How To Fix Discord Grey Screen Issue for Windows and Mac in 2022

Are you worried about how to fix Discord stuck on a grey screen?

Is your discord stuck on grey when you try to open the screen?

If you’re unable to access or use Discord’s services on your Windows PC or Mac, then don’t worry about it. We will discuss the 15 solutions for Discord stuck on the grey screen issue on Windows and 2 solutions for Mac. If Discord is not opening at all, you can check out here to solve the issue.

Refresh the screen to solve the issue of Discord being stuck on a grey screen. Also, close all the unnecessary programs and restart your device. You can also reinstall or login into your Discord account through the browser.

15 Solutions for Discord Stuck on Grey Screen Windows 10 & 11

To fix the Discord grey screen issue on your PC using Windows 10 or 11, go through the list below:         

  1. Close unnecessary programs and Refresh Discord
  2. Fix Date and Time
  3. Operate Discord in Compatibility Mode
  4. Remove Discord cache files in Appdata
  5. Log in to Discord via Web
  6. Uninstall and reinstall Discord
  7. Download Discord PTB
  8. See Discord Server Status
  9. Flush DNS
  10. Deactivate ad blockers
  11. Run SFC
  12. Operate Discord in admin mode
  13. Inactivate Proxy Servers or VPNs
  14. Rearrange Discord Voice Settings
  15. Turn off Hardware Acceleration

Solution 1: Close Unnecessary Programs and Refresh Discord App

You have to close all the unnecessary programs on your PC. 

To close it follow these steps:

  • To open the task manager first press the Shift + Ctrl + Esc key.
  • After that, right-click the program that is not used currently and end it.
  • Close all unnecessary applications and see whether your discord is working or not.

You can also refresh your Windows PC to overcome this issue. Do the following steps:

  • Open the Discord app on your Windows PC.
  • To open Dev Tools in the Discord folder, press Ctrl + Shift + I.
  • Then select the network option from the drop-down menu.
  • Next, hit Ctrl + R to refresh.

Solution 2: Fix Date and Time

You can also fix the date and time on your Windows PC to solve this problem. In Windows 10, type ‘Change the Date and Time’ in the search bar and select the result to open the window below:

How To Fix Discord Stuck on Grey Screen

Go to the date and time setting and check whether it is correct or not. If not, then set it manually.

Solution 3: Operate Discord in Compatibility Mode

Follow the given steps to run the Discord app in compatibility mode.

  • First, close the Discord app from the task manager.
  • Right-click the Discord app and select properties
  • Select the compatibility tab in the Discord properties menu.
  • Now select the option next to run this app in compatibility mode.
  • Click apply and then ok

Solution 4: Remove Discord Cache Files in AppData

If you remove the discord files in AppData, your problem will be solved. 

Follow the given steps to remove the Discord folder:

  • In Task Manager, end-all Discord processes that are currently executing.
  • Then, hit Windows key + R to open the Run dialog.
  • After that, type the environment variable in the Run dialogue box and press Enter.
  • See the Discord app folder and then press the shift + delete key.

Now your Discard cache is removed. You can check whether your problem is solved or not. If not, then go to the next solution.

Solution 5: Log in To Discord Via Web

You may also solve your issue by logging in to Discard through the web version. 

Just type your email and password to log in through discord.com.

Now your account is reset and maybe your problem is solved. If not, then follow the below solutions.

Solution 6: Uninstall and Reinstall the Discord App

If you are stuck on a grey screen then you have to uninstall Discord completely. 

First, delete all the content from the AppData of the Discord folder then reinstall it. You can use the third-party tool Revo to uninstall the Discord app.

After the uninstallation, restart your PC and go to the Discord app to install Discord.

Solution 7: Download Discord PTB

If your problem is not solved, then you can install Discord PTB. Discord PTB is an extra build, and it has a separate cache and memory. It will not conflict with Discord’s installed stable build.

Don’t worry about it. It is available on Discord’s official website. 

First, download the Discord PTB, then open the setup file and install it. 

After that, log in to your account. Now your problem is solved.

Solution 8: See Discord Server Status

Sometimes you see a grey screen when your discord is stuck, due to maintenance reasons. 

You have to see the Discord server status.

If your server is down, then don’t do anything. Just wait for its recovery to fix the Discord grey screen.

Solution 9: Flush DNS

If you want to fix the Discord grey screen problem, then you should delete the DNS. 

Your internet speed will improve and your problem is solved after these steps:

  • First, enter Windows + X and then click on the command prompt.
  • Then press enter after typing the command Ipconfig /flushdns.

Activate Discord on your Windows PC and see if you can log in or not. 

Solution 10: Deactivate Ad Blockers

When you deactivate the ad blockers, your discord grey screen vanishes. Disable all the ad blockers that are loading on your Discords website. 

