Best Laptop Bags, Backpacks, and Sleeves to Buy on Cyber Monday in 2020

In times like these, laptops have become a core essential in the lives of most people. Therefore, the next most important thing that comes to mind after purchasing one, is keeping it safe when you’re out on the move. The Cyber Monday best Laptop Bags, Backpacks, and Sleeves deals could not have come at a better time.

When taking your laptops out for meetings or any other purposes via public transport, you’ll definitely want a hard case or backpack to ensure its safety as well. This is exactly why there should be a good fraction of the amount of investment in buying a laptop bag as it was in buying a laptop itself.

In this quick buying guide, you’ll be guided to buying the best laptop bags, backpacks, and sleeves as of the deals on Cyber Monday 2020. Make sure you get the most out of it, and provide your laptop with the much-needed protection against all sorts of bumps, falls, and other unexpected events.

Product NamesDiscounted Price
Newhey Laptop Bag$49.55
CoolBell Convertible Laptop Bag$49.13
KomalC Laptop Bag$76.99
OMOTON Anti-theft Laptop backpack$28.48
Briggs & Riley Kinzie Street Flap over Expandable Backpack$199
Sosoon Anti-theft Laptop Backpack$23.65
Arvok 15-15.6” laptop sleeve$11.9
Second Skin waterproof laptop sleeve$29.9
MOSISO polyester laptop shoulder briefcase bag$19.99

Best Laptop Bags to Buy on Cyber Monday 2020

1. Newhey laptop bag

Newhey laptop bag

The Newhey shoulder bag is made of horse leather and protected from any kind of scratches and wrinkles. This makes the one wearing it stand out from the rest. The strap attached is easily adjustable and removable, whose length can be easily shortened or lengthened.

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The greyish-brown color combined with the material presents a retro look, adding to its glamour all in all. The strap can moreover be detached as well, to instead make use of the padded handle. The leather does neither discolor nor weather out. Not to forget, the Newhey laptop bag is a waterproof laptop bag.

  • Water-resistant
  • Plenty of room for organization

2. CoolBell Convertible

CoolBell Convertible

The list of best laptop protection bags on Cyber Monday is incomplete without the addition of this fashionable bag. With a wide enough dimension of 18.8*5.1*13.7, it can be used to fit a laptop of probably any size. Material, design, color, sewing, service, all together make the best of this bag.

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With the easy transformation into a shoulder bag, backpack, or messenger bag, the straps can be hidden when need be. On longer journeys, the CoolBell bag can be fit on your trolley. All in all, it brings about the best of quality with the most amazing features summarized below:

  • Genuine leather used
  • Lightweight

3.  KomalC

KomalC (Best Laptop Bags, Backpacks and Sleeves)

In the 25 step journey of making this bag, 80% of them are done by hand. Every single detailing of the product displays utmost effort and hard work on the part of the manufacturers. This is what makes it a special deal in the best Laptop Bags, Backpacks & Sleeves for Cyber Monday deals.

Snap closures and concealed for easy access, the bag has an overall rustic vintage look. Made from fine buffalo leather, it has two front pockets to fit wallets, cell phones, and other stuff of the sort.

  • Vintage look
  • Multi-purpose use

Best Laptop Backpacks to buy on Cyber Monday 2020

1. OMOTON Anti-theft Laptop backpack

OMOTON Anti-theft Laptop backpack (Best Laptop Bags, Backpacks and Sleeves)

This laptop tops the traveling laptop backpacks deals on Cyber Monday majorly because it is water-resistant and designed well according to the needs. This multi-functional product from OMOTON offers all the necessary protection your laptop needs on an average commute. Made of Oxford fabric with polyester lining, it fits laptops up to 15.6 inches.

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There is a separate compartment at the back for your important items, keeping them safe. The zips once zipped in, can withstand the sharpest of knives too. The laptop compartment is at the back, opening underneath the straps further improving the security of your device. In case you’re looking for an all-rounder laptop backpack, this is where you turn to!

