Best Coolers for CPU in 2022: Top Notch Coolers to Keep Your PC Super Cool

Best CPU Coolers is a keyword well known among people. They want a solution to their CPUs’ or laptops’ heating issues. Whether you are playing video games on it, doing multi-tasking or running a heavy load software, you might want to look into a good cooler. You will also find the best cooler for CPU, so read on.

The Best Cooler should ensure that the system works well even in those hot and tense situations. Moreover, it should ensure the enhanced performance of a computer or laptop.

In other words, if one wants a good or relatively long performance of a computer, a good cooler is the supporting device. Hence, choosing the best cooler for CPU, or a system is necessary.

A Detailed Guide, answering all the queries related to “Best CPU Coolers”

While typing “Best CPU Coolers” keyword in the Google search bar, you’d hope to get the best result instantly. Hence, here is the step-by-step help for the guide seekers who want the best cooler for CPU.

Choosing from the best CPU Coolers

Today, CPU coolers come in many sizes, shapes, prices, etc. But the main factor while choosing the best cooler is the processor of CPU. Other secondary factors include budget, compatibility, one’s peculiar demands, etc.

In the market, many coolers have set up the standards to be the best cooling for CPU. They come at different types and prices. While the Air coolers are considerably cheaper, the liquid coolers are expensive, relatively speaking. So, which is the best one?

cpu cooler

Types of Best CPU Coolers

Here are some of the types that are candidates for the best CPU coolers on the basis of their functioning.

1. Liquid CPU Coolers

Liquid Coolers are the product of innovative technologies which excel in removing the heat from the heatsink. However, they were not available until the late ’90s. But today they are available commercially.

Their reasons for the popularity as the best CPU cooler technologies are all you want in the best cooler for CPU. These are noise-free, performance and design.

Performance is not as good as air coolers but nevertheless are good alternatives

The structure of liquid coolers consists of three basic blocks. One or more water blocks through which liquid is pumped through a tube. This is because the liquid has a higher tendency to transfer heat.

The second block is a pump that forces this liquid through the tube. And the last one is a small fan.

Credits: DeepCool

2. Air CPU Coolers

The second type and probably the simplest one to keep the heatsink cool is Air cooling. Moreover, they are more commercially available making your CPU the best cooling CPU.

The reasons for an air cooler for being the best CPU coolers are efficiency, little power requirements & cheapness.

In contrast to liquid coolers, the working of air cooling is simple. It works on the principle of pumping the heat out, making the environment around the heatsink cooler.

CPU Cooling System Designs

There are 2 most common designs of CPU coolers in the market. Downdraft Style and Tower Style.

1. Downdraft Style Coolers for CPU

This design as the name suggests is such as the cooler is mounted horizontally in such a way that it pushes air down onto the sink.

This configuration of CPU cooler provides a downward draft of airflow. Moreover, it can fit inside the CPU case easily.

2. Tower Style Coolers for CPU

In contrast to the downdraft style, the tower-style is a more versatile option. It has two different positions to offer while installation.

The first one inhales air from the front of the case, passes through the CPU internal and then leaves from the back. Hence, it integrates a verticle heatsink.

The second position is such as that it forces hot air around the CPU, through the video card area and then out from the top. Hence, both types serve the purpose of cooling CPU. Both are good enough to be used efficiently.

Why should you upgrade your CPU Cooler?

The question of the day is “Why should you upgrade your CPU Cooler?” Well, many factors lead to this need, and here are the top ones.

1. OverClocking

The top reason why should you go for the upgrade is overclocking. Don’t know about the term? No worries. We are here to help you.

Normally processors used in Computers and laptops are 3GHz or 4GHz these days. You can increase the processing speed of these processors by some alterations in settings. But this does not come without a cost.


Yes, you guessed right. Overheating. The increased processing speed or Overclocking leads to higher heat volumes. Hence, there is a need for the upgrade to keep enjoying the higher speed.

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2. Damage to System

Overheating is dangerous to the whole system and hence the coolers are very significant in this regard. If the system is already damaged, one possible reason can be Overheating.

So, the first thing while repairing the system is the CPU cooler. This will prevent system parts to be damaged due to heating. Hence, an upgraded CPU cooler is a good component to have.

3. Using Powerful Games and Softwares

Gamers and those who work on powerful software like Graphic Designers and developers already know the importance of coolers.

RAM and CPU are the two main parts of running games or powerful software. Hence, a good CPU cooler is a must thing to be taken care of.

Others Factors also forces to keep a check on CPU coolers for better efficiency of the system.

