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Best Mousepad for CS: GO – 10 Budget Choices (2022)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most competitive games in which even a millisecond is an important factor in deciding the outcome of the match. That is why gamers spend a lot of time getting the best of the gaming gear for maximum stability and optimal performance. This includes getting the best mousepad for CS: GO.

Many people would spend all their attention on getting the best gaming PC or a laptop, the best keyboard, mouse and monitor, etc., but the mousepad can also play a critical role in deciding one’s overall performance. Mousepads are mostly neglected and some play on the wooden surface of their table and some on just any mousepad.

But to get on top of the leaderboard, you need to have the best of everything, and your CS: GO mousepad can help you significantly on getting on the top. Your mousepad for CS: GO should have a good size and should present enough stability to ensure perfect performance.

The best mousepad for CS: GO is the Zowie G-SR. It’s quite popular among players and offers more control. For better controlled and precise gameplay and stability, this mousepad is the best choice for all those who like control over speed.

So, to help you find the best mousepad for CS: GO, we present some of the best products we have rounded up.

Mouse PadStore
HyperX Fury S ProAmazon
Logitech G440Amazon
Corsair MM200Amazon
Corsair MM800Amazon
Glorious Gaming Mouse padAmazon
Razer Firefly Chroma Hard Gaming Mouse PadAmazon

Best Mousepad for CS: GO – 10 Best Options that click

  3. LOGITECH G640
  5. HyperX Fury S Pro
  6. Logitech G440
  7. Corsair MM200
  8. Corsair MM800
  9. Glorious Gaming Mouse pad
  10. Razer Firefly Chroma Hard Gaming Mouse Pad


Best mousepad for Cs: Go : SteelSeries QCK Heavy

STEELSERIES QCK HEAVY has been the best mousepad for CS: GO for over 20 years. It offers a micro-woven cloth surface that provides maximum stability and full in-game movement control. This means there won’t be any unnecessary irrelevant movements while you play your part.

This CS: Go mousepad has dimensions of 450 by 400mm (large size). The thickness is 6mm or o.24 inches. This thickness offers enhanced stability as it is enough to cover up any roughness that might prove to be a hurdle while you play.

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This mousepad has a non-slip base that helps in preventing unwanted movements. It also provides a stable gameplay platform ideal for CS: GO. This pad is available in many different styles including classic, FaZe clan, Hard, PUBG, and RGB, etc. It also comes in 4 different sizes-medium, large extra-large, and XXL.

This mousepad is washable and easy to maintain. It can be cleaned easily and comes in two colors red and black.

2. Zowie Mousepad G-SR

Best mousepad for Cs: Go : Zowie G-SR

The Zowie mousepad is for the ones who like to play in full control. If you are one of those who do not like too fast movements that other mousepads offer then this one is for you. It offers a better and more controlled and stable glide enabling more sensitive gameplay and is one of the most trusted mousepads for gamers.

This pad is a bit larger than others and comes in only two sizes. Featuring the newly designed rubber base, it is compatible with all kinds of mice. It offers a controlled and comfortable glide and is completely flat. The dimensions of this CS: GO mousepad is 480 x 400 x 3.5 mm.

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This mousepad offers good stopping power and friction. You can control the biggest of mouse swipes for the best performance in CS: GO using this mousepad. But it also requires more cleaning than others. So, you’ll have to take care of it a bit more.


Best mousepad for Cs: Go : LogiTech G640

This mousepad offers a good design with medium to fast glide and a great size for great gameplay. Its moderate surface friction provides the best amount of resistance for mouse swipes (good for low-DPI movements) and hence improves your performance.

The surface of this mousepad has a continuous and clean texture so as to not interfere with mouse movements and coming up in your way. And the soft fabric construction allows a more comfortable glide for your wrist. The base is efficiently designed and tied to the cloth so that it doesn’t cause any hindrances in mouse movements.

The size is 460 by 400 by 3 millimeters. The best thing about this mousepad is its low maintenance. It is very reliable for long marathons and continuous gameplay and it won’t bother you much with maintenance. Also, it does not come with stitches but you can get some team-specific versions for that.