If you are using Google Chrome, then follow the given steps:

  • First, press Ctrl and customize Google Chrome.
  • After that, go to the more tools and then hit the extensions option.
  • See the adblocker extension, then click the toggle button to turn it off.

Solution 11: Run SFC

You can also use the system file checker SFC to check the corrupted folders. 

Maybe due to corrupted files, your Discord is stuck and shows a grey screen. 

  • First, press Windows + X and then click on Windows PowerShell (Admin).
  • To run the command, type sfc /SCANNOW and hit Enter.

Your corrupted system files are now being scanned and replaced with the best ones.

Solution 12: Operate Discord in Admin Mode

If you are using the desktop app then, we recommend you to run Discord as an administrator. Follow these steps to open it as an administrator.

  • First, right-click the Discord icon.
  • After that, click run as administrator and a window appears on your screen. Just click the Yes option to continue.

Solution 13: Inactivate Proxy Servers or VPNs

Your Discord is stuck due to proxy servers or VPNs. You have to inactivate them to fix Discord.

  • First, go to the start menu and press enter on the internet option.
  • After that, go to the connection tab and hit on the LAN setting.
  • Then inactivate all the options and hit the ok button to run Discord.

Solution 14: Rearrange Discord Voice Settings

To fix Discord voice calls and settings first open Discord and go to the setting. 

Then click reset the voice setting and press ok.

Then relaunch Discord and see whether the gray screen vanishes or not.

Solution 15: Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

To fix Discord turn off the hardware acceleration follow these steps:

  • First, run Discord and go to the setting.
  • Toggle off the switch button and press ok.

2 Solutions for Discord Stuck on Grey Screen for Mac

To fix the Discord grey screen issue on your Mac follow the list below:

  1. Refresh and Restart Discord
  2. Remove Discord Folder 

Solution 1: Refresh and Restart Discord

To fix the gray screen problem, refresh and restart the Discord app. 

To refresh your Discord, press the Command + R key. Then type in ”activity monitor” and click on the Discord app.

Now check whether your Discord works fine or not.

Solution 2: Remove Discord Folder 

To solve the problem, remove the Discord folder from Mac. Follow these steps to delete the Discord folder:

  • Press Go on the left side of the Mac and go to the folder.
  • Then type the library application support and right-click on it.
  • After that, select the move to trash option and launch Discord.

You can also restart your Mac and download Discord again.

9 Reasons Why Discord Stuck on the Grey Screen?

How To Fix Discord Stuck on Grey Screen

During setup, upgrading, and even screen sharing, Discord may become stuck on a grey screen. 

There are 10 reasons why Discord stuck on the grey and black screen are:

  1. Unnecessary programs Running and Corrupted files
  2. Discard installation Issue
  3. Time and Date Incorrect
  4. Defective DNS Settings
  5. Proxy Servers Installed on your computer
  6. Issue in Discord cache
  7. Problem in Logging in to Your Account
  8. Discord Servers are unavailable
  9. Ad Blockers in Your Browser

Reason 1: Unnecessary Programs Running and Corrupted Files

You can face the gray screen issue due to unnecessary programs that are running on your screen. It can also happen due to a corrupted Discord file. 

Reason 2: Discard Installation Issue

Sometimes when your Discord does not install correctly then you face the black and gray screen issue. You should reinstall your Discord app.

Reason 3: Time and Date Incorrect

If your time and date are incorrect then you can face the black and gray screen issue on your Windows PC. you have to check and reset it properly.

Reason 4: Defective DNS Settings

Sometimes your DNS setting is faulty that’s why you face the black and gray screen problem. You should delete it.

Reason 5: Proxy Servers Empowered on Your Computer

You may face the gray screen problem on discord apps due to the proxy server. You should disable them on your computer.

Reason 6: Issue to Discord Cache

Sometimes there is an issue with your Discord’s cache. You should delete it and then refresh your Discard app before use.

Reason 7: Problem with Logging In to Your Account

Many users face the problem of logging into the Discord account. Your computer turns black or gray screen sometimes due to this issue.

Reason 8: Discord Servers are Unavailable

If your Discord servers are unavailable then you face the gray screen issue. 

Reason 9: Ad Blockers in Your Browser

Mostly the gray screen problem occurs on your computer due to the Ad Blockers in your browser. You should disable the ad blocker to solve this problem. 


Is It Possible That My Discord Server Has Been Hacked?

Yes, it is possible. If you notice unusual activity on the site or your account is hacked.
Then you should reset your password immediately and notify your friends.

What’s the Best Way To Restart Discord on Android?

To access settings on Android, drag down a top bar and hit the cogwheel. Look for Apps towards the bottom of the page. Launch Discord in this section and verify by pressing Force Stop.

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