Other factors include system upgrades, excessive noise, price & efficiency. All these factors contribute to the idea of the upgrade.

Top 15 Best CPU Coolers in January 2022

We have made a list of best coolers in response to the “Best Cooler CPU” inquiry. Here are the Top 15 coolers. These contain the 8 best CPU Air Coolers and 7 Best Liquid Coolers.

Top 8 Air Coolers in 2022

Best Cooler CPU Noctua NH-D15$84.99
Best Cooling for CPU Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition$37.73
best cpu cooling BK022 DARK ROCK PRO 4 $89.90
Best cooling cpu Noctua NH-L9 $39.99
Best coolers cpu Cooler Master MA610P$72.39
best cpu coolers Enermax ETS-T50$103.68
best cpu cooling Scythe Mugen 5 Rev. B$48.99
best cooler cpu Cooler Master 212 EVO $92.22

While the air coolers hold its value, the innovative liquid cooling for CPU can’t be ignored. It is efficient and useful. Here are the top 7 Liquid Coolers.

Top 7 Liquid Coolers in 2022

cooling cpu Corsair Hydro H100i $158.37
Corsair Hydro Series H115I Corsair Hydro Series H115I`$130.61
MasterLiquid ML240P MirageCooler Master MasterLiquid ML240P Mirage $94.99
DeepCool Gamer Storm Captain 240 DeepCool Gamer Storm Captain 240 $109.00
NZXT Kraken X62 NZXT Kraken X62 $139.99
Arctic Liquid Freezer 120 Arctic Liquid Freezer 120 $115.04
Corsair Hydro Series H5 SF $49.00

Detailed Reviews and Comparison of Coolers – Air Coolers.

Here are detailed reviews and comparisons of all the products. The products have been reviewed by experts on the basis of many factors. For example, types, compatibility, rotation frequency, noise volume, etc.

1. Noctua NH-D15 | Best Cooler for CPU

The best Air cooler in the market is Noctua NH-D15. They perform well if not better than some liquid coolers. It is expensive but it worth the value with its features. That’s for sure.

Best Cooler CPU
Noctua NH-D15
TypeHeatsink and Fan
Rotation FrequencyUp to 1500 RPM
Noise Volume19,20 dBA- 24.60 dBA
Dimensions160 x 150 x 135 mm
Weight2.91 pounds

The Cooler provides high-quality solutions for CPU cooling. Noctua may be new in the world of air coolers, but it promises quality rich efficient cooler for the CPU.

It has six heat pipe dual tower design that maximizes the chances of cooling. In other words, you can overclock his CPU with this powerful air cooler. There are two fans pre-installed allowing good cooling by heat dissipation.

Excellent PerformanceBulky Design Cooler
Best for OverClocking
Good Noise cancellation

Although the coolers are superb, you can say that it has a bulky design. But Again it has awesome noise cancellation capability. Although you can hear some noise only when fans are at high speed.

Bottom-Line: The Best Air cooler in the market by any standard. A powerful and efficient cooler to have in your CPU. Thi sis easily the best cooler for CPU.

Credits: Linus Tech Tips

2. Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition

Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition is second on our list of best CPU coolers. In other words, it itself is an answer to “best cooler CPU” inquiry on the internet. It is an awesome air cooler.

best cooling for cpu
Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition-Credits: Cooler Master
TypeHeatsink and Fan
Rotation Frequency650- 2000 RPM
Noise Volume8 dBA- 30 dBA
Dimensions 120 x 79.6 x 158.8 mm
Weight1.54 pounds

It has a good quality Cooler fan with stylish jet black design. Hyper 212 is a cooler of top-notch. In addition to the looks, the cooler rocks the market with its stacked fin array that makes sure that airflow is resistance free.

The cooler comes with a good RPM speed giving a lot of ease while overclocking. Moreover, it is comparatively less heavy than NH-D15.

Better PerformanceThe RGB lighting on it is just average
Good for OverClocking
Nice Noise cancellation
Easy Installation

Overall it is a nice and efficient Air cooler. That is precisely what makes it one of the best CPU coolers. However, you might not be satisfied with the RGB lighting on it.

Bottom Line: One of the best and efficient air cooler with amazing performance capabilities that makes it a candidate for the best cooling for CPU.

Credits; ThinkComputers

3. Be Quiet! BK022 DARK ROCK PRO 4 – The Bulky yet the Best cooling for CPU

Premium services cannot be compromised as they offer the best available for you. This air cooler though with its bulky design is one of the best CPU coolers. BK022 Dark Rock PRO 4 offers premium performance.

best cooler cpu
TypeHeatsink and Fan
Rotation FrequencyUp to 1200 RPM
Noise VolumeUp to Max 24.3 dBA
Dimensions 145.7 x 136 x 162.8 mm
Weight 3.75 pounds

The air cooler is expensive but its premium performance justifies it. Although it has a bulky shape, it can fit into any serious configurations of PC with high-quality design.

