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Best Cyber Monday Deals on External DVD Drives, Optical Drives & Blue-ray Drives in 2020

Optical Disc Drives have become a thing of the past. It started off from laptops and this transition is now moving on to the new generation of consoles too. If you are looking for the best Cyber Monday Deals on External DVD Drives, Optical Drives & Blue-ray Drives, then you are on the right site.

So what are you to do, in this new age of digital data, if you want to use a Physical Disc to either save your data or read some off of them?

Well, You could use an external CD, DVD or Blue-ray Drive. These drives come in a compact form and can be attached to your laptop using one of the USB ports. You can thus through them either Play, Rip or Burn Optical Drives.

And plus, with Cyber Monday just around the corner, we decided to make this list for you. This list will focus on the Best Cyber Monday Deals on External DVD Drives, Optical Drives & Blue-ray Drives in 2020.

A Few Things to Remember

  1. Blue-ray Drives can be used for DVD and CD Discs. While the DVD Drive can only be used for DVD and CD.
  2. External Drives will always be slower than built-in Optical Drives.

Best Cyber Monday Deals on External DVD Drives, Optical Drives & Blue-ray Drives in 2020

For Blue-ray DrivesFor DVD/CD Drives
MthsTec USB 3.0 Blue-ray DriveASUS ZenDrive U9M
PiAEK USB 3.0 Blue-ray Drive Rioddas External CD-DVD Drive
LG BP60NB10 Blue-ray DriveROOFULL External CD-DVD Drive
5 in 1 NOLYTH Blue-ray DriveSTRENTER USB 3.0 CD-DVD Drive
Archgon Aluminum Blue-ray DriveCABLETRANS CD-DVD Drive

1. MthsTec USB 3.0 Drive (Blue-ray)

The MthsTec is the Best Selling Blue-ray Drive on the market right now and it deserves that place. It comes with a USB 3.0 interface with an eject button as well as a C-type cable. Making it not only easy to use but also compatible with all Laptops.

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And that is not all. It also offers faster speeds for Blue-ray, DVD, and CD as well as LED lights, better Shock absorption, Low Noise, and high storage levels. All of this is brought together with a Cyber Monday deal which makes gives it an affordable price tag too.

Best Blue-ray Drive (Black Friday Deal)| Best External DVD and Blue-ray Drives

2. ASUS ZenDrive U9M (CD/DVD)

One of the fastest CD/DVD Drives that you can find right now in terms of Ripping speeds.

The ASUS ZenDrive other than being fast is also one of the most compatible Drives on this list. It comes out of the box with USB to A type & USB to C type connections. This means that you can use this Drive on almost any laptop or computer, new or old, without any hassle.

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And even though it does run slightly louder once connected, it makes up for that in terms of its solid built quality.

Best DVD Drive (Black Friday)| Best External DVD and Blue-ray Drives

3. PiAEK USB 3.0 Drive (Blue-ray)

PiAEK offers as amazing as a Blue-ray drive as does Mthstec. What it comes down to is personal preferences for size, shape, and color.

Just like the Mthstec, PiAEK offers amazing 5Gbps transmission speeds as well as a Type C connection. Which is multifunction. Meaning you can use it with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 whatever is supported by your device.

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The PiAEK also is compatible with both Microsoft and MAC OS so you won’t need to worry about that either.

Best Blueray Drive| Best External DVD and Blue-ray Drives

4. Rioddas USB 3.0 (CD/DVD)

The Drive-by Rioddas offers the same speeds as the other Blue-ray Drives on this list, while just being limited to being used by CDs and DVDs.

This Drive can offer up to 5Gbps transmission speeds, as well as being backward compatible with USB 2.0; just like the PiAEK.

With the Rioddas you can be assured of stable transmission connections due to its intelligent Mesh technology.

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And so, overall you get a sturdy durable drive with a compact size. Making it easier for you to take it around with you on your travels and use it with any device you want.

Best DVD Drive

5. LG BP60NB10 (Blue-ray)

The LG Blue-ray Drive is a good option if you plan to use it for Media. As the LG comes with a built-in noise reduction system as well as the ability to smoothen out any sort of Media Playback.

Though this is not the fastest Drive on the list, it has the capability to handle Ultra HD 4K content, which is not offered by many. It is one of the Best Cyber Monday Deals on External DVD Drives, Optical Drives & Blue-ray Drives in 2020.

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One drawback of this Drive-by LG is that it only comes compatible with USB 2.0, which will create a hurdle for you in terms of using it with some of the latest devices.

Best External DVD and Blue-ray Drives

6. ROOFULL Premium Portable Drive (CD/DVD)

ROOFULL offers an affordable option that is durable as well as portable. This premium device by the company is not their first rodeo in the world of Drives. And so with 5 years of experience, you can be sure you will be satisfied with your decision if you opt for this.

The Drive comes with USB 3.0 as well as out of the box compatibility with all the popular software’s out there; as well as the fact that in order to use this Drive, you won’t need to download any separate drivers.

Best CD Drive (Black Friday)| Best External DVD and Blue-ray Drives

7. Nolyth 5-in-1 Drive (Blue-ray)

The Nolyth 5-in-1 Drive is another solid choice if you want to go for a Blue-ray Drive. Nolyth offers it a lot of options that are actually helpful.

Such as, the Nolyth comes with not one, but 2 USB 3.0 slots. Which increases the functionality of this device over a lot of the others to start with. You also get this Drive with out of the box compatibility with all the Operating Systems out there as well as SD cards.

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For the aesthetics, you get built in RGB lights and as cherry on top, a 2 year warranty too.

And though you won’t need to download specific drivers, you will need to get a specific Blue-ray software so that you can playback Blue-ray media.

8. STRENTER USB 3.0 Drive (CD/DVD)

This Drive-by STRENTER follows in the same footsteps that make the Nolyth 5-in-1 Blue-ray Drive so great. They have the same great features with one difference being that the Drive-by STRENTER is for DVD and CD only.

This Drive has fast 5Gbps transmission speeds as well as 2 USB 3.0 ports. In order to increase compatibility, you can use this Drive with all Operating Software as well as SD Cards.

And so, with an easy to use interface, good compatibility, and fast transmission speeds, you get a good CD/DVD Drive by STRENTER.

9. Archgon Aluminum Drive (Blue-ray)

Archgon offers a sleek, elegantly designed Drive with a lot of power.

This Drive-by Archgon offers read, write, and ripping off 4K Ultra HD content in a package that is going to be no bigger than your wallet. With that, it offers you USB 3.0 ports too so that you can connect with all the latest laptops out there.

A few drawbacks for this device are that for starters it is expensive but that won’t be much of an issue with regards to Cyber Monday just being around the corner. On the other hand, the other issue that will cause problems and a bit of an uproar amongst some is that for Apple users, this Drive is limited in its usage. As they won’t be able to work with 4K Ultra HD content but rather only Blue-ray, DVD, and CD.

Best External DVD and Blue-ray Drives

10. CABLETRANS Portable Drive (CD/DVD)

The CABKETRANS CD/DVD Drive is based on portability. With its lightweight, compact design, it was made sure that this Drive ends up being easy to not only connect with Linux, Microsoft, and Apple Systems but also in carrying around.

So with its generic shape, this Drive will fit in easily with the rest of your belongings in your laptop or backpack.

CABLETRANS offers USB 3.0, the transmission of data at high speeds, and backward compatibility with USB 2.0 too. Making it an all-rounder that you can get at an even more affordable price than before thanks to Cyber Monday!

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