Discord on PS5: How to Install Discord Easily for PS5 Playstation Party Chat on PC in 2022

Discord gives you the freedom to message each other. It’s specially built for the gaming community where each group of participants is called a ‘server.’ How about connecting Discord on PS5? Here’s exactly what we’ll be talking about!

Working just like Skype and Slack, it is commonly used by many gamers worldwide. Apart from exchanging texts, voice notes can be transmitted easily as well, alongside the easy sharing of images, links and so much more. Each of the aforementioned servers has a set of different rules such as being dedicated to chats only, or maybe some dedicated to image sharing.

Coming to PS5, let’s see what Discord has in store for the users!

Discord on PS5

Can you get Discord on PS5?

As to being extremely popular, all modern consoles support Discord so yes you can have it. Although not capable of being installed natively, you can use it while playing games simultaneously. Unlike the PS4 however, PS5 does not have an in-built browser.

How do you Party Chat on PS5?

Where you need to begin from is pressing the PlayStation button on your controller to bring up the menu.

This will show a lot of options.

  • In case you already have been invited to a Party Chat, there will be an invite present under the Notifications title. Clicking on the link will have you joining the Party Chat immediately.
  • In case you want to join a party chat of your own choice, go to Game Base. Look for the party there and on finding one:
  • Press X on your controller.
  • On opening the chat, click on Voice Chat.
  • Of the option in front, go for Join.

You will also have the option of inviting someone else and exchanging text messages as well. You can then stay in the chat and search for games alongside to play together with your friends.

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Can you join PS4 party chat on PS5?

Yes, you can! Alongside the cross-party chat, PS5 also allows its compatibility with the PS4 games on an ultra-fast mode. In case you’re wondering as to how to connect PS4 on discord, here it is:

  • Go to PlayStation Party
  • Type discord.com in a random chat
  • Send the link that appears to any of your friends

This link will lead you to the official website.

  • Click on ‘Use the Web version instead.’
  • Sign in to your account.

This is all it takes for you to have all the fun and cross party chats that you desire.

Discord wont Open

Are PS4 parties recorded?

As for now, No. PS5 supports the voice chat option and hence is recorded there. However, if there is an inter-group play between a PS4 and a PS5 user, there are high chances of it being recorded. It disturbs the privacy of the PS4 user more because of an external party supporting the feature is involved.

In the upcoming updates, it can be suggested that PS4 users be given the option to choose any recordings over themselves when playing with an external party. Likewise, for the PS5 users, they should also be given the choice of allowing to record or not when involved with a PS4 user. The latter will involve a development change as for this one, recordings come by default.

Those who have chosen to record their party’s voice chat will then be able to send it to Sony for moderation.

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How about connecting the PS4 mics on PS5?

In case you feel like using the PS4 mic on your PS5, you are more than welcome to. But you need to keep in mind a few specifications.

If you have a wireless headset, there is a possibility that it works the same for PS5 as it does for PS4 and all you’ll ever need to do is detangle the cable and attach it to the new console. Here the model of the headset may create an issue as the more recent ones, have a difference in their manufacturing compatibilities.

If your headset has a 3.5mm port, it is most likely to work as well for PS5 as it did for PS4. All you would need to do is connect it to the PS5 in the exact same way as you had unplugged it from the PS4. This is an easier option for you as compared to the former and what can make you any happier?  

How to connect Discord on PS5?

Method 1

  • Click the PlayStation button on your controller.
PlayStation button - Discord on PS5
  • Go to Game Base
  • Go for the icon saying Options on the bottom right corner.
  • Click Go To Game Base.
  • Go to a party with any of your friends seen there and open the chatbox.
  • Type in www.google.com
  • On the server opening up, in the dialogue box type Discord.
  • Go for the first link that pops up saying Discord.
discord on PS5
  • As to download not being supported on the PS5, go for the other option in front of you that says Open Discord in your Browser.
  • Login to your Discord.

On the left, you will see all the servers you are part of. Also provided are the options of direct messaging anyone you feel like. On the top right-hand side, there will be options provided such as:

  • Start a voicemail.
  • Pin someone.
  • Start a video.

Method 2

What you’ll be needing here is a headset that tags along with a USB connection through an optical cable to help ease switching the audio.

  • Between the PS5 and the amp, connect the cable.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on Sound and Screen.
  • Go to Audio Output settings.

The former setting is the Primary Output. Replace it with the Digital Optical Port. Make sure that your station is on the PC mode throughout the procedure.

  • Connect your USB to both the PC and the base of your PS5.
  • On the amp, go to the voice settings and switch the input device to the amp.
  • Run an audio jack from the speaker of your PC to the amp.
  • Go to Discord.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Switch the output device to now being the PC speakers.

Enjoy Discord on PS5!

Discord or PlayStation Party Chat?

Both of the aforementioned are entirely different entities and hence need to be dealt with accordingly.


Allows image, video and voice sharingCannot be downloaded
Allows chatting with friendsNot as reliable a platform

PlayStation Party Chat

Easier to handleYou cannot connect with all of your friends
Reliable PlatformTraffic increasing with the day

PlayStation Party Chat is supported on a greater number of devices as compared to Discord but the latter tags along with a greater number of better features. All in all, Discord has an upper hand over the other by being a more reliable and popular platform as compared to the PlayStation Party Chat.

Discord and swearing – can you be banned?

Discord has the option of you sending over voice chats to your friends amidst gaming and texting. Although there is a lesser probability of PlayStation paying heed to your chats, there is more of someone reporting you for swearing. This can be done by anyone from your friends or else the servers that you are part of.

What happens is that PlayStation initially sends out a 24-hour ban your way. Thus the fact to be highlighted is that you do not receive a permanent ban. In case you were not involved directly, you may be even exempted without the short ban. As for the latest PlayStation update, chances are that you may get checked on time and again so yes, better safe than sorry!

Also, keeping in mind that the PS4 does not support the sharing of your voice during gaming, you’re safer there than on PS5.

Discord on PS5
Discord on PS5

Frequently Asked Questions

Is streaming possible on the PS5?

Yes you can! It can either be by connecting accounts on YouTube or else by the in-built ‘Create’ option. The PC and your card, make a great combination for streaming and you will be able to do so without any separate hardware being involved.

Can Discord be downloaded on PS5?

No, the download option is not supported. You can only make use of the web version for all that you want to.

Can I screen record while using Discord on PS5?

Screen recording is not supported unless you have the Discord App which is not possible on PS5 due to the unavailability of the download option. Hence, you cannot screen record.

Is using Discord on PS5 a difficult task?

Well, it can happen to be a little trickier at times as to being no direct app to link it to you. However, in the aforementioned ways, your experience can be made a whole lot easier.


All that using Discord on PS5 demands of you is staying extra vigilant with every step that you take. Once you get going with it, no matter how many times you do it then, it will be a piece of cake for you. This is one popular platform amongst gamers of the world and you can also be a part of it.

This is to make the most of your gaming experience. Happy chatting – and of course gaming!

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