The cooler can be installed easily. It has two PWM silent Wings fans that provide a maximum speed (1200 RPM). And that too with no noise at all. With its seven pipes design, it provides a top-class cooling with the dissipation of heat through these pipes.

Outstanding PerformanceHeavy in weight
Nice Noise cancellation A bit Expensive
Easy Installation
Amazing Build Quality

It provides generally a 3-year warranty. Although it is perfect, you can argue about its weight and price. But it is guaranteed that performance will blow all the heat away.

Bottom Line: An Expensive, bulky yet efficient design air cooler. It provides exceptional performance that makes it one a piece of hardware that provides one of the best cooling for CPU.

Credits: Science Studio

4. Noctua NH-L9 – The Best Low Profile Cooler for CPU

Another Great product by Noctua. Although they might not have the high names in the market, they certainly produce quality gems like Noctua NH-L9. It is the best low profile air cooler.

Best cooling cpu
Noctua NH-L9 – Credits: Noctua
TypeHeatsink and Fan
Rotation FrequencyUp to 2500 RPM
Noise Volume14.8 – 23.6 dBA
Dimensions 206 x 184 x 37 mm
Weight 1.03 pounds

It has a great ultra-compact design that makes it a standout among the counterparts. NH-L9 has great fans that allow heat dissipation making the cooling environment in the CPU.

It has a smaller build yet it provides a humongous change in the environment. NH-L9 provides a cooling environment keeping the CPU away from the chances of damage.

Six-Year WarrantyOnly one fan of 92mm
Ultra compact design

It provides a warranty of about six years. And this is the best low profile cooler out there in the air coolers market.

Bottom Line: If you are not comfortable with liquid cooling and are looking for the best CPU cooler with low profile characteristics then this cooler for you.


Cooler master never ceases to expose the world to newer and more advanced products. MA610P is just another example. This air cooler really good when it comes to priorities.

Best cpu cooler
TypeHeatsink and Fan
Rotation Frequency600-1800 RPM
Noise Volume14.8 – 23.6 dBA
Dimensions121.92 x 111.76 x 165.1 mm
Weight 2.5 pounds

The reason it is related to priorities is its features. It has fancy lighting and noise-free application but average performance.

Although the specifications of the air cooler may look awesome, to be honest, they are only good and not excellent. The 6 Heat pipes and two master fans of 120mm with LED lighting and speed of up to 1800 RPM are awesome but performance quality is still mediocre.

Easy InstallationThermal performance is not that good
RGB lighting
Good Noise cancellation

The benefit of using this air cooler is, however, its flashy performance and compatibility with AMD sockets and Intel sockets. It has easy installation but again has a low thermal performance.

Bottom Line: A show-off material with good noise control and stylish design. Good for those who have priorities of show off their air coolers.


Overclocking is an important option to have and the best air cooler to handle it is probably the Enermax ETS-T50. It is affordable, efficient, of good quality and style. It is an important inclusion on our “Best Cooler CPU” list.

best cpu coolers
TypeHeatsink and Fan
Rotation Frequency 800 – 1800 RPM
Dimensions 215.9 x 127 x 177.8 inches
Weight 3 pounds

ETS-T50 is compatible with all the sockets in modern times and has fancy lighting as well. It has about 36 diodes just for the lighting feature. It provides quality performance for the heavy overclocking CPUs.

The cooler has a stylish and eye-catching design. It provides good heat dissipation with its 120mm fan. The additional feature of Dust Free Rotation (DFR) technology keeps the dust away.

Efficient Performance No Color variations available
Easy Installation
Good Noise cancellation

Moreover, the installation is very easy for this one. And the value is very high. DFR gives it an X-Factor.

Bottom Line: Good Affordable Air cooler that rivals some of the best in the market in terms of “overclocking” handling.

Credits: Techspin

7. Scythe Mugen 5 REV. B

Scythe Mugen 5 REV.B is known for its moderation. Yes, moderation. It has a moderate price range and also moderate performance when it comes to heat dissipation.

best cooler cpu
Scythe Mugen 5 REV. B
TypeHeatsink and Fan
Rotation Frequency600 – 1200 RPM
Dimensions 130 x 154.5 x 110 mm
Weight 2.91 pounds

The air cooler is affordable and provides moderate performance with 120mm fan having RPM of 600-1200. It is compatible with the majority of Intel’s and AMD’s sockets.

