8 Cool and Affordable Tech Gadgets To Look Out in 2022

Technology has transformed the way we live and work. It has made everything convenient for us. Just think about the TV and internet connection you have in your home. Who would’ve thought people could get a Cox cable deals at affordable prices!  

With tech advances not showing any signs of slowing down, individuals and companies need to embrace them. After all, there’s no harm in trying what’s best for business and nothing offers more benefits than tech tools and applications. 

That said, here are eight tech gadgets to try in 2022:  

1. AirTag by Apple 

AirTag by Apple 

How many times have you left your keys and wallet inside your house? Too many times maybe. With AirTag, you no longer have to worry about keeping track of your essentials. This awesome gadget from an equally-awesome company is one of the best gadgets of 2022.  

Forgetting an important item such as a car key or backpack can be frustrating. Link up your things to the AirTag and you’ll be amazed by the results you see. The AirTag comes with a dedicated app that lets you keep track of connected devices.  

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Using the AirTag is pretty straightforward. Please note that the AirTag is compatible with iOS 14.5 or iPadOS 14.5 and later versions. To set up the AirTag on your Apple device, you’ll need to enable two-factor authentication, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Find My App.  

2. Insta360 GO

Insta360 GO 2 - Tiny Action Camera
Credits: Insta360 GO

Do you like to record your outings and adventures? If you do, then Insta360 GO is the device for you. Perhaps the best thing about Insta360 GO is its miniature size. After all, it’s the world’s smallest hands-free action camera. Also, it is incredibly lightweight.  

You can carry this tiny camera to places such as beaches, and even resorts. In short, it is the perfect partner to take yourself with on holidays. Attach the camera to your body and record your swimming, camping, and horseback riding adventures.  

The gadget comes with a wide range of features such as flow state stabilization, remote control, slow motion, and hyper-lapse. Also, this 1440p device can record up to 50 frames per second. So, the next time you plan a trip, don’t forget to take Insta360 GO with you.  

3. Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2

If you’re into VR games, then you may have heard about or even used Oculus Quest. It is one of the best wireless VR systems on the market today. The developers have purposely designed the device to enhance comfort and convenience.  

Oculus Quest 2 comes with facial interface add-ons and customizable head straps. Also, it is portable. That means you could use it to play VR games on the go. To use the gaming gear, you will need Wi-Fi or a USB.  

4. Reevo e-Bike

Reevo hubless e-bike
Credits: Reevo

You might have seen the cool hubless bikes in Tron: Legacy. Now, get ready to experience them in real life. The vehicle in question is an e-Bike from renowned engineering company Reevo. The awesome design makes Reevo’s signature vehicle a head-turner.  

Not only does it have the looks, but its features also account for the popularity of the bike. It comes with a 500-watt battery. You also get fingerprint sensors, GPS tracking, and a built-in vehicle. Pre-order pricing for Reevo: The Hubless e-Bike is $2,278.  

5. Dusk Intelligent Shades

Dusk Electrochromic Smart Sunglasses | Uncrate

Driving Reevo with a pair of intelligent shades doesn’t get more futuristic than it is. We’re talking about the app-enabled sunglasses called Dusk. It comes with extraordinary features such as a built-in call receiver and music player. Also, the shades are waterproof.  

6. Parrot Anafi AI Drone

Join now the exclusive Parrot ANAFI Ai Early Access Program for  Professionals!
Credits: Parrot

Parrot is a household name in the aerial surveillance industry. Their latest offering, the Anafi drone, is powered by artificial intelligence. Does it get more Skynet than this? It is the first drone of its kind to have a 4G connection. Also, it comes with great security features.  

7. Moorebot Scout

Moorebot Scout
Credits: Moorebot

If you’re a smart homeowner, why miss out on Moorebot Scout? This gadget is popular with smart homeowners due to its great intelligent monitoring capabilities. It is compatible with both Google and Alexa. Also, it has a night mode to monitor your home when it gets dark. Get Moorebot Scout if you want to improve your smart home security.  

8. Smart Plug by Amazon

Amazon Echo Show 8 Charcoal with Amazon Smart Plug AMZ-SHOW8BPLUG-DIY - The  Home Depot

Tired of leaving your house without turning off appliances such as AC or fan? Get Amazon Smart Plug and you won’t have to worry again. This device lets you control the electronic appliances in your home using your voice. Also, it seamlessly integrates with other Amazon smart devices such as Alexa. 

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