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7 Best Asus Aura Sync Compatible Fans RGB/ARGB (2022) – Rated by Experts

Does your system get too hot while playing heavy video games? Are you looking for cooling fans to buy but also wanna have a colorful and unique RGB/ARGB one? Here we have listed for you the 7 best Asus Aura compatible fans.

Asus is one of the best and known brands for gaming. They produce high-end gaming laptops and PCs for demanding video games that require high computing power and graphics. It’s a reliable brand and is very popular among the gaming community.

Cooling fans have been around almost as long as the desktop computer. It’s the RGB element that is somewhat new. Compared to those, Aura Sync launched in 2016 bringing a new evolution of RGB customizations.

You can be an RGB minimalist with RGB fans. The thing with RGB fans is that they are more dynamic than other RGB components. You could have an RGB motherboard but that is often overkilling the effect.

Instead, in our experience, RGB fans are always rotating which adds another dimension to the lighting. It makes the PC feel alive.

Gaming enthusiasts have a thing for having a gaming system that has a cool visual display. RGB and ARGB fans not only cool the system and provide exhausts for heat, but they also give appealing visual displays.

Aura software is used to control all the LEDs for visual displays on the system. But for that to work for fans, you need Aura Sync compatible fans.

So what’s the best RGB fan of all? Our pick is the Deep Cool CF 120. It has amazing airflow and static pressure and is considerably quiet even at high RPMs. The fans come with lots of accessories. And the splitter cable allows the connection of more than one fan to a single ARGB header.

Best Asus Aura Sync Compatible Fans RGB/ARGB in 2022

Fan Speed
Air Pressure
Air Flow

Noise Level
Bitfenix Spectre Pro RGB 120mm1200 RPM ±10%1.24 mmH2O56.22 CFM ±10%18.9 dBAFluid Dynamic Bearings (FDB)
Cougar Vortex RGB HPB 120 600-1500 R.P.M1.17mm H2O43.54 CFM26 dBAHydro-Dynamic Bearing (HDB)
InWin Sirius Loop Addressable RGB 120mm500-1800 RPM1.67mm H2O50 CFM27 dBASleeve Bearing
Deepcool cf 120500±200~1500±10%RPM1.63mmH2O56.5CFM
17.8~27 dBA

Hydro Bearing
Thermaltake Riing Plus 12 RGB500 – 1500 RPM1.54mmH2O48.34 CFM24.7 dBAHydraulic Bearing
Cooler Master Fan MF 120R ARGB
2000 RPM

2.14 mmH2O

59 CFM ± 10%

31 dBA
Rifle Bearing
Antec Prizm 120 ARGB 5+C 120mm800-1400 RPM2.56
45.03 CFM32.6 dBAHydraulic Bearing

Best Asus Aura Sync Compatible Fans RGB/ARGB in 2022

Best Overall and The Quietest Bitfenix Spectre Pro RGB 120mm
“It has everything an Asus RGB fan should have. Easy to connect multiples, a good balance of affordability and features, and an attractive display all in one.”

Best Looking – Cougar Vortex RGB HPB 120
“It comes down to personal opinion but off all the fans we’ve reviewed, Cougar Vortex is the most eye-catching.”

Most Powerful – Cooler Master Fan MF 120R ARGB
“Cooler Master is easily the most powerful cooling fan on our list. It has the highest air flow but it’s also one of the loudest.”

Best Budget – Antec Prizm 120 ARGB 5+C 120mm
“A budget RGB fan that looks good and performs adequately, the Antec Prizm can easily fit in a budget RGB PC build.”

Let’s dive into each one and find why they are our top picks. Almost all the fans come with adjustable fan speed.

Best Asus Aura Sync Compatible Fans – Specifications

ProductBitfenix Spectre Pro Cougar Vortex RGB HPBInWin Sirius Loop Addressable RGBDeep cool cf 120Thermaltake Riing Plus 12 RGBCooler Master Fan MF 120RAntec Prizm 120 ARGB
ManufacturerBitfenixCougarIN WINDeep CoolThermaltakeCooler MasterAntec
Total Voltage17 VDC17 VDC17VDC12VDC17VDC17VDC
Fan Size120mm120mm120mm120mm120mm120mm120mm

1. Bitfenix Spectre Pro RGB 120mm

Asus aura compatible fans

This RGB fan is the latest development to the specter fan series. Developed in cooperation with Asus, it is Aura sync ready and will start working right upon installation. The Spectre Pro supports RGB unlike the single LEDs in the previous models.