4. ZOWIE Mousepad G-SR-SE for CS: GO

Best mousepad for Cs: Go : Zowie G-SR-SE

Zowie gaming products are specifically designed with shooter games in mind. And hence they have a firm hold in the Counter-Strike community. And the Zowie mousepads are quite popular among gamers especially the CS: GO pros.

The SE version of the Zowie mousepad does not differ from the GR version much. It offers the same control and feel but with a slightly faster glide. Its continuous and smooth surface offers a comfortable and faster glide while giving you more control and stability over mouse movements.

It is fully compatible with all kinds of mice and its dimensions are 470 x 390 mm ± 10 mm. It comes with a thickness of 3.5mm which is quite sufficient for covering the roughness of any irregular surface you might face and hence makes up a good LAN pad. The glide it offers is slower than other best mousepads for CS: GO but is more stable and controlled.

So, it presents a good gaming experience for those who like more control and stability than the medium-fast glide usual mousepads.

5. HyperX Fury S Pro – CS: GO Mousepad

Best mousepad for Cs: Go :  HyperX Fury S

The HyperX Fury S mousepad for CS: GO comes with anti-fray stitched edges. It has a soft and smooth textured surface for increased comfort and performance and is quite suitable for both fast or precise gameplay. It comes in four sizes, small, medium, large, and extra-large, suitable for all gameplay environments that you may take upon.

This best mousepad for CS: GO comes with a textured natural rubber on the underside to prevent any irrelevant slides and actions and hence increases gameplay experience, stability and rhythm. This mousepad also comes in different available colors where some of them feature unique designs and logos.

This one is also easy to clean and can be washed with any usual dishwashing detergent. also, don’t place it in a dryer or washer. The stitched edges are of good quality and won’t cause any hindrances. Overall, this is a nice and thick mousepad but gives a hard time in getting flat.

6. Logitech G440

The Logitech G440 mousepad comes with a polythene surface that offers low surface friction perfect for high DPI gaming. It allows you to perform quicker and more subtle mouse movements. This mousepad requires minimal force for mouse movements and decreases irrelevant and mistaken moves.

The surface is continuous, smooth, and moderately designed for the best gaming experience and provides a good mouse and cursor control. The natural rubber base helps in keeping the mousepad in place as your mouse glides and swipes to and fro while you shoot and shoot. The firm grip it provides increases stability.

The dimensions of this mousepad are 28cm x 34cm and it offers a thickness of 3mm. It comes in a single black color and a single size. Its multilayer construction makes it more durable and longlasting.

The downside is that it is a plastic pad and not a cloth one. And also that the edges are quite sharp and might disturb your wrists unless you deal with them in some other manner.

7. Corsair MM200 Mousepad for CS: GO

The Corsair MM200 mouse pad offers just the right size that serves the purpose of most gaming environments. It doesn’t take much space on the desk and is also not that small. The surface is designed to give better control over mouse movements and slides to ensure maximum accuracy as you play.

The rubber base made from natural rubber provides a stable grip wherever it is placed. So, you won’t have to worry about the pad moving in the middle of the game. Also, it’s natural rubber so you won’t have to deal with any nasty chemical smell.

The textile weave surface is quite precise and is compatible with both laser and optical mice. The dimensions are 360 x 300mm and it offers a thickness of 2mm which is slightly lesser than others. Overall, it’s a good gaming mousepad and is pretty easily cleaned.

8. Corsair MM800 RGB

The Corsair MM800 offers an RGB lit fully lighted gaming experience that allows you to illuminate your gaming environment. It comes with 15 RGB zones that are fully customizable. The lights are powered by PWM control for better color rendering. You can choose from the list of modes provided or set up your own color schemes.

You simply connect the pad with your PC through a USB connection to power it up. The LEDs cover three sides of the pad and are strong enough to show up in daylight as well. This mousepad can also synchronize if you have a Corsair keyboard and mouse allowing more complex color themes.