It has good thermal efficiency and moderate design that provides moderate performance. The air cooler is good for its price.

Price is lowModerate cooling performance
Good Noise cancellation

Bottom Line: If you want a silent performer for your CPU then this is a considerable model in the given price range.

Credits: Gear Seekers

8. Cooler Master 212 EVO

Cooler Master brings yet another exciting air cooling product, 212 EVO. This cooler works on the principle of providing the best.

best cooling cpu
Cooler Master 212 EVO
TypeHeatsink and Fan
Dimensions 15.7 x 22.9 x 8.9 cm
Weight 590 g

Cooler Master 212 Evo is an awesome product. It has a low market price but it provides a great performance under pressure situations like overlocking.

Furthermore, this cooler allows gamers to play their favorite games and develops to run powerful software in a cool environment.

Excellent Performance Maybe not as good as the liquid cooler
Easy Installation
Second fan installation option

Although it comes with a single fan, you can install another one just in case you want an even better performance. It provides an optimized performance.

Bottom Line: A great product for the price and is a great choice to have if you do not want a liquid cooler.

Credits: Tech Deals

Detailed Reviews And Comparison of Coolers – Liquid Coolers.

Now Let’s Talk about the top 7 Liquid Coolers. Here are detailed reviews and comparisons of all the products. The products have been reviewed by experts on the basis of many factors. For Example, types, compatibility, noise volume, etc.

1. Corsair Hydro H100i | Best CPU Cooler

Liquid coolers are different from the air coolers on the basis of many factors. On the basis of these factors, Corsair Hydro H100i is the best search result to “best cooler CPU.”

Hydro H100i
Corsair Hydro H100i
TypeLiquid Cooling System
Rotation Frequency400-2400 RPM
Dimensions 27.6 x 12 x 42.7 cm
Weight 744 g

H100i is the best in terms of style and performance in case of overclocking of CPU. It can handle increased heat output and with its innovative water-cooling technology, it provides an optimum environment for the CPU.

Moreover, LEDs can also be installed on the liquid cooler. The reason for choosing the liquid cooler over air cooler is increased thermal efficiency. This, in turn, increases performance.

Great and reliable pumpFull noise cancellation is not there
Easy Installation
240mm Radiator

The cooler can be easily installed too. Although the performance is exemplary in terms of cooling, you can argue about the noise of the fans.

Bottom Line: Best Liquid cooler out there with reliable and quiet pumping and universal fitting. It is hands down the best choice overall for the best cooling for CPU.

Credits: Optimum Tech

2. Corsair Hydro Series H115I

When we talk about the Corsair Hydro Series H115I, it is highly overrated as compared to its performance. This is because its performance is average but the price is high.

Corsair Hydro Series H115I
Corsair Hydro Series H115I
TypeLiquid Cooling System
Rotation Frequency400-2400 RPM
Dimensions 27.6 x 12 x 42.7 cm
Weight 744 g

It also comes with a 240 mm radiator and 140mm dual PWM fans that provide average cooling. Its performance is much like be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4.

In other words, the performance is good but not unrivaled. Moreover, the installation is easy and it is compatible with Corsairs Link Software.

Good Silent PerformerAMD sockets compatibility only
Easy Installation Really Expensive

H115i is decent, good looking and an average performer. It is really expensive but provides a good liquid cooling option with AMD fans.

Bottom Line: A really expensive and highly overrated liquid cooler. Good for AMD sockets though.

3. Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240P Mirage

Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240P Mirage is a gaming cooler. The reason for this saying is that you can play hours of gaming on it without any heating issues.

Cooler master
Credits: Cooler Master
TypeLiquid Cooling System
Rotation FrequencyUp to 4000 RPM
Noise volume 27 dbA
Dimensions 277 x 120 x 27 mm
Weight 2.11 g

This powerful beast is pretty awesome in design. Also, it provides a great experience while running heavy software or games. The transparent pump design lets you see the propeller spinning in a pool of RGB lighting.

The reason it is a perfect inclusion in our list of best answers to “best cooler CPU” inquiry is its performance. This cooler performs well because of its PPS+ glass-fiber housing and nozzle that plays its part in providing temperature and liquid resistance.

RGB flashy Lighting Really Expensive
Easy Installation

Moreover, the low resistance radiator performs a part in increasing flow rate and cooling efficiency. An awesome liquid cooler indeed.

Bottom Line: A Quality, cool and hypnotic liquid cooler providing an awesome cooling experience. Good choice if the price does not get in the way.