It’s based upon the same technology as other BitFenix fans. So, it matches with them and is also compatible with BitFenix’ RGB controllers.

The fan blades are designed so that the airflow is more focused and cool air is able to reach the components of the system. The blades are also reinforced and can resist warping at high speeds.

According to PC components reviewing experts TastyPC, the BitFenix Spectre Pro outperformed some of the fans in this list in the smoke test. Pictured below is the Red LED variant during a smoke test:

Visualizing Air Pressure, Source: TastyPC

Also, the fans comprise trib right LED technology which allows more saturated colors and evenly distributed light. The fact that it’s white makes it more reflective of the RGB lights resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing look than others on the list.

In comparison with other fans, we gave it the top spot not just because it’s the quietest at 18.9 dBA but the balance it achieves with fan speed and performance. It’s not the fastest fan on the list but it more than makes up easy daisy-chaining with other fans of the same model. It can last for years with over 30,000 hours of life expectancy.

Although when it comes to the build, it’s quite simple but attractive. The design on the sides is hexagonal that makes it easier to grip during installation on the motherboard.

Very quiet with the lowest noise level of 18.9 dBA for fans in this list.No manual and no info available. Although the official website has some resources.
Good airflow and bright LEDs especially with the white variant which adds to the brightness by being reflective. Plastic covers are flimsy.
Easy to daisy chain. You can connect multiple fans and have them working in unison.Installing can be hectic just like most PC components when it comes to PC building.

2. Cougar Vortex RGB HPB 120

Asus aura sync compitable fans: Cougar Vortex 120
Aura Sync Ready Fan

These fans have a patented frame design that works great in keeping the essential components of the system cool.

Each fan is equipped with 18 LED lights in a brighter region. These lights illuminate all three directions instead of just outward and inward. That’s partly what makes this fan the most attractive on our list.

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The hydrodynamic bearing of these fans provides central oil pressure, increases lifetime, decreases friction and noise, and improves stability. According to KosherTech – an expert in PC building parts, the fan blades are thick so they are good for static pressure. This also makes it good for CPU radiators.

Cougar Vortex sets itself apart by supporting almost every mainstream RGB control software out there. Of course, it includes Asus Aura, but it supports MSI Mystic Light, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, and Asrock Polychrome as well. It will keep on working easily for over 30,000 hours.

It operates in the 600 to 1500 R.P.M range. But the airflow is 43.54 CFM which is not top tier compared to other models in this list. It is also on the noisier side with 26 dBA compared to the18.9 dBA of Spectre Pro reviewed above.

It makes up by being more efficient in how it displaces the heat. The blades are designed specially to exhaust the heat in the shape of a vortex which makes it more effective even with a relatively lower CFM.

The lighting part is ring-shaped around the fan and not on the entire fan. This gives it a unique outlook while keeping the lights secure in the enclosure. A wireless controller allows you to navigate through up to 100 different lighting effects. You can adjust brightness, colors, and lighting patterns using the controller.

There is another product similar to this one also from Cougar. You can consider the Cougar Vortex ARGB HDB which comes in two rings of lights on the fan.

Easy to install and configure. There is a detailed instruction manual for step-by-step installation. Doesn’t come with a control box unless you buy a kit.
Built with great material selection. The blades are durable and thick. Cumbersome for first-time builders.
RGB header doesn’t match with Asus motherboards.

3. InWin Sirius Loop Addressable RGB 120mm

Asus aura sync compitable fans: InWin Sirius 120mm

These also have a ring-shaped lighting region around the fans as the Cougar Vortex reviewed above. The blades are larger and the frame is thinner which offers a greater surface area to produce more airflow and better air pressure. Although it is just slightly noisier than Cougar Vortex at 27 dBA.

In the center, the fan has holes for ventilation to keep the bearing cool. This increases the fan’s lifetime to over 30,000 hours. The black color of the blades contrasts well with the illuminating ring of light all around. It’s designed to include the LEDs on both sides which gives you more options in installing it.

Here is a PC rig set up by Reddit user u/andromalandro using a 3-piece set of InWin Sirius Loop:

InWin Sirius Loop installed in gaming PC

As PC building enthusiasts, we sleep better at night knowing the Sirius Loop comes with 2 years of warranty.

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The Sirius Loop sets itself apart with four small rubber pads placed all around the fan. These pads increase stability and reduce vibration effects.

