Discord Audio Cutting Out [12 Methods] – How to Fix in Few Steps (2022)

Discord audio cutting out can be the most irritating thing a team can experience at a deciding state in any multiplayer video game. Many users complain that Discord keeps cutting out during calls. And so, teammates cannot hear their comrades and this changes the course of the game.

Discord is an instant texting and audio communicating application. It is free to use and is very popular among gamers. Friends playing multiplayer games can engage in conversation easily to have the best of times.

But if the audio cutting out does not fix, you cannot enjoy the game in peace. So, to help you resolve the issue, we have gathered these fixes:

  1. Discord Audio Cutting Out? – Restart
  2. Make Sure the Problem is not with Peripheral Devices
  3. Run as Administrator to Prevent Discord Cutting Out
  4. Adjust Voice Sensitivity
  5. Make Sure Discord Servers are Working
  6. Change Discord Server Region
  7. Update Your Audio Drivers to Resolve Audio Cutting Out
  8. Update Discord Application
  9. Check Audio Settings of Your Computer
  10. Set Discord Audio Settings to Default
  11. Turn Off Echo Cancellation
  12. Reinstall the Application

The problem of Discord cutting out can be resolved by these easy-to-do steps. Many times, just restarting the system fixes it.

black microphone beside black flat screen computer monitor

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12 Methods to Fix Discord Audio Cutting Out Issue

person wearing orange and black headphones

1. Discord Audio Cutting Out? – Restart

One of the most obvious things that one tries to resolve any computer-related issue is restarting the system. When you are running different programs, a big part of memory can be engaged. These applications may interfere with Discord.

Restarting clears everything from the memory. After that run the Discord application and see if it works fine.

2. Confirm that Peripheral Devices are Working Properly

If restarting does not work, double-check all your devices. Try a different pair of headphones. Get a different microphone and speaker. If things start working, it means that problem is with the devices and not the application.

3. Run as Administrator to Prevent Discord Cutting Out

The problem may occur due to the lack of access rights and restrictions. Try running the application as an administrator and check if the problem is solved.

To run the program as administrator, do the following:

  1. Right click on the discord app icon.
  2. Click on Run as administrator option from the menu.
Discord cutting out: run as administrator

See if this solves the problem. If not, try the next fix for Discord audio cutting.

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4. Adjust Input Sensitivity from Voice Settings

The problem may occur if your voice input sensitivity settings are not configured properly. In that case, adjusting the voice sensitivity will solve the issue.

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Do the following to adjust voice sensitivity from voice settings:

1. Open the settings from the bottom left.

Discord audio cutting out: adjust voice sensitivity

2. Navigate to the App settings and click on Voice & Video.

discord cutting out: tuning sensitivity
Discord voice settings

3. Turn off Automatically determine input sensitivity. You will now see an orange-green slider.

Voice sensitivity settings

4. Speak into your microphone and observe your sound in the slider. If your sound is orange then it’s not being sent properly. In that case, adjust by moving the slider towards the left.

Automatically determine input sensitivity

If your sound is green in the slider, then it’s working all good.

Discord voice settings

5. Make Sure Discord Servers are Working

Check that the Discord status shows All Systems Operational. If there are any problems with the Discord servers, then you may experience audio cutting and other issues.

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When the servers are working properly, you will see a green status that says All Systems are Operational.

discord audio cutting out: checking discord status

If there is a problem with the servers, then all you can do is wait.

In case the status is green, then try changing the server region.

6. Change Discord Server Region

The issue may be due to your server region. The server may be overburdened and cause problems. Changing the server region may solve the issue.

1. Click on the arrow next to the server name and select server settings.

discord audio cutting out: changing server region

2. Locate Server Region and change the server region by clicking on the change button.

Change server region of your Discord account from server settings

7. Update Your Audio Drivers to Resolve Audio Cutting Out

If your Windows audio drivers are outdated then this may be the issue why Discord keeps cutting out. Drivers connect your hardware to the operating system and thus are very important.

1. Open the control panel. Locate and open device manager.

discord cutting out: update audio drivers

2. Expand Audio inputs and outputs option.

3. Find your audio device (here it’s speakers) and right click. Select update drivers to update your audio drivers.

4. Select Search automatically for updated audio driver software. It will locate and update your drivers automatically.

This should fix Discord audio cutting out. If updates are not available, try the next fix.

8. Update Discord Application

A new update may be the problem with audio cutting off during the use of the application. Discord automatically checks for updates when it is relaunched.

1. So close all the discord processes from the task manager. Press ctrl + shift + esc simultaneously to open task manager.

2. Now launch the application again.

When the new updates are installed, check if the audio is working or not.

9. Check Audio Settings of Your Computer

If you are also facing the same problem with other applications as well, then the issue may be with your system’s audio settings.

1. Type change sound settings in the start search bar and open it.

2. In the window that opens, navigate to the recording tab. Select your recording device. Click OK and check if it solves the issue.

10. Set Discord Audio Settings to Default

If you had previously made any changes in the audio settings of the discord app then that may have caused the problem.

Resetting the audio settings to default will resolve voice-cutting issues then.

1. Open the settings from the bottom left in the app.

2. Locate Voice & Video settings and open it.

3. Scroll to the bottom and click on Reset Voice Settings.

Reset Voice Settings

Hopefully, this will do if you have messed with the settings before.

11. Turn Off Echo Cancellation

The problem may occur due to echo cancellation which can be turned off from the settings.

1. Open the settings from the bottom left as before. And navigate to Voice & Video settings.

2. Scroll down and locate Echo Cancellation and turn it off.

12. Reinstall the Application

If you have tried all of the above and nothing has worked then try reinstalling the application.

1. Open the control panel from the settings and click on Programs and Features.

2. Find and uninstall Discord.

Discord voice cutting: Reinstall

3. Download and reinstall the app from the Discord website.

Check if the issue is resolved.

These easy-to-do methods to fix the discord voice cutting out the issue will hopefully be helpful to you.

Why does Discord Cut Out?

Discord audio may cut out due to many reasons. One is internet connectivity. If you do not have a stable connection then you may face such issues. Another reason is outdated drivers that may cause the problem.

Audio may also cut out if voice sensitivity is not properly configured. In that case, you can adjust the voice sensitivity from the settings as described above.

The problem may also be due to your hardware devices. Make sure to check that your headphones, microphone, and speakers are not faulty before going through all other fixes.

Final Thoughts

Discord voice cutting out surely does irritate when it occurs in the middle of an important situation. Many a time just restarting does the job. Sometimes it’s the voice settings and sometimes the outdated drivers.

woman in black jacket sitting on black office rolling chair

If the servers are down then you can’t do anything but wait for them to get back up. So don’t waste time trying different things in that case.

Keep your drivers and the application itself up-to-date to avoid facing such issues. Validate that the fault is with Discord by checking audio on other applications.

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