if the chair that you sit in is not comfortable and it does not provide enough support to your lumbar region of the back.

Respawn 110, improve your tracking aim

We Recommend the Respawn 110.

4. Monitor

Gaming Monitors can provide a real advantage to gamers. Hence why they are so expensive. A good gaming monitor not only gives a high resolution for you to see all the details but gives you a higher frame rate.

This means that you will be able to see much more detail and even in some cases see your opponent first.

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Though this is better aided if you also have a very good internet connection and close to minimize lag.

We recommend the Gigabyte G27Q.

5. Better GPU

In order to get better frame rates, your GPU also needs to be able to handle the extra load. That will only be the case if you have a GPU strong enough to deliver.

We cannot recommend one for you because it is based on the motherboard that you have. But there are a lot of good articles that explain to you in detail which GPU you should get.

6. Experiment

Next up, we ask you to experiment when trying to improve your aim. Do not be afraid. Take the risk, learn new things. Most of all, try new things in the games and outside of it.

What we mean is, try different ways to hold the controller or the mouse or the keyboard. Find something that gives you an advantage and something that you are comfortable with. Once you do, stick to that and practice all you can.

7. Have Patience in Aim Training

Lastly, have patience. It is a long process to improve your aim. Just like if you wanted to get better at a sport, you will have to have the patience and the right kind of mindset to power through.

Do not give up too soon, and if you do not see results even after a while, try to think back and reflect. Maybe you are doing something wrong? Maybe you’re practicing something that you already know well.


If you have the dedication to improve, nothing can hold you back. We have personally observed pro gamers train. But to be honest it is not exciting to watch. That’s why streamers usually start going live after they have some mastery of the game.

Gaining skill is not an overnight deal. It requires consistency and repetitive practice. But if you truly love doing something, you can easily power through even the most repetitive training regimens.

In the end, it’s worth it. One of the most rewarding things can be to finally dominate those team matches and battle royales so start practicing.

Here’s a bonus tip for an added reward. Before you get to work on improving your aiming skills, take a screenshot of the stats for your favorite FPS game. It can include things like the K/D ratio and accuracy percentage. Almost every FPS provides these stats. Once you’re done training for a month or two go back and start playing the game. Now compare these two stats and you’ll see the difference.

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