The fans are compatible with Polychrome sync, MSI, RGB Fusion as well as Aura sync.

Easy to install and daisy chain. It also comes in a pack of 2 or 3 for daisy-chaining.Only the circular ring lights up.
Comes with rubber feet which helps in dampening the vibrations.Controller’s magnet is weak.
Great airflow with 50 CFM.RGB addressable pin is loose.

4. Deepcool CF 120

DEEPCOOL CF120 3in1, Customizable Addressable RGB LED Lighting - Asus aura compatible fans

One of the most silent Asus aura sync fans available in the market. It is pretty impressive considering it still reaches up to 1500 RPM. These light up completely with different illuminating colors. These are equipped with 12 LED lights which are independently programmable.

The speeds of the fans are controlled efficiently by the motherboard as the temperature varies. These are also compatible with Aura Sync, MSI, RGB Fusion, and Polychrome sync. You can rest assured of the longevity of the fan with around 30,000 hours of use.

One of the coolest features of these fans that set them apart is that they come with a splitter cable. The cable has four spots. If your motherboard has only one ARGB header, you can still connect more than one fan with the cable, and then the cable can connect to the one ARGB header. This still leaves one spot which can further be utilized to connect more fans.

These can be set in one of the three dynamic modes waves, cycles, and breathing, or in one of the three static modes constant light, breathing and meteor. Also, you can choose from up to 8 different colors. If you are looking for a PC setup without many RGB components, then just using a set of CF 120 fans can light up your gaming rig.

The CF 120 comes in a somewhat straightforward design that uninspired. Although it makes up for it when it lights up but otherwise it looks basic. The sides are raised to help with the installation. One interesting twist is when the fan is running the logo looks like an atom which is pretty cool.

Rubber pads for dampening the vibrationsLots of wiring and cable management
Quiet at max RPMs evenPlastic covers are cheap
Come with lots of other accessories like double-sided tape, adapters, etcSome cables are short
Splitter cable to connect 3 fans to 1 ARGB header+another spot for another deviceWired Controller

5. Thermaltake Riing Plus 12 RGB

Best RGB fans: ThermalTake Riing Plus 12 RGB - Asus aura compatible fans

This Asus aura sync compatible fan set comes with 12 LED lights which can be separately controlled. These can offer up to 16.8 million colors. Nine blades with unique designs offer greater airflow without increasing noise levels. This is a step-up from the arrangement of seven blades in the previous models. Another upgrade is the introduction of RGB lights from the previous single color LEDs.

These have a hydraulic bearing that self-lubricates with reduced friction and noiseless operation. The anti-vibration rubber pads protect the fans from all sides. Although it depends on the use, the expected lifespan is 40,000 hours, more than most of the fans on this list.

The coolest feature of these fans is that you can control them with your voice. With the TT RGB PLUS App, you can simply say ‘Hello TT’ and start adjusting the settings. This is what sets these apart from similar fans in the market.

You can tell it to turn ON or OFF the lights, switch colors, adjust the speeds, and dim the lights.

Now coming to the design and aesthetics. Thermaltake has designed to cover the RGB ring. It does diminish the effect a little. However, the LEDs are bright enough to shine through and it still delivers an attractive effect. Here is a set of Thermaltake Riing Plus in action:

Source: Gadget Joe
The controller has 3 buttons-Fan speed, play pause
(which cycles through all colors) and
last one to change between popular colors.
The software is not very good even though it received a facelift in the latest version.
Can individually color each LED on each fan.Requires some cable management.
Can set fan speed for each fan.Fans reset back to default settings randomly.
The phone app crashes a lot.

6. Cooler Master Fan MF 120R ARGB

Amazon.com: Cooler Master MasterFan MF120R ARGB

These fans give some of the best visual displays. In particular, the halo in the middle looks great. The addressable RGB allows full customization and so your system can have the ideal theme.

The unique design of the blades, a mix of a jet engine and helicopter blades provides a better air pressure to keep essential components of the system cool.

Cooler Master Fan MF is the most powerful fan we have reviewed here capable of reaching 2000 RPM. But it is also the second loudest at 31 dBA. It is quite long-lasting. You can expect 40,000 hours of use so it can potentially last a console generation.

Although these fans have rubber pads along with other sound-reducing technologies to control the noise a bit. Also, to prevent cables from being pulled by the fans during operation, these have smart fan sensors.