The low friction micro-textured hard surface enables you to pull fast mouse movements with easy and stable stopping. The surface having, dimensions of 350mm x 260mm and a good thickness of 5mm, offers a good balance between speed and control.

9. Glorious Gaming Mouse pad

Glorious mouse pads for CS: GO offer a unique blend and a good balance between speed and control. These come with stitched edges as an anti-fray measure that also increases durability and aesthetics. The low friction smooth surface enables good control as well as speed.

The surface offers great precision and the rubber base provides you stability during gameplay. So, your mousepad won’t move around during exciting times when the mouse moves about rapidly.

These best CS: GO mousepads also come in extended versions that cover your keyboard as well with various dimensions and sufficient thickness to cover all irregularities that you might face. Also, these mousepads are machine washable.

The downside is that anything that falls on the surface like food particles will go into the fabric. So, it might require more cleaning.

10. Razer Firefly Chroma Hard Gaming Mouse Pad

Razer Firefly Chroma pad is a gaming mousepad that offers a micro-textured and smooth reflective surface fully optimized for quick mouse movements, actions, and gestures. It is available in both hard and cloth. Its consistent and smooth surface provides you with full precision and control of your movements at all sensitivities and mice.

This best mousepad for CS: GO features Razer’s Chroma lighting which is going to light up your gaming setup. It provides over 16.8 million colors to choose from and full customization for custom color themes and schemes via the Razer Synapse application. You can also synchronize all Razer Chroma enabled devices for more combinations.

The mousepad comes with the usual rubber base to keep it fixed at a place as you roll your mouse over. It’s easy to clean and is durable.

Buying Guide – What to Look For

When buying a mousepad you should not just get any mousepad without taking anything into consideration. Because a mousepad can significantly improve your performance and comfort.


Mousepads come in mostly two materials, cloth and plastic with rubber below.

The cloth mousepads are very common. They provide good stability and great comfort as they are made up of soft fabric. And they are quite portable. Can be rolled up easily and taken anywhere. These also offer stable friction and a good feel during gameplay.

Cloth mousepads have been most common among Cs: GO players. But these also are hard to clean and maintain. So, you may have to change them after some time.

The plastic ones are not so common in the CS: GO community. But these are easy to clean and maintain but less portable. Also, they offer a hard and smooth surface for mouse movements.

Hard mousepads are suitable for high sensitivities as they provide better glide. And for low sensitivities, soft ones are ideal as they allow better accuracy. And in CS: GO, accuracy matters a lot. That’s why cloth pads have been the de facto in the community.

The Surface

The surface should provide you with optimum performance and should offer a good balance between speed and control. Usually, cloth pads are more preferred but hard ones are also available. The surface should also ensure a smooth movement and glide.

The Base

The base provides you with additional comfort and stability as you play. It keeps your mousepad from moving as you make quick glides. The base comes in different thicknesses.

A 2mm thickness gives you a solid but comfortable feel. A 3mm thickness will prove to be neither too thick nor too thin but a good balance between the two. A 5mm thickness will be very soft and comfortable. It will cover all surface irregularities easily and is perfect for competitions.

Surface Area

The surface area also plays an important role. Most CS: GO players play on low sensitivity as it enables a consistent and more precise aim much needed in Counter-Strike. So a large mousepad will give you all the space for full swipes and glides.

Final Words

That’s all the best mousepads for CS: GO. We have covered all the different types of pads for your convenience. These include cloth and plastic made pads, controlling and fast pads and some LED illuminated ones as well.

Choose the one that best matches your style and theme. If you’re thinking of going into tournaments where you may be faced with any kind of unknown surface, then choose the one with more thickness. Pads with more thickness will cover all the irregularities and roughness of the surface.

If you don’t wanna go into the hassle of cleaning, then hard ones are for you. Cloth pads are a better option, but they can be difficult to clean as well. And for more precise and accurate gameplay, choose the one with a large surface area to give you sufficient space.

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