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Asus ROG Keyboard Not Working: Asus Laptop Keyboard Not Working Fix

Is your ASUS ROG keyboard not working? 

If not then don’t worry about it. This article will assist you, and you will be able to solve your problem right away.

In this post, you’ll learn about the 12 reasons and solutions of why your Asus ROG Keyboard isn’t working.

Whenever your Asus laptop keyboard is not working or not detecting your window, you can restart your ASUS laptop to solve this problem. You can also check the date and time or inactivate the filter key of your computer because sometimes this is the issue.

 12 Solutions of Asus Keyboard Not Working

The following are the solutions to this problem:

  1. Restart Your Laptop
  2. Check Date and Time Setting of Laptop
  3. Inactivate the Filter Key
  4. Check and Run the Hardware Issue
  5. Keyboard Driver Update  
  6. Reinstall the Keyboard Driver
  7. Remove If You Have Multiple Keyboards
  8. Update Your Windows OS
  9. Change Keyboard Setting
  10. Reset Region and Language Settings
  11. Disconnect the Public Wi-Fi
  12. Check ASUS Laptop for Virus

1. Restart Your Laptop

Many problems are resolved when you restart your laptop. So, if your keyboard is not working, you should restart your computer. 

Restarting your computer will never damage it, and it is the simplest method.

So, turn on your ASUS laptop and see if your keyboard is working or not. If it doesn’t work, there might be a problem with your keyboard.

2. Check Date and Time Setting of Laptop

If your date and time are incorrect, then check and reset them using the procedure below.

  • First right-click on the date and time button on the bottom right of your screen as you can see in the picture.
  • Then select the adjust date/time option.
  • After that select the date and time option.
  • Next, you can see the options set automatically or set it manually. Then set the date and time manually.

3. Inactivate the Filter Key

In this case, follow the steps that are:

  • Type control panel in the search bar on the left corner of your laptop.
  • Then go to the ease of access bar and press enter on it.
  • After that see the keyboard erase tool and select it. And turn on the filter key in it.
  • Then reboot your device to save the new changes.

4. Check and Run the Hardware Issue

If your keyboard is faulty then you face this problem. Follow the given steps:

  • Check Battery

You must turn off your computer and remove the battery. After that, connect your Asus laptop directly to an AC power outlet. Then reboot to see whether your ASUS keyboard is working.

  • Check USB Connection

If you’re using a USB keyboard, try replugging and unplugging it through USB. Check whether your USB is working by plugging it into a different port.

  •  Check Wireless keyboard Adaptor

If you’re using a wireless keyboard, double-check that the connectivity is stable. Remove the distance between your keyboard and the wireless keyboard receiver.

Any hardware or software-related errors in your ASUS laptop are detected by the troubleshooting wizard

  • The Run dialogue box will display after pressing the Windows key + R keys. 
  • To access the Control Panel window, enter Control in the searching field and hit Enter.  
  • In the search box, type and select the troubleshooting option that displays. 
  • In the left panel, select View All from the drop-down menu.
  •  Launch the keyboard troubleshooter.

5. Keyboard Driver Update 

You can update your keyboard by using the two methods manually or automatically.

  • Manually Update

If you want to manually update the keyboard driver, visit the official Asus website

Now look for the most recent keyboard driver. Double-check that the driver is compatible with your Windows and Asus laptop model. Then update it.

  •  Automatically Update

You can also update your driver automatically. For this, you have to install Driver Easy.

Driver Easy detects your laptop and locates the appropriate drivers. You don’t need to worry about making a mistake during installation. 

The software automatically selects the driver for your Asus laptop.

6. Reinstall the Keyboard Driver

A problem with the keyboard is caused by an incorrect driver. If certain keys on your keyboard are working, you may launch Device Manager by typing devmgmt.msc in the Run box. 

  • Don’t be concerned if this is not the case. You have to first open the control panel when you start the Asus laptop.
  • After that select view all and then go to small icons or large icons as you see in the picture.
  • After that click device manager and press enter.
  • Then click on the keyboard then go to the HD keyboard device manager. After that select the uninstall device manager.
  • Confirm the uninstallation. Then restart your Asus laptop, and reinstall the device to check whether it is working or not.

7. Remove If You Have Multiple Keyboards

The Asus laptop keyboard operates well once the second keyboard is removed. If you have multiple keyboards set up, remove all except one to get it working.

8. Update Your Windows OS

Follow the below-given points to update the Windows OS.

  • First press that Window key + I and then select the update and security.
  • After that check the updates and see whether your remaining updates are installed or not.

9. Change Keyboard Setting

Follow the instructions below to alter the keyboard settings:

  • Right-click the start button, then select Settings or Control Panel from the drop-down menu.
  • After that go to ease of access.
  • Click the keyboard and press enter.
  • After that click on the filter keys function.
  • Then restart your computer and check that your Asus laptop keyboard is working or not.