  • Invisible back pocket
  • Water resistant

2. Briggs & Riley Kinzie Street Flap over Expandable Backpack

Briggs & Riley Kinzie Street Flap over Expandable Backpack

Made of Tartex and fitting up to a 15.6-inch laptop, this Kinzie Street Flap over Expandable Backpack from Briggs & Riley is as cool as laptop backpacks can be. Although being expensive, it tags along with a lifetime guarantee as well as payments in installations.

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There are also RFID blocking pockets that protect your wallets from theft. The leather outlay adds a touch of decency and style, making you look sophisticated and out of the crowd. In case you’re planning to roam around in a professional look, this is what you should choose.

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • RFID blocking pocket

3. Sosoon Anti-theft Laptop Backpack

Sosoon Anti-theft Laptop Backpack (Best Laptop Bags, Backpacks and Sleeves)

It does not look as nice as the other rucksacks on the list but it sure offers more protection than any other one. All thanks to the shockproof internal sleeves and elastic belts, you can fasten your laptop therein and carry it around anywhere. This makes it one of the most secure laptop backpacks you can get from the best Laptop Bags, Backpacks & Sleeves deals on Cyber Monday.

Made of 1680D double-pile polyester fabric, it has fully hidden zips with the central pocket zips placed at the top of the backpack, under the zip. This ensures security even when placed away from you.

  • Hidden zips
  • Four layers of protection

Best Laptop Sleeves to buy on Cyber Monday 2020

1. Arvok 15-15.6” laptop sleeve

Arvok 15-15.6” laptop sleeve

Laptop sleeves are laptop bags, but just the lighter versions. They are all good for transportation and one notable example is the Arvok laptop sleeve. Being very lightweight and soft to touch, it will keep your laptops safe from water, dust, and other happenings of the sort.

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The premium thickened water-resistant neoprene material acts as a shock absorber adding to your benefit. The quick top-loading zipper on the bag glides smoothly helping you put in your devices comfortably. Moreover, being ultra-slim gives it quite a fashionable look.

  • Lightweight
  • Shock protection

2. Second Skin waterproof laptop sleeve

Second Skin waterproof laptop bag

This specific laptop sleeve fits well for 17’-17.3’ display laptops. Made of neoprene, it is very durable in nature and also puts forward a professional outlook. Fitting right over your laptop, it allows you to easily carry it around either as a stand-alone or inside your bag.

Apart from keeping your laptop safe and sound, it also carries an elegant look for itself, having the ability to automatically drive eyes towards itself. It is easy to clean and also acts as a safeguard to protect your device, all thanks to its shockproof abilities.

  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with collapsible handles

3. MOSISO polyester laptop shoulder briefcase bag

MOSISO polyester laptop shoulder briefcase bag

It tags along a removable and easily adjustable shoulder strap that can vary from 27 to 48 inches at a maximum. A front arc pocket is present within that can be used to store power adapters, cables, or any other small items of your use. The zipper slides smoothly providing easy access.

This is one slim laptop sleeve that features a polyester foam layer that acts as a shock absorber that protects your laptop from any bumps or hits. It is an ideal choice to carry your laptop in when on the move.

  • Zipper glides smoothly
  • Removable and adjustable shoulder strap

FAQ – Learn more about the best Laptop Bags, Backpacks & Sleeves

Are laptop sleeves better than laptop bags?

Laptop bags offer better protection and the ability to carry a greater number of items. Laptop sleeves whereas offer compact transportation.

Which laptop bag is best?

It depends on your needs as to which laptop bag suits you the best, according to its features.

What is a laptop bag?

It is a specially designed backpack that helps carry your laptop and its accessories in a compartment within.

Can a laptop sleeve be used within a laptop bag?

A laptop sleeve carrying the laptop can be placed in the laptop bag and made to carry alongside its cables and power adapters if any.

All in all, the best laptop bags, backpacks, and sleeves are all dependent on your requirements. The final decision can only be made as per the features of the specific products available. With the Cyber Monday sales just around the corner, make sure to get the most out of them and get your laptop all the protection and much needed pampering that it deserves. Happy shopping!

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