4. DeepCool Gamer Storm Captain 240

Another beast from the market, the DeepCool Gamer Storm Captain 240. It is a reliable, good looking, mid-range and silent performer. A killer combination.

DeepCool Gamer Storm Captain 240
DeepCool Gamer Storm Captain 240 – Credits: DeepCool
TypeLiquid Cooling System
Rotation Frequency500-1800 RPM
Noise volume 17.6 – 31.3dBA
Radiator Dimensions 274 X 120 X 27mm
Pump Dimensions  92.5 X 93 X 85 mm
Weight 4 g

Although its performance is not the best in its class, it a proper alternative for mid-range users. The deep cool cooler is compatible with all the new Intel and MAD sockets.

It has great red LED light that adds shine of awesome redness on it. It has great durability. However, you can comment that at full load, the cooler is noisy and that’s true. But overall a considerable choice indeed.

Awesome DesignAt full load, a bit noisy
Good Featues

Bottom Line: Awesome design, good performance, and silent environment make this cooler quite considerable.

Credits: KitGuruTech

5. NZXT Kraken X62

If one is looking for Quality Cooler with premium performance then NZXT Kraken X62 is the best option.

NZXT Kraken X62
NZXT Kraken X62 – Credits: NZXT
TypeLiquid Cooling System
Rotation FrequencyUp to 3000 RPM
Radiator Dimensions 152 x 120 x 32 mm
Water Block Dimensions  65 x 65 x 48mm
Weight 3.5 pounds

It is the best CPU Cooler in the market with top-notch performance. It has a very low noise level and that is its trademark. Kraken x62 is A Premium Product with amazing features.

It has amazing GPU overclock, a CAM Software just for cooler settings, 6 years warranty and many more. It is compatible with the majority of Intel and AMD sockets. Also, it has RGB lighting that can attract anyone. It also provides one of the best cooling for CPU.

Awesome DesignIncompatibility with some cases(PC)
Great Performance

In short, it has a very good CPU cooler with superb performance, stylish design, great features, and amazing reliability.

Bottom Line: A good performance CPU cooler with exceptional features and quiet operation. A great choice to have.

Credits: TechRage

6. Arctic Liquid Freezer 120

Arctic Liquid Freezer 120 is the best CPU cooler that comes in budget. It is budget-friendly that performs well for the price.

Arctic Liquid Freezer 120
Arctic Liquid Freezer 120
TypeLiquid Cooling System
Noise Volume22.5 dBA
Rotation FrequencyUp to 1350 RPM
Dimensions120 x 120 x 25 mm
Weight2.65 pounds

Arctic Liquid Freezer 120 has strong performance with silent operations. It is inexpensive but somewhat noisy at full loading. Also, the features are very limited.

The Cooler does not come with RGB Lighting or software as in Kraken but it is good enough to serve the purpose of cooling. It is said to be available in the UK and US only as of now.

Not too priceyLimited features
Strong Performance Bit Noise Issues

Bottom Line: Compared to other liquid coolers, it is inexpensive and performs well for the cause it is used for.

Credits: Nicolas11x12 English

7. Corsair Hydro Series H5 SF

We have talked about low profile CPU liquid cooler earlier, this is another one that fits the profile. Corsair Hydro Series H5 SF is budget-friendly and performs really well for the price.

Corsair Hydro Series H5 SF
Corsair Hydro Series H5 SF
TypeLiquid Cooling System
Noise Volume 36 – 42 dBA
Rotation FrequencyUp to 1800 RPM
Dimensions 167 x 57 x 84 mm
Weight2.00 pounds

The main feature about the cooler is that it perfectly fits even in smaller PC cases. It performs really well when some heavy overclocking is taking place.

It has a cool design and performs well under stress conditions. The tubing is leak-free and handles things pretty efficiently.

Leak-free TubingBlower-style cooler
Compact Design

Bottom Line: Corsair Hydro Series is budget-friendly liquid cooler and it performs well too. If you are okay with a blower-style cooler, then you should go for it.

Credits: Tek Everything

Final Verdict for best CPU Coolers:

When it comes to choosing the right cooler for your CPU, making good research is necessary. Each one of the coolers in the above list has the caliber of being included in the “best cooler CPU” list.

It all really depends upon the user to choose the one that matches their requirements the most. NH-D15 may be good for one but it might not be good for any other person.

Having said that, these Coolers provide a quality user experience. Some are good at noise levels others are good at extra Features. Some are good for stylish designs others are rated on the basis of performance capabilities.

At the end of the day, the choice is really yours to make. Good luck!

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