10. Change the Region and Language Settings

To adjust the Region and Language settings options, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Go to settings after clicking on the start menu.
  • After that, select the time and language options.
  • Then, on the left, select the region option.
  • After that, you must select a country region.
  • Now select a language from the drop-down menu.
  • Now select your language.
  • Then choose the option to make it the default on the Asus laptop keyboard.

11. Disconnect the Public Wi-Fi

If you are using the WIFI of another company or individual, you should disconnect. It sometimes prevents the Asus laptop keyboard from working.

12. Check ASUS Laptop for Virus

If your ASUS laptop is infected with a virus, it might create a slew of keyboard issues. Follow the instructions to solve the problem:

  • On your ASUS laptop, double-click the antivirus icon.
  • You may also use the System Tray Icon to start the antivirus.
  • Select Scan from the drop-down menu.
  • Run the entire system scan immediately.

After that, antivirus fixes your problem and then your keyboard starts working properly.

12 Reasons Why the Asus ROG Keyboard Isn’t Working?

The keyboard on your ASUS laptop may stop functioning for a variety of reasons that are:

1. ASUS Laptop Keyboard Working Issue

This is a common problem when the ASUS laptop keyboard stops working, and it is frustrating. It might happen as a result of overheating or overuse.

2. ASUS Laptop Keyboard Damage

You may experience this issue if your keyboard is damaged. Your keyboard’s keys are broken or the keyboard’s internal functions aren’t working. That is why you are having difficulties.

3. The Flaw in the Windows Update, Or the OS Not Updated 

You may have this issue because our Windows and your operating system are both out of date. This is not a major issue; if you encounter it, don’t be concerned.

4. Drivers May Be Old or Missing 

You could also have issues if your driver is out of date or if you haven’t installed it yet.

5. Filter Keys Problem 

Your ASUS laptop keyboard may stop operating due to the filter keys being pressed by you or a third party.

6. Incorrect ASUS Laptop Date and Time 

This problem occurs when the date and time on your laptop are wrong. The date and time settings can occasionally change on their own. 

Inaccurate date and time cause difficulties with your ASUS laptop keyboard’s functionality.

7. Software or Hardware Problems

Your laptop’s hardware may be malfunctioning which is why you are experiencing this issue. Problems with software in programming can also occur.

Even if the ASUS laptop keyboard is not operating properly. The troubleshooter wizard can usually detect and rectify any issues.

8. Multiple Keyboards Installed

If you install a lot of keyboards in your system then definitely you are going to face this problem.

9. Keyboard Setting

If your keyboard settings aren’t correct, you’ll have this difficulty, So double-check them.

10. Region and Language Problem

A third-party program sometimes alters the Region and Language settings on an Asus laptop. 

But, such programs are unable to alter the settings in their entirety. A mismatch in these settings might cause the Asus laptop keyboard to stop operating.

11. Problem with Other Wi-Fi Connections

If you use the WIFI of another person or a nearby location. There is a problem with your connection and you will certainly encounter this issue.

12. Virus Issues in ASUS Laptop Keyboard

If your Asus laptop keyboard isn’t working. Verify that your computer isn’t infected with a virus. 

A virus is a harmful piece of code that may disrupt a computer’s routine operations. It might be the source of the laptop keyboard issue.

Why Does the Keyboard on My Asus Laptop Keep Locking Up?   

When there is a major problem with a software version upgrade, this problem happens. Other factors that have contributed to this issue include:

  • It occurs as a result of the activation of filter keys.
  • Because of an out-of-date keyboard driver.
  • The Asus laptop keyboard may be disconnected.
  • A faulty BIOS configuration causes the keyboard to lock up.

One solution is to shut down the Asus laptop and restart it. This may solve the keyboard issue. 

The second option is to attach an external keyboard and then see what happens.


Why Does My Asus Keyboard Keep Freezing?

A sequence of the four keys Win + Ctrl + Shift + B will work in some earlier Windows systems. 
The Asus laptop screen may go black for a few moments before coming back to life. You’ll be able to use it normally after that. This procedure may also be used to fix a laptop’s basic freezing problem.

Why is the Asus Laptop Keyboard Entering Digits Instead of Alphabets?

There are no separate numeric keyboards on the Asus keyboard. Some letter keys have a numeric function that may be utilized in conjunction with the Fn key.
The function ‘Num lock’ will be added to one of them. By hitting this, you may choose between enabling and disabling the keyboard to assign numerical functions to the keys. 
You may turn off the number feature and only input letters instead.

What is the procedure for unlocking my ASUS laptop keyboard in Windows 10?

Switching off the Filter key, NumLock, and upgrading or reinstalling your keyboard are all ways to unlock your ASUS laptop keyboard.

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