These are certified Asus aura sync fans. They are also compatible with Polychrome and MSI.

The light of the halo looks great.Noisy under heavy loads.
Has great airflow.Cables can benefit from more length.
Easy to install.Software not user friendly, instead go with Asus Aura or MSI’s mystic light.

7. Antec Prizm 120 ARGB 5+C 120mm

 RGB fans: Antec Prism 123

These Aura sync fans have a dual aperture which enables RGB displays on both sides. The fans come with 18 independent RGB LED lights which form a ring all around. Each LED bead is capable of producing various lighting colors.

These Aura sync RGB fans can produce up to 16.8 million customized colors and are also compatible with MSI, RGB Fusion, and Polychrome sync. With a comparatively lower price tag, it’s the best budget RGB fan we have reviewed.

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The speeds adjust automatically with temperature changes and enable efficient heat dissipation. The hydraulic bearings help reduce noise effects and friction. Moreover, the rubber pads act as shock absorbers and reduce vibrations and also protect the fans.

Coming to the design, the Prizm has a dual-ring design. So whichever way you install it, its going to light up your gaming rig the same. Somehow the RGB lights remains within the tube; you won’t see it illuminating the fans.

Its impressive lifespan of 40,000 hours is backed up with a 2 year warranty as well. However, compared to other fans in the list, it is the loudest fan, narrowly exceeding Cooler Master Fan in noise.

Super quiet fansRGB connectors are flimsy
Easily installedRGB is good looking but a little dim
Works even if motherboard does not have
RGB control
No brightness control on controller
Built-in RGB schemesNo direct off button for the LEDs

These are the 7 best aura sync RGB fans out there and they work great. Look for the one that suits you best and matches your PC theme.

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider for Aura Sync Fans

We understand the most important things there are when looking for a cooling fan for your PC build. Although there can be 10s of things we found it best to stick with the ones that matter the most. These are the deciding factors for cooling fans compatible with Asus Aura Sync:

Fan Speed and Noise

Fan speed is the most important aspect in selecting a cooling fan hands down.

But higher fan speeds tend to produce higher noise. That is unless the manufacturers have made special considerations to reduce the noise.

In our reviews, we have looked over both these factors to rank the products based on the highest fan speeds with the lowest noise. There are fans out there that feel like an airplane taking off when your PC’s doing some heavy lifting. We have made sure to exclude those.

Fan Life and Warranty

Most manufacturers discuss the life expectancy of a fan in their descriptions. Fans are relatively cheaper components when it comes to PC building. Even so, it helps in knowing just how long you can push an Asus compatible fan.

This criteria is pretty easy to judge. The longer the lifespan, the better the fan.

However, it does not carry as much weight in our rankings because most of the fan’s life expectancy is not that far off from each other.

Fan Design and Aesthetics

Now here is where things get a bit tougher. Design is highly subjective to a person’s interests and tastes. We have done our best to award higher rankings to products which not only look cool but also serve a purpose.

For instance, there are some models up on our list that are textured along the sides with unique designs. But that is not just for show. They also help you with the grip when installing the fan on the motherboard.

The RGB/ARGB lights play a huge role in the aesthetics. Asus Aura can only do its magic if the supporting hardware is well-equipped. As such, we have picked the products based on the number of LED lights and the brightness they produce.

We have used the above factors to rank each product in the list. But they serve a dual purpose. You can also keep these factors in mid when shopping for a cooling fan yourself.


What is Aura Sync?

Aura Sync is a software provided by Asus to control the LED displays of aura sync compatible devices. It provides many different colors and even enables synchronize colors with music, temperatures, and in-game action.

What are RGB and ARGB?

RGB is a color model in which Red, Green, and Blue lights are combined together to produce different colors. Whereas the ARGB color model includes Alpha in addition to Red, Green, and Blue. Alpha determines the transparency value of a particular color.

What Should a Good Cooling Fan Have?

A good cooling fan should have high speed but should also make very little noise. It should have good airflow and air pressure so that the cool air can reach the essential components of the system.

What Does RPM Refer to?

RPM stands for revolutions per minute. It is a unit for the angular velocity of a body. The more RPMs of a fan, the more is its rotational speed.

Final Thoughts

These are the 7 best aura sync fans available. Each of these offers different features and have their own pros and cons. We have listed the good things and the not-so-good things about each one to help you decide.

Choose the one that suits your system theme and matches with any other fans or devices on your System.

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