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How to Fix Discord Echo: Stop Microphone Echo in 2022

Discord is a community-based digital platform for communication that is available for people. All you need is an email or a mobile number to sign up.

You can call, text, video chat, and even join groups or servers with many people users to communicate with everyone together. But sometimes there are issues in with voice echoing in Discord from the microphone.

To fix the Discord echo in your application or the desktop you will have to enable the noise suppression in the settings of your call. To prevent the echo on Discord from happening you have to change the settings of your PC and in some cases the settings of the call in the Discord app.

Noise or echo in Discord is an issue that is faced by a lot of people who use it for calling. I will explain below how to solve the echo on Discord on PC, app, and on Mac.

Personally, I use Discord on both my PC and on my mobile as an app. I have applied this fix on both places and it works just fine. Hopefully, it will help you as well.

How to fix Mic Echo Discord

Echo Discord can be fixed by very simple methods that you can apply in your settings or through the application’s interface. Krisp is a software that has paired with Discord in order to remove noise cancellation or voice echo.

Discord echoing is almost always removed by this app. Hence, if you are facing the echo, it is because of some issue with the settings on your PC or the discord application. To fix this, these are the following ways.

1. Fixing through Computer’s Settings

If the issue is only with the computer’s settings and nothing else, then this solution should be enough. This will fix your problem without having to open the Discord app. To fix this issue, do the following,

1. Go to the settings or Control Panel on your PC.
2. Go to the sound settings through Control Panel.
3. You can simply search for the “sound settings” in the search bar of your system.

4. Scroll to and then click on playback.
5. Choose one app as the default for listening to the Discord’s output device and the communication device as well. The issue rises because of different devices here.
6. Also, right click on the device that is default and choose “properties“.
7. Go to the “spatial” tab. Turn it off.
8. Right click on the microphone device and click on listening.
9. Make sure to uncheck the box that says “listen to this device”.
10. Also, if you have enhancements, disable all enhancements”.
11. Save the settings and exit the settings.
12. Check the discord mic echo and see if the voice, video are working fine.

If your issue has not been solved with this fix, don’t worry about it. There are plenty of other fixes that can help you. Try the next one!

2. Through Discord on PC with Noise Suppression or Echo Cancellation

If you are using the app on your PC and you are experiencing a Discord echo problem, this is the fix that can help you in solving the echoing.

So, to solve it, you have to simply do the following,

  1. Go to your PC desktop and open the Discord application. You can search it in the search bar and click enter. If downloaded, the app should open right away.
  2. Connect to another voice channel by double clicking on it.
  3. You can join any voice chat as the purpose here is to initiate a voice exchange between your system and another one.
  4. After the voice chat joins you have to scroll to the icon with different length of lines with the name of the channel or the person you have called. It looks something like the image below:
The icon for enable noise suppression

It is the icon for noise suppression which can be seen as you hover the mouse over it. Echo cancellation is powered by the software Krisp for voice video.

5. Next, enable noise suppression by clicking on it. When the icon is of grey color, it is turned off, as soon as you turn it on, it will turn green and it is turned on.

Now your noise suppression is on, you should not hear any Discord mic echo. However, if still, the Discord echo cancellation is not working, you can check if the issue is with the headphones that you are using or maybe the system settings.

Another method of echo cancellation in the app is by changing the echo voice settings in the app downloaded on the phone.

3. Fix Discord Echo with Voice, Video on Mobile App

To fix the mic echo Discord issue on the mobile application you have to go to the settings and make certain changes just like you did on the desktop. So, the difference usually lies in the interface. I will explain it in steps below,

  1. Go to your mobile phone’s home screen and search the Discord app. It should be easily searchable through the search-bar.
  2. After searching for it, launch the app on your mobile phone.
  3. Just like in the PC settings, search for a chat you can join with audio and join it. You can join a chat with anyone you like.
  4. After joining the chat, look for a variable lined-pattern near the end-call option on the call screen.
  5. With the name of the person or chat you have joined, you will find this feature which is basically the Krisp extension that suppresses the noise in the calls that are generated by the app.
  6. After you find the icon, turn it on. Make sure to let it remain on as it is the feature that controls the noise and echoing.
  7. After you have turned it on, to do a Discord echo test, check the Discord voice by joining another session of chat with a similar or different person, your choice.

Due to the Krisp feature, the Discord voice feedback has been pretty good and these settings solve the echoing issue in almost every case that I have come across.

4. Fixing Discord Echo on Mac

If you work with a Mac system then the settings that I have discussed of Discord remain the same. Apply all the fixes as they are on the app and check to see if the issue has been solved. You can further solve it by reducing the noise reduction.

To do this, do the following steps,

  1. Click on the Apple icon on your desktop.
  2. Go to the system preferences.
  3. Look for the icon for sound in the preferences.
  4. Go to the tab of input and make sure that use ambient noise reduction box is unchecked.
  5. If it is checked, uncheck it.
  6. Save the settings and reboot your system.
  7. Check if the solution has fixed your issue.

For the Discord echo cancellation test, simply initiate a chat with someone and check if the echo problem is still there.

Why does my Mic Echo on Discord

The usual settings of Discord to cancel the noise and echoing generated good enough results for you to not hear any noise.

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However, if you still hear echoing during the call and you are wondering why is it echoing, it may be because of the output that is being generated by your PC. Then it is being sent back to the device’s audio by the app. Other reasons can be the following:

  1. Very high speaker volume.
  2. Non-absorbing surface is present near the mic like a wall or a similar hard surface.
  3. The noise suppression is off.
  4. The mic on the computer speaker can also cause echoing in live streaming and video calls.

Sometimes echoing happens in calls because when two people talk, the caller’s voice is received by the recipient and played in the microphone but it so loud that the speaker’s microphone picks up this voice again.

This can only be solved when the speaker and the receiver coordinate with each other and the person who is not hearing any echoing in the call lowers the volume of their speaker or microphone. This will prevent the sound from being picked up again.

But these issues should not be happening in Discord as it has teamed up with Krisp to eradicate the noise and discord echo problem completely. There can be other issues as well but they are all usually solvable as long as you follow the above guides.


An analysis of the above article, that discord echo is a problem for users especially gamers and people who use discord for communication more often than other applications. The issue can arise due to incorrect settings of the computer system, the discord app or the mic settings of your system, etc.

In any case, the above article discusses all the possible solutions to issues and fixes that can help you with how to fix Discord echo problem in the PC, the discord app, and the discord app. I hope it was helpful!


Why am I hearing my own voice on the call?

The most common reason for this is the recipient’s receiver is receiving the sound and through their loudspeaker, it is going back to the speaker’s microphone. In this situation, echoing can be prevented if the recipient or the person not hearing the echo, will lower the volume of their speaker or microphone.

Why is my discord mic echoing?

It can be due to the audio feedback of the speakers and the microphones. It can also be due to the higher speaker volume. Disabled noise suppression in the system, or discord or non-absorbing surfaces around the speakers are also common reasons for this.

Does echoing mean someone is recording the call?

Echoing is not the only reason you can conclude that your call is being recorded. There are many reasons that can make the voice echo in a call. Recording or taping the call may make the call echo but it is not definitive proof if the call is being recorded.

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